Here is your total business-building blueprint!

JIAN BizPlanBuilder business plan writing software template windows

25+ years of evolution, feedback, and funding success… In a business plan software app that produces a roadmap, budget and presentation for growth and sustainability — with or without outside financing!

Whether you’re raising $5,000 – $50 million, BizPlanBuilder helps you write an investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently.

Menu-driven from start to finish, its organized system gives you sample plans, built-in financial projections and proven PowerPoint presentation. BizPlanBuilder provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the most sophisticated business plan software available to organize your ideas, calculate your projections, and express your vision with clarity.

With 27+ years of advancements, it’s the fastest, easiest way to turn your ideas into a compelling strategic plan for funding, growth and a successful ongoing business.

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“As someone who had never turned on a computer, I used Biz Plan Builder and first raised $850,000, then $5 million to buy a large health club because of your software. I still get compliments on my first biz plan when folks want to see what we did to raise our original capital. I always send them your direction!”
– Bob Shoulders, Fayetteville Athletic Club, Fayetteville, AR

Created using familiar, Office-compatible templates


Intuitive to Use: Edit, Print, Present!

BizPlanBuilder chunks business planning into a series of short Word templates that help you describe your unique business concept, the marketplace, strategy, and prospects for success.

Unlike other business plan templates you NEVER need to export your plan to Word or Excel in order to edit or format because BizPlanBuilder uses Microsoft Office from start to finish to guarantee professional hassle-free results fast.

Work with more than 90 typed pages of organized, carefully scripted text — headlines, sentences, paragraphs, tables and lists (excellent copy you can use, not just blanks to fill in).

You want to produce a great plan — not learn new software. Simply edit for your business in your own style. There’s no learning curve. Just go!

It’s easy to update on the fly too. As you get feedback from investors, experts, friends and others, you’ll need to make changes.

The PowerPoint “pitch” template we’ve included has been refined after many investor presentations.

“Liked it – Developed a $100,000 line of credit for a client – first time out. Thanks!”
~ James A. Wilson, Lakeview, OR

“My client secured a $142,000 SBA loan using your software!”
~ Bill Bishop, America Design, Atwater, CA

The business plan that builds your case with investors & lenders…

Write a business plan using this word and excel template software to get financing or crowd-funding

Demonstrate that you’ve thought your idea through, and that you have the chops and the wherewithal to succeed

BizPlanBuilder makes it easy for you to organize your ideas, calculate costs, profits, and to express your business model with clarity. Sure, an investor may give you a meeting with a 3-page summary plan, but to go to the next step, you’ll need many more answers and a solid business plan.

Using the BizPlanBuilder process, we prepare you to answer their questions. A computer can generate your plan, but before anyone signs a check they’ll want to talk to YOU. This is why BizPlanBuilder is so widely recommended by so many successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

BizPlanBuilder brings together an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors to share their knowledge on what it takes to build a viable company in our current climate…

  • Build a “capital efficient” or “lean” business that works and is good for you
  • Collaborate over a network, server or online with consultants, partners and colleagues
  • Clearly identify benefits, core philosophies, and business goals
  • Include data lenders & investors demand to back up your plan’s assumptions
  • Incorporate the best practices in defining marketing and sales strategies and projecting costs
  • Avoid the common blunders that risk rejection
  • “Pitch” your deal with our proven PowerPoint® investor presentation template

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Business plan software for bootstrapping or crowdfunding!

develop a bootstrapping strategy with business plan software

How much of your business can you build before (or without) financing?

Over the years, we’ve learned that, what impresses investors most is how much you can accomplish with what you already have. When you can prove that you’re resourceful, investors are often inclined to bet on you and your business.

  • Craft a great story with organized facts and good numbers
  • Implement ideas that help you generate revenue from the beginning
  • Do everything you can to build value in your business… make deals, barter, trade — build value before seeking investors
  • Even crowdfunders want to see what you’re up to — no matter how big or small their investment, your business plan will give you an advantage and help you sell your concept when uploaded to crowd-funding sites
  • Read this story of our customer who used his business plan to bargain for 2 LearJets!

“This is the first program I have seen that begins the process and inspires you to finish!”
– Robert Taylor, Taylor Sudden Service

“I made a deal with a large corporate partner for over a million dollars. They funded my entire operation to publish 100 of the greatest books on CD ROM.”
– Steven DeVore, President, InteliQuest, Danville, CA

Why BizPlanBuilder…

compare business plan software templates

  • Intuitive menu-driven Windows app manages Word docs & Excel worksheets from start to finish…
    makes it easy to use plan documents, Excel workbooks, Power Point presentation and sample plans.
  • Proven business plan content & format has raised BILLIONS in capital through angels, banks, VCs, SBA-backed loans and others.
  • Written / edited by a former Sharper Image Catalog® copywriter — an effective, persuasive style structure you can follow and complete
  • Ongoing refinement since 1988 — this is the original business planning software continuously refined longer than any other.
  • Proven formula & structure — while the content and layout is what is expected, the professionals may never know you used software! You and your plan will be better than everyone and everything they’ve seen.
  • Microsoft Office integration allows you to work in the familiar, native Word & Excel environment — you already know how to use it!
  • Customizable Word templates form the basis for the entire business plan — Add / Edit / Format the text any way you like!
  • Professionally crafted GAAP business financial forecasting models — easily customize using Excel®
  • Step-by-step instructions explain everything and offer best practices from start to finish
  • Password Security with 128-bit encryption protects your projects, while still enabling secure control of additional users
  • Seasoned expert advice from investors, lenders, and consultants throughout anticipate questions and choices and provide answers and alternatives
  • It’s pretty cool.

You also get:

  • Comprehensive Handbook of Business Planning (pdf ebook)
  • Includes: “65 Ways to Finance Your Business
  • Business Planning Video/Seminar: The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan
  • 60+ financing support documents & worksheets to support funding

“I don’t often see credible hype-type literature, but in this case, I am a believer. You owe it to yourself and your company to own and use BizPlanBuilder”
~ Leon Wortman, Contributing Editor, Business Marketing

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The summary plan opens the door, the business plan closes the deal.
~ Tim Trainor,


Top Ten Reviews — BizPlanBuilder

“…Everyone knows that functionality is important, but all those pretty words and numbers won’t help you when you get up in front of a committee of investors asking how the numbers were derived. The distinction of BizPlanBuilder over other business plan software is the extensive step-by-step help, the wealth of documentation and business articles to help with strategy and business development, and the range of internal and online help and support.

While other business plan software applications can help users create formatted and professional-looking plans on paper, what BizPlanBuilder does in addition, is help users create an understanding of their business to help sell themselves to investors and bankers. That is, after all, the whole point of writing a business plan, and BizPlanBuilder provides all the tools; the user need only bring passion and desire to see it through.”

Delivers the best of thousands of successful business plans

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“I have used both Business Plan Pro and Biz Plan Builder in my past management positions. With all the so-called sample plans in Business Plan Pro, it’s easy to think you have the final product. You really don’t—it’s not really that user friendly especially if you are not comfortable writing the narrative. Instead, with JIAN’s BizPlanBuilder, it’s much easier for me to help a client develop a professional business plan that I don’t have to entirely rewrite.”
Sajata Strong, Area Director, Clark Atlanta University SBDC, School of Business Administration, Atlanta, GA

We’ve incorporated input from thousands of customers and studied thousands of business plans, investors, lenders, deals and other business planning software over the past 25 years — and combined the best content and functionality into the BizPlanBuilder business planning system.

“We’ve used BizPlanBuilder ourselves a number of times: for an SBA loan, a line of credit, Angel Investment, JVs, and mostly to pitch people on what we’re doing!”
Burke Franklin, Creator of BizPlanBuilder, JIAN, Santa Barbara, CA

If your business is unique, you’ll benefit from our industry cross-pollination approach that gives you more to work with.

With the BizPlanBuilder business plan template, you’ll be able to express your business ideas in terms that both bankers and investors expect.

  • Progressive plan enables you to start small and build. Click the sections you want to include — add more as you need them
  • Intuitive menus show every tool — it’s easy to jump around and work where you want. The system keeps you organized and enables a step-by-step approach.
  • Drag & Drop organization lets you organize sections of your plan any way you like.
  • Tab from variable to variable — quickly fill in the blanks & complete the sentences.
  • Expert Comments throughout explain what’s going on, why, and what to say — Turn them Off/On with just one click
  • Publish your business plans to HTML format — Ideal for distributing your plan electronically.
  • Print your Business Plan as a .PDF — Makes safely sending to investors and lenders easy or posting to a crowd-funding site!
  • Build new plans from previous plans — create your own customizable templates
  • Updated constantly

How to turn your vision into a reality

BizPlanBuilder business planning software helps you develop a vision statement for your business

Your business model is everything — what you do, how you do it, and how you make money.

BizPlanBuilder makes it easy for you to organize your ideas, calculate your costs, your profits, and express your business model with clarity. The process of planning is as important as the plan itself. As a smart entrepreneur, you must must consider every angle.

With BizPlanBuilder you’ll develop a versatile, adaptive, proactive and responsive strategy for action.

“As an experienced financial consultant, I was amazed at the depth of the package and its ease of use.”
~ Tom Devine, The Clayton Group, New York, NY

Includes proven financial templates to attract financing

business plan financial excel template map
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business plan excel template measures demand and revenue
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business plan excel template calculates 5 debt financing scenarios
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How much capital will it take to build your business? When will it make a profit? You’ll cearly understand your deal!

Whether you’re writing a formal business plan for investors or developing a meaningful forecast for your business, BizPlanBuilder incorporates a full set of business financial models to budget & forecast costs, profits, cashflow, valuation and your investment deal.

They are completely configured, fully integrated and tastefully formatted using Excel® workbooks. There’s no need to be a spreadsheet or financial expert. We created “Assumptions” pages to make it easy for you to enter, update and experiment with your business model. Plus, it’s easy to customize the model to fit your business.

All formulas have been developed and independently tested by qualified and practicing business consultants who hold valid CPA certifications.

Financial templates are straight-forward and show the math

Just enter your sales, expense, growth and other assumptions, and let BizPlanBuilder run the calculations. Show how believable numbers can add up — unlike other financial models (input-> [black-box] -> output), here you will see the math, and be able to explain “how you got there” in a clear and logical manner.You can easily see “what-if” when you change scenarios.

Easily produce investment-grade financial statements ready for angels, venture capitalists and any bank. We also integrated the following worksheets so you can engineer the best financing deal for your business:

  • Quick-fill assumptions pages enable easy top-down or bottom-up forecasting.
  • Easily customize to suit your unique business — They also address most of the explaining to investors and lenders so you don’t have to!
  • Project sales by product/line/marketing channel – including seasonal & mix adjustment.
  • Excel worksheets calculate figures & create impressive tables to support your plan.
  • Customizable HR planning pages help you plan staffing, payroll and space requirements.
  • 34 ratios defined & measured with free access to BizStats to compare
  • Sensitivity Analysis – Unique 1-page “What-if…” best/worst case scenario worksheet)
  • Business Valuation – 3 common models + the average of all 3, calculates ROI & stock give-up
  • Investor “deal” analysis – How much will investors make; How much will you make?
  • Sensitivity Analysis: We invented a unique 1-page “best/worse” case comparison worksheet — see the best and worst case scenarios by changing just a few numbers — no need to recalculate everything.
  • Valuation Model: How much is your deal / business worth? Uses several proven methods for valuation including weighted average. Calculates various scenarios: pre-money, post-money, stock give-up, ROI
  • Capitalization Table: Helps you plan stock allocation and shows the value of all shares as you bring in investors through several rounds of financing and ultimately ‘exit’ via merger or IPO.
  • One-click access to answers, experts, investors, market statistics & resources online.
  • 18,000+ business segment benchmarks back-up your marketing analysis & financial assumptions
  • 31 ratios defined & measured with free access to to compare (We also provide explanations and make suggestions.)
  • Investor Scratch Pad: Let investors play with your assumptions and theirs to see their ROI on your deal
  • Works equally well for external funding or bootstrapping approach.


“Gives me all the formats and financial, but isn’t a “canned” plan — it allows flexibility. Thanks.”
~ Jon Loveless, Strategic Business Solution, Dousman, WI

For more details on the business plan financial model, click here..


Right-brain, left brain? Artist or engineer? Either way, you’ll be comfortable planning your business.

  • Start-Up & Capital Requirements sections build bottom-up like a “shopping list” of everything you need
  • Use of Funds Summary — Takes the detail from the Start-Up” and “Capital Requirements” pages and shows investors how their investment will be used — includes bar & pie charts
  • Expanded market and profit center categories — Enable more flexibility & easier presentation of growth & profit expectations
  • Updated Cashflow Assumptions: Actual cash balance appears in cashflow model provides immediate feedback of cash planning decisions
  • Income Statement automatically calculates any losses to be carried-forward for tax purposes
  • Add an unlimited number of links to and from external spreadsheets. (Not so with Business Plan Pro…)


There’s no need to export, no translation problems,
no data loss, nor formula incompatibilities.

For example, if you change a figure in the “Assumptions: Financing” page, all of the linked worksheets and statements automatically update as expected.

The Assumptions you fill-in based upon what you know about your business, industry, and reasonable expectations for the future… take the small, believable facts and prove-able assumptions and compound them into a what your business could really become.

Expert comments throughout provide step-by-step guidance


As if we’re doing it with you!

The next best thing to having us do the work for you is to have an expert sitting next to you as you write your business plan. Throughout every section, expert advice, comments and suggestions explain what to do and why.

(Only you will see them — they don’t print.)

The financial templates in BizPlanBuilder also include roll-over help on all key number-entry cells.

“Very easy to learn and use… I’ve seen no other business plan package that comes close to what this one can do.
Overall Rating: A+
Joe Miller, Editor’s Choice Magazine

Power Point® Investor Pitch Template included

business plan pitch template to raise capital to fund your small business
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Give the business plan pitch that wins the deal.

Present a compelling story to investors and lenders. “Pitch” your deal with our proven PowerPoint® investor presentation template — (We recommend the book: Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff)

Collaborate with your team to write your business plan

Write a business plan with cloud-based collaboration

Secure multi-User access enables unlimited collaboration over a network or the Internet

Collaborate on your business plan and business plan financials with friends, business consultants, partners and even investors! Work from your office PC, home PC or laptop to easily access your files from a server or shared storage device.

Designate an unlimited number of additional users to collaborate with you using password-protected access. (They’ll need to have their own licensed copy of BizPlanBuilder – $30 discount!)

  • Management Teams — Share the work and get your plan done
  • Consultants — Create plans and keep connected with your clients
  • Educators — Oversee and participate with your student teams
  • Investment Bankers — Quickly make changes and update plans>

This is true multi-user file-sharing for collaboration

  • No email file back & forth confusion
  • Control other users’ access: None / Read-Only / Full-Edit
  • Section by section Check-Out & Check-In prevents overwriting each others work
  • Works with DropBox and other file-folders online — you can share files securely over the web

smart computing review compares bizplanbuilder business plan software templates

The questions and advice included with Biz Plan Builder are, in our opinion, the best part of the program. We recommend Biz Plan Builder because it gets you thinking about what it takes to start and run a successful business. And with a price tag of $150, it costs a lot less than a consultant.
~ Jeff Dodd, Smart Computing

Opens the door to multiple sources of financing from banks, other lenders and non-traditional sources

Business plan software for crowd-funding and alternative financing sources

Your ticket to capital

If you’re looking for a loan or line of credit or SBA backed financing, you’ll need a business plan. Bankers hate risk. They also know that businesses with a plan are more likely to succeed.

“The presentation I gave today resulted in my receiving a $32,000 check which was being delayed for lack of a business plan. The best $139 I ever spent. Thanks!”
~ Steve Kaufman, Executive Director, Access Roaring Fork

“BizPlanBuilder is the best business plan software on the market. We have used other packages, and when we found BizPlanBuilder, we decided it is the one we want our clients to use. In our business, we do a lot of SBA loans, all across the country. It’s important for the bankers to see the personality of the business and the people involved in the ventures we are seeking funding for. Financials alone are not enough. All the aspects of a business need to be covered in the business plan, if a company is going to be considered for funding. BizPlanBuilder helps a business owner do that – it covers all the bases, and helps generate the thinking required to produce a complete picture of the proposed venture.
~ Bill Dorgan, William Dorgan & Associates, Business Finance Consultants, Tucson, AZ

Bonuses — More ingredients to support your business plan

BizPlanBuilder business planning software includes templates to raise capital to fund your small business

Click to Enlarge

Only in BizPlanBuilder!

BizPlanBuilder comes with much more than just a great business plan. We’ve added a bundle of extra templates and tools to help you get the financing and cooperation you want to build your business.

<= Click on the image to see how easily they can be added to your plan.

  • Business plan Video“The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan” offers first-hand insights into business planning from your audience’s perspectives.
  • Added documents to support financing:
    • LLC Operating Agreement
    • Environmental Sustainability Section
  • Operations Section with Technology Discussion
  • The Handbook of Business Planningfull of expertise and time-tested wisdom on business and business planning!
  • Learn to speak in terms used by investors and lenders. Say the wrong thing and they may perceive you as unworthy — Become fully literate in investor & lender requirements & terminology.
  • 54 Supporting documentsto assure your success:
    • Cover letter templates to: Investors, Lenders, Friends…
    • Investor tracking spreadsheet
    • Invite letters to Board Members & Advisors
  • Automatic Back-Up & Restore — Save your work to your server, zip/floppy, memory stick, or the Internet
  • + $600 worth of extras! — All kinds of free and discount offers on useful products and services that will support your business plan.

The business plan software used by leading business schools and successful corporate executives

For MBA students and competitions

george mason university recommends bizplan builder business plan software templates for teaching mba studentsMBA school business professors and instructors worldwide use Biz Plan Builder – business plan software to teach business modeling, business structure, business finance and, of course, business planning.

“Having gone through all of the competitive products for business planning and marketing planning, I chose yours. For several years running now, our students have won the governor’s award for the best business plans in Virginia. I recommend regularly to all of the marketing professors in Virginia to use the combination of JIAN products.”
~ Malcolm Novins, PhD, Professor, George Mason University, Alexandria, VA


BizPlanBuilder chosen to support Least Developed Countries

Executives from 330+ of the Fortune 500 use BizPlanBuilder to produce credible proposals. The pilot program for the Cisco Networking Academy Least Developed Countries Initiative (200 in Sub-Saharan Africa) is now in place—generating business plans from the same tool creates reasonably consistent and predictable business plans which can be systematically executed. Cisco managers can now review each individual academy plan and offer suggestions and support. It’s a great deal for the Academy and it relieves many people at Cisco from a tremendous amount of work!

Used Biz Plan Builder to write a business plan to fund a health clinic

$700,000 for Health Clinic

“My wife/business partner and I have used BizPlanBuilder anually to clarify our business ideas to help us keep score as we compare our business to those of our competitors in the health/fitness/spa services industry. Our preparedness paid off when we went to the bank for an SBA loan to purchase a $700,000.00 wellness center in San Mateo, CA. Usually the forms require most applicants up to six months to have their act together and their story straight. We were back in 3 days, with everything they needed to process the loan. With BizPlanBuilder it was easy to compile our information to suit the bank and the Small Business Association.”
~ Aaron Ulysses Parnell,

business plan software template app jian bizplanbuilder

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  • Includes BOTH the Windows download app
    AND a One-Year Subscription to Cloud-Based BizPlanBuilder online
    The choice is easy - You get BOTH versions
    If you decide to go with the Windows version, there's no need to renew next year.
    Or use the cloud-based version to enable secure collaboration with your team.
  • Menu-driven Windows app manages familiar Word, Excel an PowerPoint templates
    If you have Office, you already know how to use BizPlanBuilder! The cloud version uses a very similar editor menu
  • Sample intro letters, templates, worksheets to support your strategy or raising capital
  • Unlimited Team Collaboration
    also Between PCs Macs
  • Pre-written Sample Business Plans
    150+ Industry-Specific Sample Plan Templates
    Unlike every other business plan templates, we actually intend for you to be able to use our copy vs. having to delete it or rewrite it.
  • Tutorial Videos for Each Section
    What investors & lenders are looking for
  • Wizard-driven Financial Model
    We also include the updated / vetted Excel models completely customizable for your business
    If you are an Excel user, you'll love the total flexibility to customize your financial model.
    Need an Excel expert? Look in our Expert Referral Network!
  • Includes PowerPoint / Keynote
    Investor Presentation ("Pitch") Template
  • Global 24/7 Secure Access
    Automatic Back-Up & Restore
  • Annual Subscription (Cloud Version)
    No Contract, No Commitment
    Windows App is a 1x investment, no subscription.
    Use the online system as long as you need it -- You may want to keep it open for future updates, also allow investors and certain others read-only access.
  • Add as many team members as you want
    for $1 / mo each

    Get your team involved and on the same page!
    Add an unlimited number of additional users... You also control access as well as read / write or read-only permission.
  • 60-Day "Be Smart in With Your Business & Investors" Guarantee
    Includes 14-day FREE Trial Period

$19.97 / mo Subscription

  • Start-Up / Raise Capital Package Deal!
  • Here's our best deal to raise capital for start-up funding or business expansion — We include more tools & templates than any competitor!
  • <= Includes Cloud-Based - OnlineBizPlanBuilder
    Works for both Macintosh and/or Windows
  • Includes ALL the Content from BizPlanBuilder
  • Includes Online CRM system
    Keeps track of potential investors, customers, team members & others — even projects, deals & calendars
  • Includes Stock Options Builder software
    Compensate consultants, advisors and others who help you get started.
    Save cash and inspire your people with stock options.
  • Includes LLC Formation Doc Templates
  • Includes PowerPoint / Keynote
    Investor Presentation ("Pitch") Template
  • Global 24/7 Secure Access
    Automatic Back-Up & Restore
  • Monthly Subscription
    No Contract, No Commitment
    Use the system as long as you need it -- You may want to keep it open and allow investors and certain others read-only access.
  • Add as many team members as you want
    for $1 / mo each

    Access to All Package Apps!
    Add an unlimited number of users...
    Selected members of your team can access any/all of the apps in your subscription -- You control access as well as read / write or read-only permission.
  • 60-Day "Be Smart in With Your Business & Investors" Guarantee
    Includes 14-day FREE Trial Period
  • Click for More Details
    Click to learn more about what we include in this package deal perfect for start-ups and/or for raising capital.