No money? No Mission!


Yes! A non-profit can make a profit…
Now, how much more of your mission can you accomplish?

How to engage more donors, staff and volunteers in growing and leading a thriving not-for-profit organization that makes a difference!

The apps, docs, templates, worksheets, and videos to organize, fund, run, and scale a sustainable non-profit organization.

bizplan builder liveplan business plan pro software template dashboard

Michael E. Gerber (E-Myth) called it,
“The customizable encyclopedia of everything you need to know about your business…
but were afraid to ask!”

It’s all of our content from 28 years of successful windows apps and experience remastered into a seamless cloud-based collaborative dashboard.

best business planning software template for non profit not for profit

It works for all kinds of not-for-profit organizations and the consultants who advise them.

Supercharge your non-profit with these tools

Whether you need to raise funds, attract volunteers, manage staff, get your phones ringing with press inquiries, or “all of the above” — our “Business Power Tools” software apps & templates make building a non-profit easier by providing the structure you need to keep you focused on your main organizational objectives.

For more than 27 years with 2+ million copies sold, Business Power Tools has been providing entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profit directors like you with comprehensive and easy-to-use software and templates to fund, build and run your organization.

I have had a dream of developing Promised Youth International, a non-profit dedicated to youth empowerment, transformation and leadership. However, although I attempted several times to complete the proper documentation, I never got it correct. Honestly, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I was doing. A friend contacted me about these amazing software templates from Business Power Tools. I could not believe how easy these tools made planning and completing the other important projects. The tools literally lead you throughout the process, giving you ideas and lessons on what is needed during each step. What was taking me years to do, took me a few days to fully complete ALL the necessary documentation. Thank you, BusinessPower Tools, for the tools that now make incorporating non-profits extremely easy to learn and do.
~ Brad “Soaring Eagle” Carpenter

1) BizPlanBuilder: Gets the money and resources to fulfill your purpose!

bizplan builder bizplanbuilder non-profit strategic business plan software template online cloud word excel powerpoint raise capital crowdfundStrategic Planning Software Template for Non-Profits

What are the measurable positive impacts you intend and what will be the measurable impact of donations?

You may be thinking… business planning is not for nonprofits, but this has every element of the strategic plan you’ve been looking for. Financial projections and marketing plans are equal to grant budgets and outreach plans.

A comprehensive business action plan gives you the edge with donors who want to see their money doing the most good.

They donate because they want to make a difference and they want you to do good works with the money they give you. Either way donors are “investing” in your organization.


The better organized you are the more donations you’ll attract!

After using these simple tools, you will have clear action plan to share with donors.

Whether you run a non-profit, a not-for-profit, or a for-profit organization, you still need to run an efficient organization! You might not call it profit or that might not be your purpose, but if you want to stop begging for cash and make the difference you want to make, you must be sustainable. And that attracts money!

BizPlanBuilder writes a strategic plan easily and with beautiful results. Its organized system gives you sample plan templates, built-in financial projections, and a proven PowerPoint presentation template.

Once you know your strategies for the next 6 months or 6 years, donors will be compelled to give you the funding you need!

“Your software produces plans that are equivalent to some of the best plans I’ve seen. I have tried using another software, [Business Plan Pro / Live Plan], but was not anywhere near as satisfied with the results.”
Dr. J Goetzow, San Francisco, CA

“With BizPlanBuilder, a walk on the wild side of business planning becomes a stroll in the park.”
– Peter Crowe, Isaacs & Crowe Advertising, Leesburg, VA

  • Cloud-based – Windows & Macintosh
  • Successful for Strategic Planning, Fund-Raising, Crowd-Sourcing
  • Step x step instructions & video tutorials throughout explain each section and offer best practices
  • Comprehensive Handbook of Business Planning (pdf ebook)
  • 60+ funding-support documents & worksheet
  • Automatic back-ups

Add unlimited additional team & advisors
to your subscription for just $1 / mo each!
Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security — you control access, app by app!
Give your team & consultants access to collaborate or just read-only

BizPlanBuilder business plan software template non-profit not for profit granthead-shadow

BizPlanBuilder played a part in saving a tribe of pygmies in Africa.

Grant money comes much more easily with a clear and compelling strategic plan demonstrating service & sustainability. Read what Rick Gregory wrote about a grant funded through Rotary International.

Although your motivation may not be for money, you must still operate your organization efficiently. BizPlanBuilder has proven successful appealing to grant-funders because it enables grant-seekers to provide a credible proposal.

Donors have many options — Now you’ll stand out in the crowd.

“I started material recycling business and applied from a government grant. I got a grant for $146,000!”
~ Ormond Ormsby

Need help getting your non-profit approved?!?

non-profit 501c3 status application consultants

Launch your non-profit in TWO days

Our friends at have a new system for applying and getting your 501(c)3 status — in a fraction of the time it usually takes AND at a fraction of the cost.

  • 501(c)3 status in 2 days
  • The Who’s Who of the Non-Profit world is on their board
  • Proprietary algorithm for establishing your status
  • IRS Approved
  • Attracts donors to your cause!
  • $39/mo + 5% of donations thru GVNG
Click to learn more about GVNG

2) MarketingBuilder: Reach more donors, staff and volunteers!

MarketingBuilder strategic marketing plan software templateMarketing Builder

Strategic Marketing Planning System to coordinate and optimize the market budget for a Non-Profit
An essential part of the Non-Profit Success Dashboard

Coordinate and measure all of your outreach programs from one place

This expands on the strategic plan started in BizPlanBuilder. It’s an expert marketing strategy and planning system complete with a collection of professionally written sample marketing plan templates and worksheets that will inform and accelerate your decision processes.

This software will help you reach new clients, new donors, find an audience for your newest program, engage volunteers, and/or deepen existing relationships – by finding the right way to reach each set of stakeholders.

All of these completely pre-scripted templates are easily edited using Microsoft® Word and Excel®. With almost a hundred templates based on successful marketing plans, Marketing Builder enables you to easily plan and build an entire marketing campaign from scratch.

“If I really did my marketing right I could avoid a lengthy sales cycle, I wouldn’t waste money on unnecessary advertising gimmicks, and my salespeople would invest their time more efficiently—now that’s actually possible.”
Pat Napoles, President, PBN Publications

  • 80+ proven marketing planning templates easily edited using Word
  • 30+ Excel templates for planning, analysis & measurement
  • Handbook of Marketing user manual (PDF)

3) Keep your cause and organization top-of-mind in the world

public realtions pr media management software template sample press release templatesPublicity Builder
Public Relations Management System with Sample Press Release Templates for a Non-Profit

We all know how valuable PR can be for nonprofit organizations, especially for fundraising!

“Consider the case of charities. If they raise money from consumers, they get almost their entire budget in the last month of the year, or related to some sort of external event. And most people who donate never do so again. Out of sight, out of mind.”
~ Seth Godin

You are the best person to present your organization to the world. Until you can afford professional PR support, develop and manage your own public relations using this proven Public Relations / Media management system.

“Publicity Builder helped us obtain over $6 million in free publicity in the nation’s leading TV shows, magazines and almost every major newspaper in the country…”
~ Christian LesStrange, President of FunFlatable Products.

Publicity Builder essentially “amounts to a course in how to win editors and influence reporters.”
~ Larry Shannon, The New York Times

A volunteer can use Publicity Builder and manage your PR! It’s like having another staff person, but without the cost.

Reinforces your successes with your constituents and donors! Learn to nurture those relationships with our online PR Tutorial.

  • Sample press releases for every event – easily edit with Word.
  • Example-filled worksheets help develop your message.
  • Calculators in Excel help with budgeting & prioritizing – just fill-in the variables and print.
  • Scripts to pitch journalists, develop special stories, manage tradeshows & conferences, get interviews, and more.
  • Step x step instructions explain what to do and why.
  • Handbook of Business PR user manual (PDF)
  • Comprehensive Online PR Tutorial – Learn how to best attract and pitch the media

4) Stay connected with donors, board members, staff & volunteers

best Online CRM for non not for profit organization

Easy Online Contact
Relationship Management System for a Non-Profit

Customer Relationship Management… and a lot more!

The Business Power Tools CRM system does a lot more than just customer relationship management. Compared to many of the CRM systems we’ve seen, we chose and upgraded the one that also, tracks, projects, to-do’s, deals, events, calendar. More about this CRM System…

  • Tracks donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, vendors, potential team members — even use it for campaigns, events, and mailings
  • Syncs with Outlook Access on iPhone or Android


5) Mindful workplace policies and procedures make managing easy!

HR management employee policies manual policy handbook software template online cloud word
Employee Manual Builder
Comprehensive employee / office policy development system for a non-profit

Thoroughly Revised & Updated
Subscription includes ongoing updates.

This up-to-date employee policies handbook creates a productive culture while it protects your organization from labor disputes & lawsuits!

Here’s the easy way to create an employee policies and procedures manual to establish your “ground rules” for working at your organization. The foundation of your business is your people, whether they’re paid or volunteers. They are intelligent, well-intended individuals — it’s important to show them that you respect them as people as well as employees.

Pre-written sample employee policy handbook includes 200+ employee policies and procedures — eliminates most of the loopholes that other software does not. Developed with HR Experts (we are a member of SHRM), attorneys, successful entrepreneurs, and psychologists. This employee policy manual software template provides management best-practices and ensures that employees are treated fairly.

“Employee Manual Builder has taken the dread out of starting a project that has been on my list of things to do far too long!”
David Lloyd, Fitness International, Malaysia

“Extremely well written, precise & to the point.”
James Dodson, Independence Place, Herrin, IL

“I will recommend the Employee Manual Maker to many of my small business clients.”
Elwin Boody, SBDC, Canon City, CO

  • For Non-Profit Directors, Board Members, HR Managers, & Consultants
  • 200 workplace policy & procedures templates – Easy for your board to review and approve
  • Windows and/or Macintosh
  • Cloud-based system also includes 700+ wizard-driven Job Descriptions
  • Multi-user Interactive Document Assembly System
  • 60+ supplemental forms & Federal posters
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Developed with practicing HR attorneys & professionals to address the toughest standards of every state (+ California & HI)
  • Step x step instructions explain each section and offer best practices
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide (PDF)
  • Subscription Includes Ongoing Updates

7) “Injury & Illness” prevention plan keeps everyone safe and healthy

osha safety training plan manual handbook software template word cloud

Safety Plan Builder
OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention Training Software Template for Non-Profits

And you cannot afford to be sued by an employee and/or fined by OSHA!

Safety Plan Builder software helps you publish a custom illness and injury prevention and training manual to quickly and easily comply with OSHA, avoid lawsuits, train your employees, and provide a safe workplace.

Covers 151 Safe Work Practice categories

All elements of your safety plan are pre-written. Select the appropriate sections for your business or industry, then customize the paragraphs. Menus help you select the paragraphs appropriate to your state. Contains over 250 pre-written pages of industry-specific Safe Work Practices. Publish your complete plan in a few minutes and be safety compliant in all 50 states.

Easily protect your staff & volunteers, and avoid costly OSHA fines

“Using Safety Plan Builder can save a company thousands or even millions of dollars in reduced or avoided legal judgments,” says Labor Law Attorney Mark Thierman. “Believe me when I say that plaintiff attorneys just don’t want to come up against this type of written plan!”

  • Every Industry / Every State
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Online — Works for both Windows & Macintosh
  • Subscription Includes ongoing updates

8) Essential sample agreement templates handle 165 scenarios.

sample non-profit legal business contract templatesAgreement Builder
165 Sample business contract templates for a non-profit

Lawyers have better things to do and so do you

You’re going to need good attorneys no matter what, but for now, you can benefit from our business contract collection to help you get started on the right foot.

“I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Business Power Tools. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. Was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and Business Power Tools. ~ Brad Fishman

Only you and your invited team, advisors, and guests get access!

collaborative cloud-based business plan software template non-profit

Secure, multi-user access enables unlimited collaboration over the Internet

The real benefit of this subscription is that it keeps all of these important projects alive and up to date, as well as enables ongoing collaboration with your team, advisors, donors, and volunteers!

You can easily designate an unlimited number of additional users to collaborate with you using password-protected role-based access.

  • Management Team — Share the work and operate from the “same page”
  • Consultants — Consistency, oversight and connection with clients
  • Just $1 / person / month — Whether it’s access to one app or all of them

Engage your entire team and keep each other up to date and on the same page

  • Work from anywhere / anytime.
  • No email file back & forth confusion (No “Conflicting Copies” to sort out!)
  • Control user access: None / Read-Only / Full-Edit
  • Section by section Check-Out & Check-In prevents overwriting each others work!
  • Cloud-based dashboard puts everything at your fingertips

non-profit / not-for-profit business planning software app template online

60-Day “Gets-the-Job-Done! Right. Now!” Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee business plan software template non profit cloud excel

Look around and you’ll find that you can pay more for a lot less!

We offer a 60-day $$$-back guarantee to give you more time to play with everything to be absolutely sure. Sometimes the best way to see if something fits what you are doing is to just try it. We sell quite a few of these… and so far people have been able to easily get into them and use them without much hand-holding! Nevertheless, we are here via phone to answer any questions.

When you download or subscribe to any of our software apps or templates now, you can see how well they handle your specific needs and fit the nuances of your unique organization. If it’s not right for you, we will credit your purchase! There’s nothing to ship, no taxes, and you can keep the software anyway. (Your karma is the judge!)

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