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5 Simple Keys to Building Business Love



Bonnie KarpayBonnie Karpay Shares her Expertise on Building Business Relationships

I‘m talking with Bonnie Karpay, #1 best selling author of Without Notice: Life Can Change In a Moment, and creator of The Relationship Quotient™ (RQ), who teaches organizations, entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to develop and maintain genuine business relationships.

After struggling with traditional sales training that produced inconsistent results, Karpay identified five simple keys to creating loyal, lifetime customers, who refer like crazy, give raving testimonials and are price flexible.

As one student said, “I highly recommend learning the lessons Karpay offers…
it will change the way you relate to everyone around you!”

Nominated as “America’s Most Influential Business Connector” in 2011, Karpay’s fresh, new twist on an age old topic has made her an in-demand, innovative expert to sales professionals around the world.

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  • How to start & maintain important relationships
  • How to stay “real” with people
  • Using Facebook effectively
  • How listening skills play a part
  • The 5 Simple Keys (or the 5 C’s) of the relationship quotient

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