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Robert Johnson – Seasoned Silicon Valley Advisor Can Help You Raise Capital

Robert Johnson – Seasoned Silicon Valley Advisor Can Help You Raise Capital


Campbell, CA, 95119
I'm familiar with BizPlanBuilder business planning software and can coach you to complete your business plan and give a winning presentation to investors.
MichelJoy DelRe

MichelJoy DelRe

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1816 Anacapa, Irvine, CA, 92602
Always on the forefront, MichelJoy was among a staff of 12 leaders, combining business consulting programs with executive coaching, for 400 companies a year, in a monthly training program – The Entrepreneurial Edge, From Vision to Profit, Having It All!
Steve Lishansky – Sell Differently

Steve Lishansky – Sell Differently

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Steve Lishanksy's book is a must read for everyone selling anything -- he outlines a simple process / strategy to first establish yourself as a valued partner, then as a trusted salesperson. I wish I had read this 40 years ago!
Coaching  | Training | Consulting | Corporate Team-Building

Will Robertson – Coaching | Training | Consulting | Corporate Team-Building

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(562) 577-7000

1231 E Dyer Rd. Suite 215, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 92705
We focus with the client to gain the traction needed for performance changes to take effect. After that, we work on a month to month invoice arrangement until your confidence levels reach 100% in all key areas of your business. What makes PSI different is our 3-step approach to becoming a key part of the solution as opposed to just another advisory line item expense. Our goal is to improve your bottom line while adding goal setting, accountability and results quickly.