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While you’re using our apps and templates to handle a variety of business projects, you may need a professional to review your work, provide additional advice, address unique circumstances, or introduce you to important contacts. Although we cannot guarantee any results, we believe them to be honest, ethical and creative on your behalf.

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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson – Seasoned Silicon Valley Advisor Can Help You Raise Capital


Madeira Beach, FL, 95119

I'm familiar with BizPlanBuilder business planning software and can coach you to complete your business plan and give a winning presentation to investors.

Steve Lishansky – Sell Differently

Steve Lishansky – Sell Differently

Listed in ,


Steve Lishanksy's book is a must read for everyone selling anything -- he outlines a simple process / strategy to first establish yourself as a valued partner, then as a trusted salesperson. I wish I had read this 40 years ago!

Sara Phillips – Employee Health Insurance, Sales Training

Sara Phillips – Employee Health Insurance, Sales Training

(919) 920-6765


As a licensed health insurance agent, I feel my primary job is to educate people about the health insurance industry.
I know people have the ability to make the best choice only when they have accurate information in a way that is understandable.
As a result, my focus is in helping people understand their choices and then helping them select the choice that best meets their wants and needs.