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How BizPlanBuilder works


We’ve done most the business planning development work for you. The BizPlanBuilder application steps you through a series of concise, pre-written Microsoft Word® templates, Microsoft Excel® financial workbooks and a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation — All easily customizable to suit your unique business.

    • Double-click any section on the left menu and a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file opens on the right.
      • Your company information automatically fills in, then you can easily edit to suit your unique business.
      • Dive in and work where you are inspired — the system keeps you organized
      • Drag & drop to sort the sections in any order to your liking.
      • Click the checkboxes to include or exclude certain sections for printing
    • It’s easier to edit than to write from scratch — see at-a-glance where you are and the context for what’s needed.
      • Beware of programs that ask questions and choose your paragraphs for you. What might you miss?
      • These are the ‘canned’ ‘template’ types of systems investors hate. Industry-specific plans can trap you. Not BizPlanBuilder.
      • BizPlanBuilder provides the best of hundreds of business concepts cross-pollinated from every industry enabling you to quickly adopt proven ideas and include them in their plans.
      • Expert comments on every page provide direction and insights to improve your plan as well as your business model.
    • There are no blank pages, so there’s no writer’s block.
      • Look closely and you’ll see that BizPlanBuilder really provides copy you can use
      • Not just filler that leaves you wondering what to say or how to say it
      • BizPlanBuilder provides everything you need to accomplish your goals.


      small business plan template

      Here is an example of a major functional difference / advantage of Biz Plan Builder:

      All of the other business plan software ask a barrage questions:
      What industry are you in? [ ]
      How many employees do you have? [ ]
      How many employees in the [industry] work for you? [ ]
      Then they crank out some boilerplate.

      Using BizPlanBuilder business plan software you’ll see where everything goes – in context:

      At [Company], we have [00] employees, with [00] managers from the [Industry] industry.

      (Where [Company] and [Industry] have been filled in previously in your company profile table.) You can see, at a glance, where your business plan is going. The text is completely editable. You can even read or print the entire plan before you start editing. The entire business plan narrative is written this way. Also, you can imagine that, from here, you might just keep writing… Mentally, completing sentences is far easier than answering question after question. This is why writing your business plan using Biz Plan Builder software is so easy, goes so fast and turns out so well!


      BizPlanBuilder-updateDrop-down menus enable more functions

      • Drag & Drop customization lets you organize your plan any way you like.
      • Tab from variable to variable – quickly fill in the blanks & complete the sentences.
      • Expert Comments throughout explain what’s going on, why, and what to say – Turn them Off/On with just one click.
      • Quick-fill assumptions pages enable easy top-down or bottom-up forecasting.
      • Progressive plan enables you to start small and build. Click the sections you want to include – add more as you need them.
      • Back-Up & Restore – Losing your work sucks!


BPB-add-docInstantly add your own documents…

…and easily incorporate them into your business plan. The revised design even enables adding previous business plan pages, other documents, and blank sections. You can easily drag and drop within the flexible organization to produce a business plan that works for you.

      • Include your previous business plan documents.
      • Click browse to add any document in your system.
      • Drag & drop sorting lets you organize your plan your way.
      • Build your own custom documents using this powerful document assembly system.


Automatic Assembly & Complete Customization

Each plan is a complete template unto itself. Choose the one most like your business, then you can select a section from any of the other plans and drag & drop it anywhere into the plan you are working with.

The BizPlanBuilder document management system lets you open any section you want, add/edit/save, work on another section… assemble your entire plan, complete with formatting and page numbering… print or email the finished plan.

Once you’ve completed the selected sections, one click and BizPlanBuilder automatically assembles your custom business plan… ready for review, final printing, or saving to a web site.

If you need to make changes, you can easily jump back in, edit and reprint.

The unique JIAN process assures that you’ll be prepared—ready to face even the toughest audiences and able to answer every question.

You’ve got a great idea…
Market it, make millions, and live happily ever after…
Now, how do you get there from here?
Start with BizPlanBuilder to create a compelling business plan.