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Some reasons Biz Plan Builder business plan software stands out for consultants

  • Cut & paste from a full-spectrum template system for writing business plans
  • Build subsequent business plans on previously written business plans
  • Collaborate with your clients over the Internet
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Chris Hintz of Venture Capital Intermediary investment banker prefers BizPlanBuilder business plan software

“We recommend to all of our clients that they produce their business plan using professional business planning software, such as BizPlanBuilder from JIAN. BizPlanBuilder is cost effective – and those who have used it have raised more than $1billion in venture capital. In our experience, it is the preferred format for VC’s and we know the software well, as JIAN is a client of ours. The software is intuitive, simple enough for a 10 year old to master and, in our considered opinion, the best on the market today.”
– Christopher S. Hintz, Chief Executive Officer, VC Intermediary LLC

“Your product is the best in the business. We would not be here without it.”
Randolph Howard, Howard Consulting Group, Chicago, IL

“Gives me all the formats and financial, but isn’t a canned plan it allows flexibility. Thanks.”
Jon Loveless, Strategic Business Solution, Dousman, WI

“The BizPlanBuilder, text format and prompts, provide a comprehensive, disciplined approach to preparing your business plan!”
Peter Gregg, HHW Consultancy, Halifax, NS


“I own a full service Advertising Agency in NH. I use several of the JIAN products on a regular basis. We use Employee Manual Maker and Employee File Builder for HR, Agreement Builder to build many of our agreements with long-term clients, customers, and vendors, Marking Builder to build the templates to many of our marketing, advertising, and public relations plans, and BizPlanBuilder to build our business plan and corporate structure. You don’t have to be new to business to use these plans. I’ve been in business for nearly 25 years, and I find these programs every bit as useful now as I did when I was learning as a new business owner. I maintain my upgrades because there is always new and better information supplied in the programs. These guys know EXACTLY what they are doing, and how to do it.
I had one situation where BizPlanBuilder came in unbelievably useful. I was hired by a small record label in Tampa, FL to put together a business and marketing plan for them to use to raise $350,000 in capital for their company. I was also hired to make the presentations to potential investors. Using both BizPlan Builder and Marketing Builder, I created the needed presentation. My first appointment was with seven Tampa Bay Buccaneers interested in investing. After making my 35 minute presentation, I was unable to raise the $350,000 the record label wanted to raise. These seven men wrote checks totaling $575,000! Super Bowl thanks to JIAN for creating such a fantastic software package. I use several of their products regularly in my business. I wouldn’t even try to expand my business without them.”
James J. Albion, President, ZMJ Enterprises, Marketing & Advertising Agency, Dover, NH www.zmjenterprises.com

small business plan software

“Starting a new business venture can be a lot of fun. It can also be awfully scary—especially when you realize how much you don’t know. After all, did anyone ever teach you how to do things like write a business plan that will really grab the attention of potential investors? Sure, you’ve got a great idea, but unless you know how to communicate that idea effectively it could be pretty difficult to get someone to believe in you enough so that they’ll be willing to lend a hand. That’s where a great program like BizPlanBuilder really shines. Quite simply, it’s the best way that I know to create a business plan that will get you the investors that you need to be successful.”
Brian Underdahl, Author, Small Business Computing for Dummies

“BizPlanBuilder is the best business plan software on the market. We have used other packages, and when we found BizPlanBuilder, we decided it is the one we want our clients to use. In our business, we do a lot of SBA loans, all across the country. It’s important for the bankers to see the personality of the business and the people involved in the ventures we are seeking funding for. Financials alone are not enough. All the aspects of a business need to be covered in the business plan, if a company is going to be considered for funding. BizPlanBuilder helps a business owner do that – it covers all the bases, and helps generate the thinking required to produce a complete picture of the proposed venture.”
Bill Dorgan, William Dorgan & Associates, Business Finance Consultants, Tucson, AZ

“Awesome job… everyone compliments on our plan. This software makes our plans the most comprehensive plans we’ve seen to date and I’ve been writing plans for over 15 years. Nothing compares to it. I’ve written plans on my own, used other software, BizPlanBuilder is superior in every way. The comprehensive financials section impresses everyone. They always ask…”you did this yourself?”… I always respond, “No, I used BizPlanBuilder.” Thanks for such a great product.”
Michael Gilbert, CEO, Street Level Consultants, Plano, TX

“As an experienced financial consultant, I was amazed at the depth of the package and its ease of use.”
Tom Devine, The Clayton Group, Inc., New York, NY

Lion Goodman

I HIGHLY recommend Burke’s software. It’s helped me start two entrepreneurial ventures, and I’ve recommended it to dozens of my clients. His business planning software helps you think through all the issues that could – and do – come up when you’re growing a business. It’s like getting 20 years of good business advice for about $100.”
– Lion Goodman,The Goodman Group, San Rafael, CA

“BizPlanBuilder is the number one recommended software by our attorney, CPA, tax specialist & others.”
Robert L. Crawford, Jr., ROE Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA

“This application is typical of a supportive organizational environment’s initial needs during start-up.”
Dr. William Farrow, Farrow & Associates, Inc., New York, NY

“Great to focus on needs of a new or growing business!”
Robert Borsky, Law Offices of Robert Borsky, Torrance, CA

“My client secured a $142,000 SBA loan using your software!”
Bill Bishop, America Design, Atwater, CA

“Liked it – Developed a $100,000 line of credit for a client – first time out. Thanks!”
James A. Wilson, Lakeview, OR

“Excellent product!!”
Jack Grantham, Financial Planners, Pensacola, FL

“Very well constructed. Meets client needs. “>
John Young, Business Consultant, Sacramento, CA

“We service many types of businesses. This program is easily applied to all of them.”
James L. McComb, California Management Advisory Group, Temecula, CA

“Easy to use; takes the hassle out of writing a business plan.”
Tom Bowers, Bowers Technical Associates, Oley, PA

“A must for every and all types of businesses.”
Jack Crowley, JRC Associates, No. Scituate, MA

“I am a practicing attorney with my undergraduate degree in business administration. I help clients with business incorporation, business plans, contracting, and general business litigation. In my practice, I have many business owners as clients. I have examined many of the business planning software packages and have purchased, what I thought to be the better ones, just so I would know “what is out there.” BizPlanBuilder is the best I have seen.”
Gerald Gaggini, Attorney, BELL, FLECHAS & GAGGINI P.A., Jackson, MS

“I bought Biz Plan Builder primarily for the financials. They are extremely helpful to me in setting fees.”
Paul Rock, Business Performance Specialists, Knoxville, TN

“Format and setup is great; definitely makes life easier.”
James R. Kelley Jr., Financial Aid Unlimited, Raleigh, NC

“This is an excellent tool for business start-ups to examine their long term viability.”
John R. Ryan, American Business Consultants, Marietta, GA

“Certain conventions you must follow regarding how people think about business, and BizPlanBuilder does that very well. I can now do in a day what it used to take a week to do!”
Doug Harvey, Business Plan Consultant

Now part of the Business Power Tools dashboard

Strategic Planning & Funding
Business Growth & Raising Capital
$27/ month 1st user (+ $1/mo each for more)
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  • Business Plan
    BizPlanBuilder business organization, Strategic
    Planning, and Funding Presentation System
    Our proven BizPlanBuilder business planning software updated and transformed into a collaborative web-app perfect for expansion or startup funding as well as strategic planning.

    Includes everything you see under the Business Plan tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • For Start-up Organization / Growth Strategy
    JOBS Act Ready w/ Video Tutorials
    Complete business planning system with templates for organization, financial modeling, investors or lenders, funding, growth...
  • Finance
    Tools for the [virtual] CFO
    Financial Models, Calculators, Investor Presentation (Pitch) deck, Stock Options docs and Shareholder Tracking, Agreement Templates, Collections Letters...

    Includes everything you see under the Finance tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • Financial Projection Models
    5 & 10-yr GAAP pro-forma templates
    Wizard-driven + Customizable Excel Workbooks
    We include the original BizPlanBuilder financial models evolved since 1990! Thoroughly updated in 2017. These are Excel spreadsheets uploaded to our online system. They behave a lot like Excel and can be easily customized to fit your unique business model. Collaborate with your team online. Export and download them to Excel.
  • Collections, Stock Options, Funding Resources
    Includes Ongoing updates
  • Management
    Tools & templates to lead your company
    Includes everything you see under the Management tab on the dashboard. Including ongoing updates!
  • Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
    You Control All Access, App x App, User x User!
    Your data, ideas, and documents are safe as well as backed-up by a professionally run data center. (See System Security below.)
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pr public relations management software template sample press release
Marketing, PR, Sales & Social
Everything to Grow Sales
$37/ month 1st user (+ $1/mo each for more)
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  • Marketing
    Marketing Builder Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan Template
    Our proven Marketing Builder software updated and transformed into a web-app...

    Includes everything you see under the Marketing tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • 33 Marketing Planning & Analysis Calculators
    Branding / Creative Brief Worksheets
    They’re great for understanding deals, prioritizing strategies, and making good decisions!

    Among them you’ll find the methods and formulas, the words and advice to help you target your customers, analyze your competition, determine the future value of customers, prioritize and budget product launches, even evaluate new hires!

  • PR & Media
    PR Budget, Planning Worksheets
    Includes everything you see under the PR & Media tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • 22 Sample Press Releases
    Public Relations Tutorial
  • Sales
    Sales Proposal Builder
    Customer Contact Email Templates
    Includes everything you see under the Sales tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • Management
    Tools & templates to lead your company
  • Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
    You Control Access, App x App, User x User!
    Your data, ideas, and documents are safe as well as backed-up by a professionally run data center. (See System Security below.)
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hr file employee record keeping data management database system
HR Policies & Procedures
Organize & Manage Your People
$47/ month 1st user (+ $1/mo each for more)
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  • HR
    Employee Manual Builder
    200+ Sample Employee Policies & Procedures
    Covers Just About Everything - Every State This is our proven Employee Manual Builder software updated and transformed into a web-app! Our policies and preocedures have evolved since 1993. In addition to being legal, ethical and compliant, they are also very entrepreneurial to help you build the strongest company possible!
  • 700+ Job Profile Templates
    Employees and Contractors
    These sample job descriptions enable you to quickly and clearly define your expectations, both for employees as well as independent contractors. In addition to most job descriptions, we include space for Vision, Mission, and Priorities -- Important to people who believe in your company purpose!
  • Procedures
    Safety Plan Builder OSHA Compliant
    Injury & Illness Prevention Handbook
    Covers 161+ Safe Work Practices - all documented and editable online. Print out your manual in Word or [best practice] provide online access to your employees to assure awareness of up-to-date practices and procedures.
  • Customizable Daily Operational Procedures
    Ideal for Systematizing Your Company
    If you are ever going to be able to take a vacation with a clear conscience, your people need to be properly trained on what to do, backed with complete documentation easily available to them -- making it unecessary to always need you!
  • Proper Documents, Letters, Calculators...
    Includes Ongoing updates
    Includes HR Contracts
    Correspondence (offer letters, etc)
    Progressive Discipline worksheets
  • Management
    Tools & templates to lead your company
    Corporate formation docs
    Board Meeting Minutes
  • Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
    You control access, app x app, user x user!
    Your data, ideas, and documents are safe as well as backed-up in a professionally run data center. (See System Security below.)
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Business Oower Tools dsahboard
All the Tools to Systemize & Scale
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  • Think of this as Your Own Customizable
    Virtual Business Accelerator!
    All the docs to organize finance, run and scale you company... neatly organized to help you build into the future...
  • Plus Legal Page
    Contract Templates, IP Tracking, Corporate Docs

    Sample contract templates
    Corporate docs, Intellectual Property Management
  • Plus R & D Page
    Product Plans, Development Contracts

    Sample contract templates
    Work for Hire Agreement, Beta Test Forms
  • Recommended for Management Consultants
    to attract and manage client's companies
    Work together on their company using these tools and collaborative "workbench"
    Insert your logo and show thw dashboard to win new clients!
  • Management
    Tools & templates to lead your company
  • Organizes All of Your Company documents
    Makes Due-Diligence for Investors/Acquirors Easy
    Imagine having an organized set of docs readily available for review when you're ready, and when you are, you'll want investors or buyers to act quickly! Now you'll be ready!
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