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$250,000 grant saves tribe of Pygmies

After the 1984 movie, Gorillas in the Mist, and further pressure from logging and mountain gorilla conservation groups, the governments of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared several of the rainforests as National Parks. That meant it became illegal for people to live in those forests. As a result, the Batwa pygmies, original inhabitants of the forest (for over 20,000 years!) were driven from their homes and further marginalized to the point they are now listed by the British medical journal, The Lancet (quote above from Vol. 367, Iss. 9526) as on the brink of extinction.

“…since we were expelled from our lands, death is following us. We bury people nearly every day. The village is becoming empty. We are heading towards extinction. Now all the old people have died. Our culture is dying too…” ~ displaced Twa man

“I used BizPlanBuilder as the template to write a grant proposal for to provide funds for sustainable projects including clean water, sanitation and animal husbandry for the Twa people. Thank you for a great tool that enabled me to present the request in a business fashion, articulating the need, the strategy to fill the need, metrics for measuring success, the exit plan and projections for complete sustainability within 5 years. $250,000 was funded through Rotary International. Through your BizPlanBuilder, you’ll own a slice of the credit for a great step in the preservation of an entire people. Thank you!”
~ Rick Gregory, Long Beach, CA

For more information on the progress of this project, click here to visit the Kellermann Foundation.


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