Video: How to Build Your Business Without Funding…

video bootstrapping your startup business

Here, Burke Franklin speaks to a room full of entrepreneurs

  • This is perhaps our most popular topic!
  • All the things you can do to get up and running that cost nothing.
  • Including ideas and insights for becoming ready for investors.
  • …which also builds momentum attractive to investors!
  • 90-minutes
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Video Coaching for Every Step of Your Business Plan / Playbook

What You Must Understand From an Investor’s, Lender’s, Or Buyer’s Perspective
As You Complete Each Section of Your Business Plan / Playbook

Inside the BizPlanBuilder System You’ll See the “Video Intro” (Top/Right) Introducing Each Section:

how business plan software template video

You Can Also Watch Them All Here:

Executive Summary

Business Concept

Business Opportunity

Business Description

Mission Statement

Management Team

Investment Opportunity

Company Structure

Legal Formation

Business History

Business Location

Government Requirements

Market Analysis

Market Size

Market Segmentation

Target Customers

Market Stability

SWOT Analysis

Market Trends


Direct Competitors

Competitive Challenges

Products & Services

Value Proposition

Pricing Strategy

Packaging & Distribution

Research & Development

Marketing Strategy

Image & Branding

Advertising & Promotion

Product Distribution

Public Relations

Selling Strategy

Internet Strategy

Management Team

Present Situation

Financial Plan

Revenue Model

Capital Requirements

Use of Funds

Return on Investment

Exit Strategy

Video: See how BizPlanBuilder actually works…

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