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Barbra Drizin on Start from Scratch Social Media for the Not-So-Tech-Savvy

Barbra Drizin owned and operated a successful independent staffing company in Silicon Valley during the hi-tech revolution. She worked with many start-ups and acquired a fascination with technology and became an eager student. As Barbra expanded her knowledge, her path became clear – teaching others there is a virtual world to discover!

Today, Barbra weaves her technical skills, knowledge of social media, experience as an educator and desire to help entrepreneurs into Start From Scratch Social Media.
Offering services, workshops and presentations to the “resistant, reluctant and intimidated,” Barbra demystifies social media in a fun, informative and interactive way.

Today it’s a necessity for solopreneurs, and businesses of all sizes, to have a social media presence in order to be successful. Her audiences and clients walk away with the specific knowledge and motivation they need to use the resources and wealth of opportunities available by using social media. Barbra particularly enjoys clients who are authors, artists, and holistic practitioners.

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