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John Wade, Gung Ho – Product Manufacturing & Fulfillment
In an age of disclaimers, anyone who offers responsibility for successfully completing a job or delivery of a product is golden. John Wade at Gung-Ho never makes any excuses. When we order 20,000 copies of BizPlanBuilder, they go wherever they’re supposed to go, come hell or high water, and the price remains as quoted. His expertise in manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment I recommend to everyone and anyone who asks. John is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating businesses that provide turnkey software manufacturing, printing, packaging, discs and media products, digital content delivery (ESD), physical product fulfillment, and e-commerce solutions. He co-founded Bindco in 1982, grew annual revenue to $78 million, and sold his Bindco equity in 1998. Founded Gung-Ho in 1999, achieved first-year revenue over $8 million, and is currently implementing new client programs, expanding global operations, and developing product-specific Web microsites such as