Susan Mayginnes expert on collaboration and team-building

Susan Mayginnes, M.A., Management Consultant, Team-Building Expert

I’ve known Susan for almost 35 years(!) Given her experience and and skills working with people on their relationships, she’s the perfect ‘go-to’ person to discuss collaboration. Susan is an experienced leadership development consultant, designing and conducting trainings for over 20 years.

Formerly the co-founder and Director of Training for 17 years with an innovative California-based training company, she now works with leaders and companies to develop the thinking, creativity and communication skills necessary to achieve greater organizational responsiveness and innovation.

With a priority on collaboration, she helps clients to create a team-oriented culture of mutual respect and trust, Susan has helped companies to foster an environment that motivates productivity and inspires creativity. She teaches leaders to have the conversations that forward action and create novelty by presenting real working models and practices which enrich human relationships and create uncharacteristic levels of support and communication within the workplace.

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