HR Professionals Review the Employee Manual Builder workplace policies handbook software template

Employee Manual Builder HR polices & procedures handbook cloud software template

Rather than sitting down yourself and authoring page after page of rules and regulations – or worse, hiring a lawyer to do it for you- consider turning to a software solution – EmployeeManualMaker.
– Hollis Paschen, Business Digest of Lehigh Valley

Personnel policies are a mouse-click away with this compilation of more than 130 software templates of customizable company policies and procedures. Need to distribute a memo about sexual harassment and company policy? Simply scroll down to the “harass.doc” file and you’ll find a wealth of employee questionnaires, leadership discussion guides, and other relevant material written by lawyers, human resources consultants and experts in the field. Other topics include the Family Leave Act, jury duty, complying with the American Disabilities Act, termination and severance and disability.
– Mark Annichiarico, Incentive Magazine

Overall Summary. My overall evaluation is that the Employee Manual Builder is a remarkable value. Its use should save thousands of dollars in the development of an employee manual, even if an organization chooses to extensively revise the materials included in the package. Although it is easy to nit-pick over 150 policies and find a few points of disagreement, the overall package is most impressive. Any organization regardless of size should be able to find value in this product.
– Jay C. Thomas, Personnel Psychology – Book Review Section

With workplace issues growing more complex, companies need to protect themselves by having clear policies in place. JIAN’s [Business Power Tools] EmployeeManualBuilder is a good investment for a business of any size and could head off problems before they start.
– PC Today

Developing and updating personnel records is made easier with EmployeeManualBuilder. We all need help walking through the legal land mines. EmployeeManualBuilder offers the latest advice on policy formation and handling sensitive areas…  While EmployeeManualBuilder can be customized to fit the dental office, it is designed for any small business. Welcome to the 21st Century! EmployeeManualBuilder will not solve all your people problems, but it will help effectively state your office policies up front in far less time than it would take you
from scratch.
– James E. Quinn, Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry

If the thought of scratching out… an employee manual makes you break into a cold sweat, you can relax. EmployeeManualBuilder will ease your writer’s block and hold your hand… If your business is already past the larval stage and you’re more concerned with keeping employee issues straight, try the $150 EmployeeManualBuilder. The software templates help you prepare a personnel policy handbook from within most popular word-processors.
– Bronwyn Fryer, PC World

You can either write your employee handbook yourself or hire a consultant. If you decide to write it in-house, refer to one of the software programs like EmployeeManualBuilder.
– Courtney Price, Anchorage Daily News

What other business owners & managers report…

Workplace employee policies procedures handbook manual software template cloud based

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This is the second time I have purchased the software. The product surpasses others of its type available.
– Daniel C. Overton, President – CEO, E.L.A. Security, Inc.

Yes! I am extremely happy with your product. I had an ancient floppy disk version sitting on the shelf. I downloaded and installed the upgrade, edited the policies, converted the entire document to PDF, and uploaded it to our web server! Thanks to you and your fine company, I was able to quickly publish a real, editable policy handbook instead of just slapping something together. As a small business consultant, you can be sure that I will recommend your software to others in our sphere of influence.
– George Ireton, Shasta Consulting & Web Design, Redding, CA,

As a small business consultant, I used one of your products on my first assignment and it made a 6,526% return for my client in 3 weeks. Here’s the story:

On my first consulting contract, I worked with a health and fitness operation that had approximately 3 full-time and 12 to 20 part-time employees throughout a typical year. I asked if there was any sort of employee manual or if the employees had employment contracts. The answer to both questions was no.

I immediately went out and bought your Employee Manual Maker software and spent the next week editing a manual to fit this business. It was remarkably easy to doing and very comprehensive. I gave them to the business owner and they had all the employees read and sign the documents. A few weeks later, one of the employees was accused of sexually harassing one of the customers. After a thorough and fair investigation, the employee was confronted and admitted the charges.

The employee was dismissed and was not able to work in a wide enough geographic area to avoid a repeat of the occurrence. During the investigation, the sponsor of the young woman threatened to pull her business and go elsewhere.

This act would have cost the business $60,000 in revenues and probably $5,000 fighting the employee. Instead, the entire matter was resolved peacefully and equitably. With roughly a $150.00 investment, I was able to save my client a sure loss of $65,000. By my calculation, that’s a 6,526% return on investment. I can’t wait to try out some of your other products.
– Bruce Dewberry, The Dewberry Company

I have successfully built an Employee Manual for my Narcotic Treatment Program. A Manual that I am extremely pleased with. I feel our state licensing board and our accreditation body will be pleased as well. I was also very pleased with the accompanying personnel forms, thanks. I enjoyed and developed the Manager’s Procedures Guide for my Supervisors. Out of this came a supervisor training. I strongly believe that buying the Employee Manual Builder is the best way I ever spent $99.00 in my lifetime to date.
– John Applebee, CEO, Esper Treatment Center, Erie, PA

“My overall evaluation is that EmployeeManualBuilder is a remarkable value. Its use should save thousands of dollars in the development of an employee manual, even if an organization chooses to extensively revise the materials included in the package. Although it is easy to nitpick over 150 policies and find a few points of disagreement, the overall package is most impressive. Any organization regardless of size should be able to find value in this product.”
– Jay C. Thomas, a senior consultant in Portland, Oregon… From a recent
3-page review from Personnel Psychology “Book Reviews”

With EmployeeManualBuilder, I had 30 pages done in two days. I love it. It covers everything from absenteeism to vacation policies. It even had pre-written employment applications.
– Jeremy Smith, President, Pacific Digital Image, San Francisco, CA

Looks great! I’ve worked in HR for 4 years and I’ve been collecting policies all along from various sources, but this has enabled me to finally put together all the pieces. I care a lot about empowering people, and I can see that this was written from that point of view. Thanks.”
– A Kavanagh, Director of Human Resources, ComputerWare, Palo Alto, CA

“EmployeeManualBuilder could easily save us a month in valuable time!”
– Rick Kratz, Maricorp, Whitefish, MT

Outstanding manual! More than I expected. Thanks!”
– Mark Schupbach, The Center for Personal Finance, Dallas, TX

I’m very impressed with JIAN’s attention to detail.
– Stephen Miley, Miley Development Corp., Melbourne, FL

Great program, will recommend to our clients.
– Erin Nesbit, Quincy, IL

Appreciate JIAN personal service & professionalism.
– J.K. Corson, Wedowee, AL

Excellent programs!
– Jim Malian, Moraga, CA

A great product! Worth 5 times the cost!
– Kevin Drollinger, Columbus, OH

This is what the doctor ordered.
– Joel Augenstine, Physicians Laboratories, El Paso, TX

Excellent turnkey solution that saves time and money!!!
– Mike Sokoi, Sokoi Rudquist and Timmons, St. Louis Park, MN

Great Deal – Saved hours of work and looks great!
– Colin Byers, Consultant, Honolulu, HI

EmployeeManualBuilder has taken the dread out of starting a project that has been on my list of things to do far too long! I’m actually looking forward to it!
– David Lloyd, Fitness International, Malaysia

I will recommend the Employee Manual Maker to many of my small business
– Elwin Boody, SBDC, Canon City, CO

Excellent product, real time and money saver.
– Hunter Johnson, Marietta, GA

Very good material.
– V.R. O’Brien, Dallas, TX

Great product!
– J. Bonnell, Mobile, AL

This program is so easy to use! This makes my work easy!!
– Anne Hammonds, The Adrenalin Corporation, Charlotte, NC

A real time saver compared to originating the entire process.
– Bob Lange, Medford, WI

Manual very user friendly. I’m very satisfied with quick delivery of
– Liz Corthell, Colchester, CT

I wrote an 80-page employee company policy manual in less than a week.
– M.S. Critz, Catskill Communications, Inc., Charlotte, NC

Although designed for a business, EmployeeManualBuilder adopted easily to church management.
– Vincent Brassard, Abbott Loop Community Church, Anchorage, AK

Great start-up documentation for any size business! Highly recommended.
– Dan Corrigan, Cactus Creative Group, Alexandria, VA

By formalizing my employee manual before I hire, I’ll be able to expand smoothly & swiftly.
– Tristan MacAvery, Starwolf Press, Dayton, TX

The best Employee Manual on the market. It’s fast, easy & accurate!
– Glenn Stock, Electronic Communications Systems, Vienna, VA

The manual alone is worth the package price!
– Av Shiloh, Automated Production Systems, Inc., Huntington Valley, PA

Excellent! Great software.
– Don Gaskill, Orkot Engineering Plastics, Eugene, OR

Program is good.
– April Peterson, Village Park Apts., Dearborn, MI

We paid $5,000 for a lot less information. Our manual was not complete until now.
– Donald Thomasser, Intertech Incorporated, Corvallis, OR

For small business use, you are the best on the market.
– Roy Scellato, Nor-Cal Trans., Inc., Hayward, CA

Makes building an employee company manual very easy.
– Rodney Stebbins, Weak Industries, Inc., Tampa, FL

– Thomas Wall, Okmulgee, OK

Very Professional and was of great help and value.
– Pamela Young, Ultimate in Pool Care, Deer Park, NY

A must for small businesses without the time and resources. Less expensive than my association’s service.
– Roger Sibo, a.b.r. Body Shop, Crown Point, IN

This is fantastic for a new business start-up! Everything is there to customize your manual in less than one day.
– Bob Still, Speedy Sign-A-Rama, USA, Lenexa, KS

I really like this product, gives me less complications in administrating my company.
– Tomas Romero, Allan-Macomb, Highland Park, NJ

The pain reliever of manual making headaches.
– Paul Foley, Ark Angel Airmed Services, Pace, FL

This is making it so much easier to write a new employee manual.
– Shirley Green, Pediatric Associates of Beaver, Beaver, PA

A great line of products – I’m sure we’ll be back for more!
– David Whelan, The Shaw Group, San Francisco, CA

Very helpful!
– Carmen Asay, TLC Home Healthcare, Muskogee, OK

Extremely well written, precise & to the point.
– James Dodson, Independence Place, Herrin, IL

I’ve been looking for a product such as this for a long time!! Thanks.
– Daniel Jones, Jones Sheet Metal, Franklin, GA

This is a fine product and I would highly recommend it!
– Steve Pound, Cadena radio Centro, Hollywood, CA

The EmployeeManualBuilder is great! Can’t wait to get a hold of BizPlanBuilder.
– R.J. Alonzo, Premier Auto Body, Gilroy, CA

Best $100 I’ve spent in 5 years . . . Better than my Dad’s .25 cent hand trucks. Could save me a couple of months time.
– Brad VanAllen, Northwest Paper Box Mfgs, Portland, OR

Great tool for helping us not re-invent the wheel + helps avoid mistakes.
– Robert Ticknor, SRVS Innovation & Integration, Northboro, MA

Your use of examples with each template makes 1st cut a `no brainer‘.
– Jake Karrfalt, Alternative System Concepts, Pelham, NH

Great employee manual. Saved me at least 5 days.
– William Dettman, Pro Sound & Stage Lighting, Garden Grove, CA

We ordered EmployeeManualBuilder and when we opened the box, inside was
a personalized letter with instructions. The day after we received Employee Manual Builder,
a person from JIAN called to make sure that we didn’t (have) any problems.
The program was so easy to use that there wasn’t. However, I call that customer service.
– Tom Walma, Harrison Electric, Michigan City, IN

The owners were very impressed with final product of the employee manual.
– Joel Augenstine, Physicians Laboratories, El Paso, TX

Keep up the good work! It’s wonderful to have sound info so easy and accessible.
– T. Brown-Freeborg, Watson Label Products, St. Louis, MO

It’s great to know that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel in order to make an employee manual. Thank you.
– Dianne Hoskins, Hoskins Ranch & Nursery, Healdsburg, CA

Really liked Personnel Policies – it saved us hours of tedious work.
– Dave Cochrane, Family Forum Inc., Superior, WI

Great products for the pro as well as the individual business owner.
– Richard Fox, Heartland, Overland Park, KS

Program is a lifesaver.
– Mark Arnspiger, InterMed Health Care Serv., Dallas, TX

JIAN has given me back the time to run my business by the utilization of the software!
– Scott Brown, Summit North Marina, Bear, DE

We are a school for severely handicapped children. Your software is a great time saver. Thanks!
– Stan Klop Pathways for Challenged Children

I wear four different hats in a private non-profit. This program helped immensely.
– Dee Donaldson Child Advocacy Council of San Mateo CA

EmployeeManualBuilder has moved us in the right direction towards complete organization.
– Brian Windsor Control Devices Inc Flint MI

Wonderful saved me weeks of research and typing expense.
– Dick Johnson Dynamic Technical Resources Inc. Longwood Fl 32779

Employee Manual Builder made the massive job of creating a manual an easy one!
– Bob Gray Twilight Book & Game Syracuse NY

Your software has successfully covered all of the points of my interests.
– Frank Clark Mid Atlantic Systems Severn MD

With four hundred employees, Employee Manual Builder “covers it all!”
– Edward Kline Mission Foods Fresno CA

We purchased your Employee Manual Bulder and found it to be very comprehensive and a real time saver.
Excellent!! (Your technical support was terrific.)
– Kaye Sweetin, Executive Vice-President Preventcare 2000, Inc. Dallas, TX