These are my go-to people:


Susan Mayginnes recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan software template appSusan Mayginnes, M.A., Management Consultant, Co-Developer of Marriage 2.0

I’ve known Susan for 30 years. Given her experience and skills working with people on their relationships, she’s the perfect ‘go-to’ person to develop Marriage Susan is an experienced leadership development consultant, designing and conducting trainings for over 20 years. Formerly the co-founder and Director of Training for 17 years with an innovative California-based training company, she now works with leaders and companies to develop the thinking, creativity, and communication skills necessary to achieve greater organizational responsiveness and innovation. With a priority on collaboration, she helps clients to create a team-oriented culture of mutual respect and trust. She has helped companies to foster an environment that motivates productivity and inspires creativity. She teaches leaders to have the conversations that forward action and create novelty by presenting real working models and practices which enrich human relationships and create uncharacteristic levels of support and communication within the workplace… See her here…



Jame Burk Securities Law attorney recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan software template appJim Burk, Burk & Reedy – Business & Securities Law
Jim has been my attorney for many. For anything business-finance related he is brilliant with all of the legal details as well as engineering the deal itself. Jim has been in the private practice of law for over 30 years. He assists emerging companies in their initial stages of organization and then growing with the companies through the public offering stage. He has been a senior partner in law firms located in New York and Washington; and he has offered legal advice and counsel as a sole practitioner. Jim assists domestic and international clients with business matters including corporate issues, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, venture capital financings, tax, asset protection, securities, and franchise law. He has also assisted companies in securing seed and mezzanine funding for emerging companies. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin Law School and is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia and Texas (inactive). See him here >>



Ray Palmarini CPA recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan software template appRay Palmarini, CPA, – If you need some help entering your financial information, reviewing your numbers or tweaking the spreadsheet to more exactly fit your requirements, let Raymond Palmarini, CPA, help you. Ray has more than 30 years experience in small business accounting, financial management, and planning as a CPA and Chief Financial Officer. He also is a key contributor to the BizPlanBuilder financial models. He knows them forward and backward, so your time will be invested only for the help you want and need. Ray bills JIAN customers at a reduced rate of $150 per hour for financial spreadsheet consulting (for up to 4 hours, then his rate is $225/hr). Please email Ray or call him directly at 415-331-3091 with your questions or requirements, and he will respond directly to discuss a consulting arrangement with you.


Glenna Hecht recommends Empployee Manual Builder policy handbook software templateGlenna Hecht – HR Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Founder of Humanistic Consulting & Author of “I HATE HR… but I gotta do it anyway!
Her career spans 25 years as a business partner where she has built and led human resource and talent management functions in high growth, global organizations in the Hospitality, Retail, Services, Technology and Advertising industries working with world renowned brands such as: Starbucks, Accenture, Brinker International, eatZi’s, imc2 and Walt Disney World. Humanistic Consulting, LLC believes great strategy is measured through execution and results. Some of our results include:- Created policies and procedures, employee retention programs and recruiting and training solutions that reduced turnover 23% and saved $1 million per year in expense for a global retail company.
Defined HR processes, compensation structures, incentive plans, benefits, and organization design for a start up technology company.
Developed an industry leading KPI – balanced scorecard methodology, 160 distinct performance evaluations, and a coaching and succession planning process that increased performance compliance by 47% for a global advertising agency.
Partnered with franchise owners and developed employee relations processes and training programs that saved $533,000 in costs for a global restaurant company.
Designed sales methodology and authored presentation that resulted in $750,000 sale of customer survey products to a 4,200-unit retail chain.


John Wade gung0ho software manufacturing fulfillment expert recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templateJohn Wade, Gung Ho – Product Manufacturing & Fulfillment
In an age of disclaimers, anyone who offers responsibility for successfully completing a job or delivery of a product is golden. John Wade at Gung-Ho never makes any excuses. When we order 20,000 copies of BizPlanBuilder, they go wherever they’re supposed to go, come hell or high water, and the price remains as quoted. His expertise in manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment I recommend to everyone and anyone who asks. John is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating businesses that provide turnkey software manufacturing, printing, packaging, discs and media products, digital content delivery (ESD), physical product fulfillment, and e-commerce solutions. He co-founded Bindco in 1982, grew annual revenue to $78 million, and sold Bindco equity in 1998. Founded Gung-Ho in 1999, achieved first-year revenue over $8 million, and currently implementing new client programs, expanding global operations, and developing product-specific Web microsites such as See him here…


Bill Lamond recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templateBill Lamond, Coach & Author of Born to Lead
Bill Lamond is a futurist, a founding member of the personal coaching profession in the U.S., and a master personal coach. As a former psychotherapist in private practice, Bill recognized that the problem most people had was that they were living lives that were too small to express their all their gifts and talents and allow their real natural genius to be illuminated. More importantly, Bill realized that many of the processes we use to develop our potential are 30, 40, even a hundred years old. His discovery was not only a new way to think, but a brand new process for producing results in harmony with the way Nature itself develops us as children, that are faster, easier, and more pleasurable than anything we have used to date. Bill is the creator of Fulfillment-based Thinking, a revolutionary approach to living, which he calls Human Potential 2.0, an evolution in the way results are produced based on genius, pleasure, and co-operation – a radical departure from possibility-based thinking, which relies on commitment and often sheer will power to get things done. His sought-after courses, The Practice of Personal Magnificence: All the Way Out of the Box, The Pleasure of Business, The Feminine Principle in Leadership, and The Group Coaching/Next Chapter Project and his seminars and workshops are remarkable because they offer an access to the way people who are thriving think and operate. See him here >>


Robert Johnson - Business Growth Masters recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templateRobert Johnson, Business Growth Masters – Marketing Consultant
Robert spent more than 25 successful years in sales, marketing and general management positions with Fortune 500 Corporations and small companies. He has directed worldwide marketing and sales organizations, consulted to large and small businesses and operated his own small company. Known as an innovator, Robert developed iMAP (Integrated Marketing Action Plan), the Buffalo sales communication program, the technology adoption model and is a pioneer in bringing total quality to sales and marketing functions. Robert’s present focus is helping entrepreneurs move rapidly from idea through startup to launch of their business by applying his marketing expertise to the acquisition of first customers and initial capital. See him here >>


Ed Pera, Consultant
Reality check on all financing deals!
Former CFO of Levi-Strauss & Co. Currently CEO of Armanino Foods.

Jim Castiglia - The Business Street Fighter - recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan template Jim Castiglia, The Business Street Fighter, Laguna Niguel, CA
Jim Castiglia has spent 34 years in the training industry as a Senior Trainer and coach. For the last two years, he’s been a top trainer/coach for an international business development company training executives at Fortune 500 companies in presentation skills, business writing skills, and sales curriculums. Jim specializes in cash flow, revenue, and profit growth for small businesses with sales revenues under $300 million per year. Jim is a member of the International Society of Performance Improvement. In 1977, he joined a group of dedicated entrepreneurs and built a $25 million California statewide training company, eventually employing more than 110 people and 560 volunteers. He led over 3,000 trainings with 128,000 attendees over 13 years, and also served in a management capacity, turning around under-performing centers and supervising the centers’ staff. See him here >>


Peter Howley management recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templatePeter Howley, Howley Management Group, Petaluma, CA
Peter Howley is a serial entrepreneur with unprecedented experience in building high-growth disruptive service companies in the telecom sector. As Chairman of The Howley Management Group he works closely with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Boards to turn great ideas into great businesses. Peter has the distinction of leading his first venture-backed company through IPO and acquisition into the pages of American business history as CEO of Centex Telemanagement. It was recognized as one of the fastest-growing, best managed, most profitable companies in America. It retains a cult status in the service industry. Peter joined the founders of Exodus Communications, a Global Web Hosting Company, at its inception. He continued to advise and serve on the post-IPO Board until June 2000. Exodus still holds a NASDAQ record for 13 consecutive quarters of greater than 40% revenue growth. As the CEO/co-founder of IPWireless, Inc., Peter raised more than $120 million in venture capital. His leadership was instrumental in the company’s acquisition by Nextwave last year. See him here >>


Brian Kunzler patent trademark attorney recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templateBrian Kunzler, Kunzler & McKenzie – Patent & Trademark Attorneys
Brian has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a minor in computer science from Utah State University. He received his law degree with honors from Brigham Young University. Brian has practiced law since 1994, gaining experience in two of Utah’s most established intellectual property law firms. Brian has extensive expertise acquiring and enforcing patents in the fields of electrical devices and electronics, computers and computer software, medical arts, hydrocarbon engines, and mechanical devices. Brian has prepared patent applications for numerous Fortune 500 companies, emerging software and Internet companies, as well as individuals and start-up ventures. He also has extensive experience in and regularly counsels clients in the areas of trademarks, copyrights, computer law, licensing, trade secrets, and intellectual property litigation and litigation avoidance. See him here >>


Michael Murdock recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan template softwareMichael Murdock,
Mike’s purpose is to help you connect with the resources and tools you need to do business on the Internet. I’ve been in technology for 30+ years in varying capacities from sales to tech support to training to management. With regards to the Internet, Mike built his first web page back in 1991 when a little known application called WWW came out on the NeXT® computer system. While working at PIXAR Animation Studios, Mike launched his consulting business which would later become, and began serving the needs of clients in the areas of Merchant Accounts, Shopping Carts, Starter Websites, Domain Name Sales, Search Engine Optimization, Website Optimization, Social Media presence creation, and blogs. See him here >>


Gerry Benjamin, Senior Managing Partner, International Capital Resources
Gerry is recognized by entrepreneurs, investors and financial intermediaries, and advisors as one of the nation’s leading authorities on the business angel and early-stage capital markets. He published the first successful Angel Investor magazine in 1992, and spearheaded the venture conference movement in CA, founding the Northern California Venture Forum in 1989. Gerry has published 8 books on Angel Capital: Finding Your Wings: How to Locate Private Investors to Fund Your Venture, Angel Financing: How to Find and Invest in Private Equity, The Angel Investor’s Handbook: How to Profit from Early Stage Investing, Raising Finance, and Angel Capital… Gerry has been an advisor in numerous successful private equity transactions with such companies as; Insomnia’s Coffee and Teas, Digimarc Technology (software), Sundance Corp. (services), American Ergonomics (manufacturing), Freeport Telecom (telecommunications), Cortexion (software as a service, Computility (computing services), Inovium (technology-enabled services), Burstein Laboratories and Cagan Capital (medical instrumentation and biotechnology), among others. See him here >>


Michael Morales, –
He’s helped people with his unique perspective an skills in real estate financing. See him here…

Robert Dudek recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templateRobert W. Dudek, Chief Lending Officer – Statewide Home Loan Corporation
Robert is a long-term user and “a raving fan” of JIAN software. He is the Founder and Chief Lending Officer of Statewide Home Loan Corporation, a San Diego-based real estate financial services and mortgage brokerage firm. Statewide Home Loan provides financing for residential and commercial properties located in California and Hawaii. Robert has over 23 years of real estate and mortgage financing experience and has worked as both mortgage banker and a broker. In addition, Robert is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and the President of The Blu Summit Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Realty. Robert is the Founder and Chairman of The Rainbow of Hope Freedom Foundation, a project of United Charitable Programs and a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. The foundation focuses on championing universal human rights, including assisting victims of modern-day slavery. The Rainbow of Hope uses cutting edge fundraising systems involving leveraging donations, transparency, and results-oriented philanthropy. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix School of Business in Business / Management. He is currently working towards his master’s degree in Executive Leadership at the University of San Diego School of Business Administration. Robert is a native of Poland, immigrated to the United States in 1987, before then he had lived for a couple of years in Germany. He has studied seven languages and speaks a few fairly well. Robert’s interests include travel, philosophy, learning, reading, writing, gourmet food and beverages, baseball, fine arts, and an eclectic choice of music (from Maria Callas to Lady Gaga). See him here>>


David Vickers recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan templateDavid Vickers, CEO, The Tigereye Design Company Ltd, UK, London – Prague – Hong Kong
David Vickers is the CEO & Business Development Director of Microtec Industries Ltd – a group of technology companies whose focus is rapid material processing, where David has established a global network of academics and industrial partners. David is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 40-years experience of product design and marketing across all three continents USA, Europe and Asia. Having qualified from Leicester University, UK with a degree in graphic and technical design, he also co-owns The Tigereye Design Company Ltd, UK which consists of a team of globally placed designers and engineers creating concepts which help companies compete. David studied international law for 4-years.



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