Every dollar you lose to theft steals profit directly from your bottom line!


Now you can do something about it with these shrewd management insights for you—procedures and memos for customers and employees

  • Prevent business abuses & losses
  • Run a more efficient business
  • Be a smarter manager
  • Hold on To profits!
  • Survive In an ever-changing economy


How tight is your ship?

As companies grow and managers recognize that they can no longer get their arms around their businesses, they need procedures and systems in place to secure their assets. Many managers know they are running a loose ship, but don’t know exactly what to do about it. The JIAN Business Security Builder module helps you understand how to run a tight ship, identify what you need to do, AND puts the policies in place!


There are two types of managers:
those who’ve experienced these problems
and those who will.


How much does theft cost?

Your business, like any other, is vulnerable to workplace abuse, internal pilferage and the more sophisticated schemes of white collar crime. These can undermine your company’s momentum in the marketplace, and its operational efficiency. With JIAN Business Security Builder module, these risks can be controlled and prevented.

Most companies consider security and loss prevention only as a knee-jerk reaction to a specific problem. The JIAN Business Security Builder module helps you take action — wage a campaign to fight business losses, and prevent them from happening in the future. You’ll be aware, prepared, and have specific policies and procedures in place.

JIAN Business Security Builder module won’t steer you into expensive surveillance or apprehension systems. You simply use its systematic approach to prevention and early detection. Your investment: some time and commitment.

Customize the recommendations in JIAN Business Security Builder module to work within your company philosophy, available resources and implementation capability. Start with the “Vital Signs Annual Check-Up — How Secure Are You?” checklist and quickly analyze existing or potential security problems. This checklist provides the initial overview of your current situation. From the overview, you can determine what needs to be done, and items with the highest priority.

“JIAN’s security and loss prevention manual is the ultimate back-to-basics reference guide for non-security oriented management. This primer helps the business owner establish a systematic approach to accountability for all company assets, while identifying the causes of workplace abuse — which can be a prolific drain on an organization’s productivity.”
— Mark A. Dayman, CPA, shareholder, Urback, Kahn & Werlin, PC

Solves your problem

A word of caution — JIAN Business Security Builder module contains a variety of fraud scenarios and typical examples of workplace abuse; in the hands and minds of people with criminal intent, it could compromise your objectives for a positive prevention program. However, awareness of the various types of potential frauds detailed in JIAN Business Security Builder module will point out irregularities that could appear at any time within your organization.

“…highly recommended for any company that can’t afford to employ a full-time security professional.”
— John K. Law, CPP; SVP Colonial Security Services

Adding the JIAN Business Security Builder module to your subscription will improve your bottom line, and not have to tolerate dishonesty or workplace abuses.

Expand your subscription with these policies & procedures

  • Risk Analysis & Security Surveys
  • Assigning the Security & Loss
  • Prevention Responsibility as a Management Function
  • Awareness Programs
  • Internal Theft & Fraud
  • Internal Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Electronic Data
  • Processing Security
  • Safeguarding Proprietary Data
  • Vendor Kickbacks
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Developing Internal Intelligence
  • Shipping, Receiving & Cargo Security
  • External Threats

small business security processes and procedures

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It’s important to me that your company makes it… Sure, I want a few hundred bucks, but more importantly, I want to see more companies run with these policies because we all hate the other ones. Somehow, together we’ll make the world a better place!
~ Burke Franklin, JIAN