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MarketingBuilder marketing plan toolbox/dashboard includes these handy spreadsheet tools useful for every-day marketing tasks.

Use them to plan, project, prioritize, and track every aspect of any size marketing campaign.


Shorter meetings, Better decisions

They’re great for understanding deals, prioritizing strategies, and making good decisions.

Easily edit / customize them using Excel, Open Office, or Numbers. And they look great in your presentations.

Among them, you’ll find the methods and formulas, the words and advice to help you target your customers, analyze your competition, determine the future value of customers, prioritize and budget product launches, even evaluate new hires!

And maybe a few new ideas you can use.


“Powerful, simple and very effective.”
~ Norbert Lamenca, Territory Manager — Latin America, Tech Data Corp, Coral Gables, FL

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Done-for-You Worksheets — Just fill-in your numbers

These handy tools are useful for doing the math on some pretty complicated marketing analysis. Use these spreadsheets to plan, prioritize, and track every aspect of any size marketing campaign.

Among them, you’ll find the methods and formulas, the words and advice to help you target your customers, analyze your competition, determine the future value of a customer, name and launch new products or services, and select an advertising agency.

We’ve recently overhauled every single one of them.
Maybe you’ll even get some good ideas!

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  1. Affiliate / Association Marketing Analysis Worksheet
    Associations represent thousands of potential customers — Calculate a deal that works for everyone.
    Click here to see it…
  2. Agency / Contractor Selection Matrix
    Set up your hiring criteria, priorities, expectations, then grade each candidate.
    Click here to see it…
  3. Alliance Priority Worksheet
    Sometimes you can drown in opportunities… who will bring in the most money?
    Click here to see it…
  4. Break-Even Analysis
    Do the math on your product/service.
    Click here to see it…
  5. Bundle / Package Deal Pricing Worksheet
    Which combinations of products make the best offers and the most profit?
    Click here to see it…
  6. Collateral Material Optimization Worksheet
    Many promotional pieces can do double/triple duty — map this out first and you’ll save money…
    Click here to see it…
  7. Competitor Analysis
    How do you compare on many points with others who dare to take away your customers?
    Click here to see it…
  8. “Customers Desired” Worksheet
    How many of a certain kind of customer do you need—upon whom should you put your emphasis?
    Click here to see it…
  9. Customer Lifetime Value
    How much is each customer worth to you — How much are they worth to acquire?
    Click here to see it…
  10. Department Operating Budget
    There’s a marketing budget and there’s your internal budget for people, equipment, etc. So, how much money do you need to run your marketing operations?
    Click here to see it…
  11. Direct Mail Analysis
    Analyze the many moving parts of a direct promotion campaign and estimate your results.
    Click here to see it…
  12. Email Analysis
    Similar to the Direct Mail Analysis, but for email campaigns.
    Click here to see it…
  13. Event Projection
    Estimate revenue and costs for producing an event.
    Click here to see it…
  14. Event / Tradeshow Budget
    Plan and estimate the costs of having a booth at a conference, event or tradeshow
    Click here to see it…
  15. International Marketing Priority Worksheet
    Sell your stuff worldwide, but where to start? Use this worksheet to prioritize…
    Click here to see it…
  16. Market Potential
    Is it worth it to pursue a given market or market segment? Now you’ll know…
    Click here to see it..
  17. Marketing Budget
    Ahh! The inevitable question… Use this worksheet to produce a tight budget…
    Click here to see it..
  18. Marketing VP / Employee Hiring Matrix
    List and prioritize your criteria for hiring a new person, score each candidate on every category—page adds them up…
    Click here to see it…
  19. Media Selection Matrix
    Everyone wants to sell you an ad… Make your list here, compare and prioritize…
    Click here to see it…
  20. Price-List Development Workbook
    From one master page, set prices for all customer segments—print subsequent price list for each segment…
    Click here to see it…
  21. Pricing Calculator
    Reverse engineer your pricing structure, starting with your anticipated “Street Price” (=> Distributor cost, retailer cost, etc.)
    Click here to see it…
  22. Product Launch Budget & Schedule
    Looks a bit like a Gantt chart, listing everything that needs doing, under the month it will happen + budget…
    Click here to see it…
  23. Product / Service Development Priority
    Which proposed products & services make the most profit? Enter your assumptions, sort by profit!
    Click here to see it…
  24. Project Status Report
    Keep track of marketing projects – make sure that none fall thru the cracks
    Click here to see it…
  25. Referral Payout Model
    How much to pay affiliates for referrals, and for how long? Paying a straight xx% in perpetuity or xx% for the xx months / year then xx% thereafter?
    Click here to see it…
  26. Retail Merchandising Budget
    Now that you’ve shipped to the stores, what will it take to assure best placement, POP display installation, etc.?
    Click here to see it…
  27. Retail Volume Purchase Incentive Worksheet
    Get those purchasing managers to cough up bigger orders with a package deal (first make sure you make a profit!)
    Click here to see it…
  28. Sales Forecast Worksheet
    Sales managers want them; salespeople hate doing them—we’ve struck a balance both can use!
    Click here to see it…
  29. Sales Incentive / Awards Program Worksheet
    Have some fun with your sales force by offering merchandise for producing certain levels of sales…
    Click here to see it…
  30. Sales Priority Worksheet
    Which customers / segments will bring the most profit the fastest?
    Click here to see it…
  31. Sales Representative Report
    What are these people doing all day? Have them document their activities so they (and you) can see what needs work…
    Click here to see it…
  32. Sales Source Analysis
    Where do your sales come from? Track your revenue by sales source key codes.
    Click here to see it…
  33. Sales Source Keys Worksheet
    Each source should have a key code… “Discount Code” “Priority Code” Plan them here.
    Click here to see it…
  34. Social Media Ad Estimator
    When you run ads in various social media and other websites, etc. on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, estimate clicks, costs, conversions, profits…
    Click here to see it…
  35. Tradeshow Booth Duty Schedule
    Who needs to be where? When? This simple tools helps during the pandemonium.
    Click here to see it…
  36. Web Banner Analysis
    Tempted to invest in a banner? Use this calculator to analyze the assumptions & expectations first.
    Click here to see it…
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