Business Reading We Highly Recommend

Here are some ‘non-mainstream’ books written by seasoned business operators offering extra-ordinary insights that you can, and would be wise to use in your business.

Business Black Belt

How a Mindful Entrepreneur Builds a Conscious Business

~ By Business Power Tools founder, Burke Franklin.
Business Black Belt details the business, management, and marketing principles of Burke Franklin, creator of JIAN (Now Business Power Tools). This book is packed with keep-it-simple insights, some contrarian points of view, and unconventional approaches to business. This is not a technical book or a management tutorial, it’s a collection of proven ideas that you can act upon immediately. Anyone building a business — including entrepreneurs, managers, programmers, executives, or marketers — will find value and inspiration in this book.

“I’m always hesitant about reading business books written by so called consultants. Anyone can give himself the title of consultant. All they have to do is read a couple of books on the latest business trends and start using the jargon picked up from the reading. What I love about Business Black Belt is that Burke Franklin has been down the road, up and down, several times. His is a narration from the trenches of battle, not from the comfort of a battle cruiser a few miles out at sea. He tells it to you with all the gory details that business life entails. Most of the books that are out there right now are written by infopreneurs that are trying capitalizing on our thirst for answers. Alas, most of these writers’ knowledge of business consists of cashing the checks they receive from their publishers. The wisdom contained in this book is more valuable than what you’ll learn from reading all the current business bestsellers. Buy this book. You can thank me when you’re done.”
– Adolfo Bernal Jr. (Austin, TX)

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3 highly recommend books by the creator and CEO of the World’s #1 Business Incubator

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Books for Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Thinkers

The E-Myth CFO

The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“Some entrepreneurs and managers are “freaked-out about finance,” but this book leaps you past accounting to becoming your own financial architect.” ~ Burke Franklin

That’s what I said when I read this new book from Michael E. Gerber and Fred Parrish.

Personally, I’m more right-brain than left-brain, that’s why I wanted the financial models we make, but finally, here’s a good explanation for all of it.

What’s The E-Myth? It’s the legendary and now iconic book series launched way back in 1986, written by Michael E. Gerber, explaining why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it.

If you read it, you’ll remember to, “Work ON your business, not IN it.”

The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer (CFO) explains why the financial life of a small business is most often chaotic, frantic and confused with the financial life of a small business owner.

  • Learn what most CPAs and accountants can’t tell you and how it’s hurting your company.
  • Learn why every business owner is at risk of a fatal decision at any time and how to avoid the disasters that follow.
  • Learn why predictive management is far superior to reactive management and how to execute it.

The key is this: Every decision is a financial decision.
And to survive, every entrepreneur and business owners needs to understand that and learn accordingly.

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The Ultimate Sales Revolution

by Steve Lishanski.

The Ultimate Sales Revolution brings solutions to the challenges in sales today. It gives you a map of the process to achieve the highest level of professional relationship, what Steve Lishansky calls becoming an “Indispensable Partner” in your client’s success.

It teaches you how to build high value, effective, and sustainable relationships with everyone you aim to influence.

It reveals the essential universal human dynamics at the heart of every successful client relationship.

It gives you the what, why and how to create more impact, value and results with everyone you work with.

This is a dramatic upgrade to the sales trainings we got in the 80’s and 90’s! Thank God, it’s about time… and it makes all the sense in the world. If you sell anything, read this book!
~ Burke Franklin

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business funding revenue royalties

Funding Your Company Using Revenue Royalties

by Arthur Lipper

Why and How Revenue Royalties Will Become the Standard Financing Approach for Both Investors and Company Owners

Royalties are a sharing of an agreed percentage of defined revenues during an agreed period. This method is the fairest and most logical way for the user of an asset owned by another to produce mutual benefit.

The attraction of royalties to business owners is the availability of capital on a non-equity dilutive basis. The royalty investor is not an owner of the business and therefore does not have the rights, benefits, or liabilities of ownership of business valuation volatility. The royalty investor simply has the ownership of a percentage of the issuer’s defined revenues.

The royalty investor is solely interested in revenues and the expectation of increasing revenues, not the details of running the business. Likewise, the business owner does not have the possibly disturbing investor inquiry regarding issues of compensation and business management. Royalty investors do not have a vote or ability to influence management of royalty-issuing companies.

The book, with more than 160 “chapters” is a fast read if one is selective as to the chapters reviewed. The chapters are only a couple of pages each.

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The Ho Chi Minh Guerilla Warfare Handbook

by David Yurth.

How did the leader of tiny North Vietnam get the mighty USA out of his country? Likewise, how does an underfunded innovator compete in an industry that makes more money treating the problem than it would by simply solving it?

Cancer, pollution, garbage, water, food…

You may just find that you and your ideas just aren’t welcome here! In the BizPlanBuilder business plan software template, we include a section that delves into, “If you win, who loses?” to make sure that you identify and consider some potential hidden enemies to your success, in addition to direct competitors. If you’ve really solved a problem, you may be in danger — Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife…

Think of this book as a modern Art of War for technology innovators. I’m here to support solutions succeeding it in our world. If you have such a solution, please read this book!

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Write a business plan, then read this book on financing your small business

Financing Your Small Business

Financing Your Small Business: From SBA Loans and Credit Cards to Common Stock and Partnership Interests

Secure your business’s future using the right SBA loan, bank loan or equity financing for you. When it comes to your chances of receiving financing and doing it right, Financing Your Small Business provides you with all the answers you need. It helps you find ways to combine various types of financing and shows you how to get the money you need. Learn:

  • How to get a bank loan
  • How to make a better presentation How to get attention with your business plan
  • How to choose professionals
  • How to value your business
  • How to determine your investors’ status
  • How to avoid securities law problems
  • How to find investors

From SBA loans to venture capital sources, Financing Your Small Business shows you all the ways to get the money you need.
Raising Money Just Got Easier.

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Entrepreneurial Decision Making

by R. J. Mitchellette

This book is one of the most current and comprehensive publications on the market today, as it speaks to the initial question of whether the reader has the “right stuff” to become an entrepreneur and if so, then building a “body of knowledge” to successfully launch the entrepreneurial venture. The book is divided into two sections with the first section covering case studies and a personality inventory examination and the second section instructs the reader on such important issues as venture selection, legal and organizational structure and planning, marketing, capital formation, securities compliance and initial public offerings, exit strategies and business plan preparation and presentation.

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startup entrepreneur decision

This book really explains great hiring practices

Hiring Secrets of the NFL

Hiring Secrets of the NFL defines the secrets of success for talent selection in the NFL and their application to corporate hiring. Hiring Secrets of the NFL analyses the successes and failures of an array of high profile individuals, including football players Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, corporate CEO’s Jack Welch and Carly Fiorina, Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City and Larry Summers as president of Harvard University.

The Hiring Secrets Scorecard will assist you in hiring technology-savvy executives and make a touchdown for your organization.

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The Big Book of Small Business

You Don’t Have to Run Your Business By the Seat of Your Pants

A glaring hole in the business bookshelf is finally filled. Until now, there wasn’t a fingertip resource for handling everything that the business day throws at you. Enter Tom Gegax’s The Big Book of Small Business, a soup-to-nuts management guide that stands in stark contrast to the rows of magic-bullet books that promise overnight prosperity. Visionaries like Best Buy founder and chairman Richard Schulze, One Minute Manager author Ken Blanchard and mind-body pioneer Deepak Chopra are lining up behind Gegax. They know that The Big Book of Small Business charts a new course, combining hard-nosed accountability and efficiency (profits first) with an enlightened approach (people first) in one practical package that honors both. After all, it’s leaders who are tough-minded and warm-hearted that wind up leading happy people producing healthy profits. Buy on Amazon



From Farce to Force

“…a practical, thorough, informative guide on how to do business online … it’s the best resource out there to answer those questions and others.” – David Berkowitz, former editor, eMarketer and Director of Marketing, icrossing

” … a great map to this virtual e-commerce world – providing the context, rules, examples, and hints that, in my opinion, can dramatically up your odds of success…well worth the investment even for that reason alone.” James P. Clark, Chairman, The World Technology Network

“E-commerce holds much promise for the developing world … Sarah McCue is right on target with her efforts to strengthen this critical field.” – Amir Dossal, Executive Director, United Nations Fund for International Partnerships

“Dr. McCue does an excellent job in providing an overall roadmap to e-commerce and making sense of the Internet as a business and marketing medium. She raises the appropriate questions…and also offers valuable insights and checklists for developing a successful e-commerce strategy and creating effective Web sites.” James Van Wert, DPA, Senior Advisor for Policy Planning and E-Government, US Small Business Administration.

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Psyched on Service

“Why embarrass yourself or the organization by telling your people exactly what to say and do? They aren’t morons. They know what to say, how to say it,  and generally how to provide great service. The big disconnect is in their being enrolled into reasons why… reasons that are meaningful to their own personal self interest. Now THAT’S motivation.”

David Corbin will reveal how he has assisted companies, from Fortune 100 mega companies, to small and medium sized companies, to enroll their employees into the essential behaviors associated with awesome customer / client / patient relations.

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Mastering Customer Value Management

Reviewer: Paul R. Timm (Orem, UT United States)

As an MBA professor, author, and customer service consultant, I had the opportunity to review early drafts of Ray’s excellent book. This is a gem. It nails the importance of building customer VALUE. It ties together a rationale for company efforts to serve, satisfy, and create loyalty with the customers who determine the success of the business. The writing is clear and straightforward and the content invaluable for any business person interested in boosting the bottom line (and who isn’t?) Congratulations to Ray and Janice for offering an excellent addition to our field of knowledge. I highly recommend this book.

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