Are You New to Writing Business Plans?

With BizPlanBuilder software, it's now easier than ever before...


OK, take a deep breath... You can actually write a business plan because this software gives you everything you need to make it easy.

I teach a class for SCORE on how to prepare a business plan. You will be pleased to know that most of our counselors recommend Biz Plan Builder to our clients. Thank you!
- Terry Little

Are you here because someone you respect told you that, "you really should write a business plan if you ever want to get your idea off the ground and make some money..."? We appreciate the pain you felt in that moment and, on this page, we will do our best to make it go away.

Starting, building, financing and running a successful business is a complex project. Keeping your business concept in mind, you can use BizPlan Builder to learn what you need to learn and do just what you need to do without getting buried in unnecessary details and technicalities.

Also, because your business is likely unique, our blend of proven concepts into a few good prototype plan structures will be much easier to deal with than cobbling together plans on your own. (We've already done that for you.) You can read some comments here...

Not sure about writing business plans? That's OK! We'll lead you through it.

You may know your business and be very excited about the possibilities; however, you may not know how to write a business plan. This is very common. (And, if you don't know your business very well, but are still excited about your concept, BizPlanBuidler will help you build a business around it.) Writing a plan to map out your entire business to convince an investor or lender to back you is different. That's where we come in.

As someone who had never turned on a computer, I used biz plan builder and raised $5 million in capital to buy a large health club because of your software. I still get compliments on my first biz plan when folks want to see what we did to raise our original capital. I always send them your direction!
- Bob Shoulders, Fayetteville Athletic Club, Fayetteville, AR

BizPlan Builder is an all-inclusive business planning system that provides you with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to create a convincing plan. (And build a business.) Fortunately, it's simple enough and easy to use. We used Microsoft Word templates and Excel workbooks as the basis for your entire business plan.

All you need to do is follow the menus that will guide you through the entire process to publishing a plan you can take to any investor or lender. Here are just a few things you can count on doing:

What if my business is different?

Good question. If you have an idea for a unique business—you are not doing it the way "it's been done before," this is what BizPlan Builder is designed for. If you want an angel investor, venture capitalist or any lender to understand and believe in your unusual approach, and take you seriously, BizPlan Builder is the ideal business planning system to help you win them over. It is the perfect choice to download to help you create a consciously written plan which will contain all of the information you need to present in an easy to read, authentically impressive format expected by investors and lenders today.

Expert comments tell you what to do

What if you could have an expert sitting next to you as you develop your business plan? Throughout every section, you will find expert advice, comments and suggestions explaining what to do and why. It's a little irreverent, but you need to understand it like it is.

The JIAN Handbook of Business Planning included with BizPlan Builder also provides a wealth of experience, ideas and information to help you build your business and manage it more effectively, with or without outside financing.

While you are here, take a look at our on-line Business FAQs to learn more about business planning and investors. With BizPlan Builder and JIAN's support, when you're plan is done, you will be able to handle the toughest audiences and answer every question.

Freaked-out about financials?

Not surpirsingly, it seems that most people are. Especially if you are right-brain dominant, an artist, idea person, a big picture thinker who sometimes gets tripped up by details. And "business." That was Burke's problem way back when, and he developed the original financials so they made sense to him. Being a marketing guy, he also wanted them to act like a 'brochure' — explaining, selling, demonstrating to the financial types what was going on financially in the business and convincing them (himself first) that the business made sense. We use an Excel workbook with colored tabs at the bottom. We broke it into many bite-sized sections that you can easily fill-in with your best guesses. Take a look at these pages excerpted from the manual showing you sample pages as well as the documentation that explains everything.

You can get a rough draft of the financials out fairly easily and quickly. Then you can go back and sharpen your pencil.

Achievable. Believable. Clear. Complete.
Concise. Focused. Professional. Realistic...

And, "the best business plan Ive ever read." These are the responses countless customers have told us theyve heard from bankers, investors, prospective partners and senior managers when they presented their plans they created by using BizPlan Builder.

Try it for 60 Days Risk-Free

Sometimes the best way to see if something fits what you are doing is to just try it. If you download BizPlan Builder now, you can see how well it handles your specific needs and fits the nuances that make your business unique. If it's not right for you, we will pay you back—there's nothing to ship, no taxes, and you can keep the software anyway (your karma can be the judge!).

Business planning may seem like no fun, but you really need one.

BizPlanBuilder makes it easy.

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