Personnel Changes Press Releases

Promotions, new hires, and other changes in personnel are news for local newspapers and trade magazines.

People like to read about people in their neighborhood or their industry. By writing a press release about high level changes, your company may get another opportunity to gain the attention of potential customers, and you may build employee morale in the process.

A periodical may print only a line or two about the personnel change. Despite this possibility, you must still go through the process of writing a one-page press release — the press still needs all the details (if you leave something out, they may think you’re hiding something).

Some industry periodicals don’t print personnel announcements. However, if your company is publicly traded or has a high profile, the editors will appreciate receiving these press releases so they can keep up to date on top-level management changes. Realize that while the press release may not appear in the periodical, you may have made an impression on the editor.

This material could also influence a decision to include information about your company at a later date, or in relation to another topic in a subsequent issue when it’s more pertinent.