The Surprising Effectiveness of Response Cards

This may seem “old school”, but consider enclosing a response card in your press kits.
(Just because it’s unexpected and likely no one else is doing it.)
This tool makes it easy for reporters to ask for review products or more information without even lifting the phone.

A response card is a simple postage-paid postcard with your return address on one side. On the other side is the name of the review product being requested, any specifics regarding format (e.g. computer-related products would specify the computer type, disk size, etc.), and fill-in lines for the reporter’s name, title, publication, phone and FAX numbers, address, and projected review date. Additionally, the card can include check boxes to request other additional information, materials, or an interview.

The response card can serve another time-saving purpose: it can be used as part of an effort to reach reporters by mail.

You probably don’t have time to call the second or third tiers of the press – those reporters you’d call if only you had four hands and 10 more hours in a day. Sending a response card to those reporters gives you the opportunity to get information from them, and deliver product to them with a minimum amount of time and effort.


Sample Response Card

Reporter/Editors: Please check all items that apply.
Please send me
( ) (Product) for editorial review.
( ) more information on (Product)
( ) photos ( ) 8″ x 10″ ( ) 4″ x 5″ ( ) Color ( ) Black and white
( ) case histories
( ) Please call me to arrange a phone interview
( ) Please take me off your mailing list.

City, State Zip:
Anticipated review date: