How to Handle Errors in Reviews


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The review appears – that’s the good news. The bad news is that there’s an inaccuracy. What do you do?

If there is a factual problem, write a polite letter to the editor and provide the correct information. Publications want to correct their mistakes. To help prevent mistakes, double-check facts with reporters, especially prices and phone numbers.

Some magazines, like Home Office Computing, have editors who will call you to check every fact in the article. However, they won’t let you see the article or comment on reporters’ opinions. Few magazines will send a copy of the article to you before it has been printed. That’s because they don’t want the manufacturer to dispute every word.

All publications work under tight deadlines and many don’t spend the time to check every fact in the article with the sources. That is a fact, sad but true. This means errors will appear in print. Be ready to take appropriate steps to correct errors while still maintaining positive relations with reporters.