The Public Relations Goal-Setting Worksheet

For a goal to be worthwhile, it should be explicit, measurable, achievable, important to you and deadline oriented. Consider the following:

Explicit: Is your goal clearly defined? Is it possibly two goals masquerading as one?



How will you know when you’ve reached your goal? Set a clear mark. For instance, 5 requests for interviews; a publishing contract; an invitation to speak at the annual convention.



(More than “Achievable”… can you really do something about it.)

Set goals that you can reach. For instance, don’t set a goal of increasing sales by one million dollars within two weeks. The likelihood is that it won’t happen. Be realistic and obtain feedback from associates, especially regarding time frames and budget requirements.


Important to You

Is this goal really important to you? How will you feel when you achieve this goal? Are you willing to spend the time and effort necessary to make this a reality? If the goal is only important to someone else, or you don’t feel enthusiastic about reaching it, chances are you won’t reach it. Set a goal that means something to you personally, such as increasing sales by X% so that your company’s profit-sharing pool will increase or your manager will reward you with a promotion.


Deadline Oriented

Set a realistic time frame in which to achieve your goal. For instance, you may want to schedule a press tour within two weeks and carry it out within one month.

Producing a goal statement in print can greatly increase the probability that your publicity campaign will be a success.
Keep the characteristics discussed above in mind as you complete the following worksheet.

1. My specific goal is …
2. I can measure results so I know I’ve reached my goal by …
3. I believe this goal is attainable because …
4. The estimated time needed to reach my goal is …
5. The resources (including money and staffing) needed to achieve my goal are …
6. What will reaching the goal mean to my company?
7. For myself (financially, professionally, or personally), reaching this goal will mean …


Template to Use:

Refer to your completed Goal Setting Worksheet frequently to re-energize your spirit and commitment, focus your thoughts and, if necessary, to reevaluate your goals based on current events. If you hire a public relations agency, the completed worksheet can also be used to help communicate your goal to the agency’s staff.