How to Obtain Free Information From the Press Office


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The conference’s press office can provide a wealth of free information. A good sponsor will provide many materials to assist your public relations efforts, including:

• Press list: This is a complete registration list of attending media, complete with office phone numbers. Use this list to quickly determine who should see your product.

• Press conference schedule: This schedule lists all the available times for press conferences. Use this list to determine the best time for your press conference (you don’t want to compete with a major company’s press conference because no one will attend yours).

• Show catalog or program guide: This catalog lists the exhibiting companies, along with a short description of the products each will exhibit.

• Show newspaper: This newspaper prints articles and pictures of products introduced at the show. These newspapers are often distributed to every room early in the morning (in hotels affiliated with the conference), so they can provide excellent exposure.

These materials are free to exhibitors only. If you work with the show office, you’ll get lots of useful information and extra coverage.

If you are not exhibiting, your job will be harder but not impossible. That’s because you will have created your own media lists, determined your positioning statement, and know which press covers your market. Be careful about how you promote yourself at a show if you are not an exhibitor. People not registered as exhibitors and found soliciting at shows have been escorted out. Be sure your behavior is appropriate. Meeting the press is all right.

Engaging in conversation with exhibitors is legitimate. However, you won’t be able to place press kits in the media room or get the other “perks,” services and materials exhibitors receive.