Go Where the Reporters Congregate


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Willy Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. He replied, “That’s where the money is.”

You’ll want to spend time near the Press Room because that’s where the reporters are. One of the most effective trade show publicity strategies is to stand outside the Press Room and talk to reporters as they walk by. As mentioned in Chapter 8, this strategy is of key importance to companies that don’t have booths – it positions you in a central meeting place where reporters congregate. Even if you have a booth, you should spend time outside the Press Room. After all, the press wants to find a good story. Why not make it easy for them to find you and your product’s story?

When you approach reporters near the Press Room (or anywhere else at the show), be careful to follow these rules of etiquette:

• Never interrupt a conversation.

• Never push yourself on reporters.

• Respect the reporter’s time. They have other appointments and deadlines, and may not be able to talk with you at that moment.

• Respect the reporter’s privacy. The Press Room is the “fortress of solitude” where reporters can go to work or to take a break from the commotion of the show.

The greatest number of reporters congregate near the Press Room during breakfast and lunch times. Plan your trade show activities so you can be near the Press Room at these times.