Let’s Jump-Start Your Business-Building Project

I remember the first time I needed to change a spark-plug on a car.
The toolbox was there and, in one of the drawers, there was a spark-plug wrench, but which one was it?!?
And then what?

You business has many moving parts and there are tools to build it.
Some of these projects can seem daunting.
The good news is the tools to get them done are right in front of you.
And I can help you choose and use the right ones.

I’m happy to give you 30-minutes free to see where I can help

First, let’s get you started working on the first things first, including configuring your dashboard, then we can…

  • Answer questions and give feedback on your business plan — Things others aren’t aware of that may cause doubts
  • Strategize about funding and investors
  • Give you feedback on your investor presentation — Things investors may not tell you
  • Review your financial model — a reality check before pitching it is a good idea!
  • Support your financing strategy and help prep you to talk with investors
  • Talk about your marketing and selling strategy
  • Discuss your business — Things you may not want to share with anyone else
  • Talk you off the ledge if you’re having a bad day or a catastrophic business issue!
  • Or any place you feel stuck — like you just can’t get there from here…
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We can cover a lot of ground in a half hour!

Burke Franklin

I can coach you myself and/or I can refer you to one of our many coaches or consultants who are better suited to handle a specific issue or project.

If you want to continue working together, we can make a new deal.
We can also create blocks of time and/or schedule regular weekly or monthly meetings.

  • I prefer Skype (burke.franklin)
  • or Zoom.us, but phone is good too.
  • You can call me directly at 415-860-1070
  • (I’m in Southern California, Pacific Time)
  • Or click here to send me an email