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welcome to business power tools software template dashboard platformrd

Hang-on a second and we’ll show you
how to get started…

Watch these 2 videos on where to start and how…

Click to Watch: “How to Customize for My Company”

  • After you login, Click “My Account” — Top Right of Your Dashboard
  • Enter your company contact info — Automagically populates all of your docs.
  • Insert your logo — Your dashboard will look like it’s yours
  • Add you own slogan (255 characters) — Keep your main message front and center always


Click to Watch: “Accessing the Document Templates”


What these icons tell you:

business best practices icons

In this example, there are

(26) Master templates (you can’t delete them or screw-them-up in any way!)

(0) Customized templates, after you open a master and edit, it will be saved for re-use.

(0) When you fill-in the template, completed documents are saved for easy review.


Click any tile and look for these icons:

These icons help manage your docs.

bizplan business plan software template

business development software platform raise capital template
business development software platform raise capital template

What to work on first?

You may be wondering, “What should do I do first?”

It depends upon your initial priority…


Strategic Planning / Raise Capital

  1. Before you build a business, how much money do you want?
    1. Under the Management tab, Calculators, click “How Much is Enough” and have some fun!
  2. Click the Business Plan tab
  3. Click on BizPlanBuilder tile at the top…
  4. Click the [+] to get started with your business plan
  5. …Click around to see what other supporting tools you have
  6. The Video Tutorials are embedded with their respective sections of the business plan
    • While you can watch them anytime you like, we recommend watching as you work on that section of your plan.
  7. You may also want to watch Burke Franklin speak on “How to Build Your Business Without Funding

Marketing / PR / Sales

  1. Click the Marketing tab…
  2. Click on Marketing Plan at the top…
  3. Click the [+] to start your marketing plan
  4. Click the PR / Media tab…
  5. Click around to see what tools you have
  6. Click the Sales tab…

HR Policies / Procedures

  1. Click the HR tab
  2. Click the Employee Policies Handbook tile at the top
  3. Click the [+] to start your handbook
  4. Video how Business Power Tools dashboard works to write employee policies procedures handbook software template cloud saasHere’s how to use the Employee Handbook system
    • It works the same way for:
      • Safety Plan
      • Business Security
      • Sales Proposal Builder
  5. Click on the Procedures tab…
  6. Open the Safety Plan and give that a read
  7. Click around to see what other tools you have


Think of this page as your company “bulletin board.”

How many companies do you know where the right hand knows what the left hand is doing?

The idea is that we want to provide a place to enable everyone in your company to be on the “same page.”

Except for the Priorities and Updates, every one of these sections is excerpted from our wildly successful BizPlanBuilder business planning software.

OK, go for it…

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About Serial Numbers…

All Business Power Tools software titles include serial numbers.
(Web-based apps are managed from within your subscription dashboard — described above.)
They are Case Sensitive: You must type in All Letters in UPPER CASE.
(Also, 0 = Zero; 1 = One)

Downloading Software…
We recommend creating a new folder, call it “Downloads” (for example), and tell your browser to copy everything downloaded from the Internet into this folder. (See below for specifics on doing this.) This way, you will always have a copy of the original file. Back it up by copying this folder to a CD / DVD disc — this way you can save money by not needing to buy a copy of the software on a CD.

We give you Five (5) downloads to make sure you get the software despite anything going wrong in the process, but usually, you only need one.
You may install a Business Power Tools software program on up to 3 computers for your own use.
Other users will require their own copies with serial numbers.
See also the “End-User License Agreement” shown before installation.


Look for these Useful Icons in Your Business Power Tools Software

06-manualThe User Manual
In addition to explaining how everything works, we also collect great ideas, articles and links you can use to build your business.

business faq iconLibrary of Best Business Practices
We collect great ideas, articles and links you can use to build your business. Visit www.businesspowertools.com from
time to time get answers to questions and to help you make important decisions.

11-Resources-aGot friends who need business tools?
Please tell them about Business Power Tools! We’ll even pay you 20% for whatever they buy from us. Visit our website and sign-on as a Business Power Tools Referral Partner. We provide text, graphics and links that you can add to your website and emails so you can help your friends and associates succeed, and make money while you sleep.

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business plan software financing iconInvestors & Other Resources
Need funding? Drop us a line (email works) and tell us a bit about your project and what kind of financing you’re looking for. Ideally, include your executive Summary you developed using from BizPlanBuilder! We’ll see which one of our investment banker friends can help you.

business plan software video iconRemember to watch the videos!
The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan is a very informative and entertaining video teaching what investors and lenders are looking for in each section of your business plan. You can watch whenever you’re ready right here on your computer.


How to tell your browser where to download your files

Internet Explorer

  1. RIGHT-Click the Business Power Tools Product link.
  2. Click on “Save Target As”
  3. In the top “Save-in:” window, click the down-arrow to set the folder location / destination for your download.
  4. (We recommend creating a special “Downloads” folder in your ‘My Documents’ folder.)


  1. Pull-down under Tools and you will see this screen:
  2. Click the Browse button to set the folder location / destination for your downloads.



  1. Pull-down under Safari to Preferences.
  2. Click the “Save downloaded files to:” button to set the folder location / destination for your downloads.
  3. (We recommend creating a special “Downloads” folder for all of your downloads.)