how to write a business plan to raise capital free

Video – How to Write a Business Plan Executive Summary:
Introducing Your “Investment Opportunity”

VIDEO – What investors and lenders look for in your business plan! In this brief video — What to think about as you edit the “Investment Opportunity” section of your business plan and what investors and lenders (crowdfund, angel, venture capital, SBA) look for as they consider funding your start up or growing company.

The 4 steps to pitching investors

The sequence of engaging investors goes something like this… Burke Franklin, Creator: Business Power Tools Author: Business Black Belt Elevator pitch 2-3 page Executive Summary 20-minute PowerPoint presentation Comprehensive Strategic Business Plan How to prepare… Do it in reverse order: Comprehensive Strategic Business Plan 2-3 page Executive Summary 20-minute PowerPoint presentation Elevator pitch The process…

Investor SCAM Alert!

It’s hard enough to find financing for your business let alone worry about being ripped off along the way by scammers preying on your desperation for funding. Here’s a good one that recently came my way… “We are most interested in business opportunities that require equity investment, debt investment and venture capital for start-up or…