Meet a potential investor, donor, lender?

Here’s the first thing most will say:



Do you have a summary business plan?!?”

“Yes! I do…”

angel investor peter-howleyOne of our investors!

Congratulations, they’re interested!

But the next step could either make or break your deal…

Now that you have an investor’s attention, you’ll need a brief and very compelling summary business presentation they can take away to consider:

  1. Why your product?
  2. Why now?
  3. Why from you?

Your objective at this point is to get a meeting where you can present the bigger picture.

It’s the perfect support to or replacement for the lean business model canvas.

You may not require a full business plan yet.
But investors, donors, or lenders will want to see something in writing that inspires them to meet with you and discuss your deal further.

If your model is close and you’re ready to talk with investors, donors, or lenders, this is the right tool to use now.

Something that makes sense… and they’ll actually read

sample summary business plan template Click to Enlarge & Read

A Pre-Scripted and Pre-Formatted Summary Plan Template

Since investors, donors, and lenders get hundreds / thousands of business pitches, they can’t possibly read that many business plans, but if your initial conversation is intriguing, most are willing to read a couple of pages.

It better be good!

We make it easy to create that clean, tight 2-3 page, Executive Summary to get you going.

You can easily follow along and customize this pre-written and pre-formatted template.

As a BONUS, and to support you even further to raise capital, we added a guided 4-Step Online Course, created from years of experience helping people like you get funded quickly.

Conversations create capital

My first successful VC fundraising meeting was a success precisely because it wasn’t a pitch. I wasn’t trying to present my company in the best light possible. I wasn’t giving some highly rehearsed and excessively manicured presentation. Instead, I was having a real conversation about my company. We discussed what was working well and what wasn’t. I was able to demonstrate expertise by showing what I actually knew about my business rather than reciting prepared content. And, perhaps most importantly, I built a genuine connection with the person who was ultimately going to believe in me enough to invest in both me and my company. ~ Aaron Dinin, PhD Click to read his entire article here.

You’ll need some numbers

Business plan financial model excel

Click to Enlarge

Simple, done-for-you Excel-based worksheet template…

What if you had a handy worksheet to first quickly test the “financial feasibility” of your concept?
We include this Excel® worksheet to help you play “what-if” with demand, prices, costs, profit… and an investment deal.

You’re competing for investors’, donors’, and lenders’ money so your numbers better look good and you must understand them!

Questions will be asked!

This is the quick, easy way to get started with a set of templates to prepare a brief 2-page business presentation summary.
It’s also designed to build your case from the bottom-up.
Too many entrepreneurs claim they’ll “…do a $ million in the first year…”
Investors, donors, or lenders want to see how you got here from there.

(For the tool that helps you really architect, analyze, model the numbers and prioritize the BIG PICTURE,
determine the capital you need, and how it pays back, use our BizPlanBuilder® software system. See below.)

“Dear Investor,
We met in the elevator…”

sample cover letter to angel or venture capital investor template in wordClick to Enlarge

A nice cover letter…

Here’s where you can re-introduce yourself and your business.
Even describe your purposes for your business…

“What’s a nice person like you doing in a business like this?”

This often indicates to investors, donors, or lenders that you have the additional drive to make it a success.

We advise a healthy blend of “mercenary” (in it for the money) and the “missionary” (in it to do good!) as a successful combination of mindsets to build a successful business.

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Bonus Tutorials: We’ll walk you through it

Burke-Franklin on business planning, executive summary, software, and small business success

Burke Franklin
Creator & CEO
Business Power Tools

The “Kickstart Your Business Plan” Online Course 

with 4 Steps to keep you focused and in front of investors!

ebook: Your Guide to Business Planning & Investors
Learn the steps to preparing, meeting with and demonstrating what you know about your business to investors, donors, or lenders.

VIDEO – Watch this Brief Intro to the Executive Summary

The results may surprise you because over 30 years we’ve learned how to make it as quick, fast, and easy as possible — from helping more than 2 million people write compelling business plans that raise capital.

With these special tools, never before offered in an affordable and easy way, you will be prepared to create a comprehensive Summary Business Plan like so many of our subscribers have done to get started on the right foot with investors, donors, or lenders of all kinds.

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Everything you get for just $37

Business model canvas summary plan investor intro

What you need to engage investors, donors, or lenders

  • Sample Summary Business Plan Template (Word)
  • Sample Revenue Model / Feasibility Template (Excel)
  • Elevator Pitch Worksheet (Word)
  • Sample Cover Letter Template ⇒ Angel Investor (Word)
  • Sample Cover Letter Template ⇒ Bank / Lender (Word)
  • Sample Cover Letter Template ⇒ Leasing Agent (Word)
  • Sample Cover Letter Template ⇒ VC (Word)
  • Sample NDA (Not for investors, but most others!) (Word)
  • 10 1-5 minute videos where Business Power Tools CEO, Burke Franklin, explains
    what investors, donors, and lenders are looking for in you and your business plan.
  • A 4-part mini course walks you through the entire process of raising capita.

Best of all, everything is yours to download and keep!

free business plan pitch deck software template to raise capital

Your advantage with investors, donors, or lenders

box image bizplan builder business plan software template word excel powerpoint raise capital

Special Offer on BizPlanBuilder, the business plan that wins

Ifyour initial meeting is successful and the investor, donor, or lender is interested, they will likely want to see your execution plan. (They want to know as much as possible — and everything you know!)

Also as you’ve probably learned during your research on the web, writing a business plan is as much for your own good as it is for impressing investors!

Whether you’re raising $5,000 – $50 million or more, convincing anyone to give you their money is going to take some smart work. Here’s the proven and trusted tool that gives you the most leverage to raise the capital you need. BizPlanBuilder helps you write an investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently. It’s menu-driven from start to finish, and its organized system gives you sample plans, built-in financial projections, and a proven PowerPoint investor “pitch” deck presentation template.

When you compare BizPlanBuilder® with competitors, you’ll notice how many real successes our subscribers enjoy. Best-selling is one thing, but actually being the most successful business planning software / template system for raising capital is what really counts.

With 30+ years of advancements, 2+ million copies sold and billions raised, it’s the fastest, easiest way to turn your ideas into a compelling plan and successful company.

Angel investors, wealthy donors, banks, the SBA, and venture capitalists worldwide have all funded companies who have presented them with plans created using BizPlanBuilder.

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