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How Much is Enough?

Some people think they need a lot of money to buy, do and have all of the things they want in life…
How much money do you really need?
This is for your personal wish list.
How much work do you really need to do?
Use this fun and handy worksheet to find out for yourself!
Download this handy excel spreadsheet template now


 “The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan”

This is a professional taping of Burke Franklin speaking to the entrepreneurs attending a CEO Space class. (Burke is one of CEO Space’s most popular senior instructors and he teaches business planning there frequently.) He discusses every section of a business plan from the perspective of your audience—what and who you need to be thinking about as you approach every aspect of your business plan.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protect your business concepts with this comprehensive “NDA”
This is a sample agreement from our AgreementBuilder business contract collection.
Easily customize using Microsoft Word to make it exactly how you want it.
Download this handy Word-based template now


How Much is Your Time Worth?

Put this chart on your wall!

  • How much is each week, day, hour and minute of your time worth to you?
  • From $10,000 – $100,000,000 per year
  • What’s it worth to clean your house yourself?
  • How much does watching TV cost you every day?

View & download this handy excel spreadsheet template now