Cloud-based Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system manages more than contacts


Manage Deals, Events, Projects, Relationships, Tasks, and a Lot More…


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Online contacts, deals & project management system

and everything else as your company grows

Business Power Tools CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) is an easy to use online contact management and small business marketing solution designed specifically to help growth and impact entrepreneurs get off the ground and build lasting value your their company.

We don’t claim to be an Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or SalesForce type of marketing automation system. Instead, think of the Business Power Tools CRM for all of your internal communications and project management. (You’re likely not going to track your packaging vendor, close advisors, or VIP customers using a marketing automation system!)

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Connect with Your People, Manage Projects… Track Everything!

A lot more than just contact management

Now you can keep track of potential investors, key customers, team members, and others — even projects, deals, and calendars. This proven system grows as you grow.

With Business Power Tools CRM — manage your customers and build sales all from an easy-to-use online tool. Because its all online you can access your information securely from work, home or the road and stay in touch with your customers anywhere – anytime!

  • Calendar shows due dates for everything: Meetings, Events, Campaign Deadlines,
  • Tasks: Your To-Do lists for everyone
  • Contacts: Build comprehensive records — find and contact by multiple criteria
  • Leads: The Sales process starts here
  • Notes: Builds your business brain trust
  • Events: Schedule & coordinate all activities
  • Marketing Programs: Collaborate on all marketing campaigns
  • Proposals: Track the progress of deals
  • Transactions: Done deals easily accessible for future reference

With Business Power Tools, every step of a sale — from emails to phone calls to collaborating with colleagues — is tracked in one place, so you can stay on top of deals and build stronger relationships with customers.

Convert your contacts into lists then merge with the included e-mail marketing templates and turn window-shoppers into buyers fast.

Keep your customers informed about upcoming sales, exclusive offers, and special promotions, even send emails based on personal events in your customers’ life such as; birthdays, anniversaries, or even send welcome messages to new customers!


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Give your team & consultants access to collaborate, contribute and communicate!

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Everyone Saves Time and Gets Results

Does your right hand know what your left hand is doing?!?

With your entire team access and updating your customers, vendors, projects, campaigns, and deals, you’ll coordinate priorities and make sure they are completed.

Spend less time trying to find customer information and more time focusing on activities that will bring in revenue. Our proven wizards and easy to modify email templates give you a head-start and guarantee results!

Write an OSHA compliant safety plan handbook with this software template

Access your contacts from your mobile device or desktop


Works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, & Android

Stay on top of your contacts, projects, and deals from work, home or the road.
It’s all online — All the time.

Enjoy the convenience of secure online collaboration, free technical support, free online back-up of your contact records, and automatic updates.

Business plan template software compatible with Internet Explorer IE Compatible With Firefox Business plan template software compatible with Safari Business plan template software compatible with Chrome Business plan template software compatible with Android based devices

No need to download anything. All you need is an internet connection and a supported browser.
Business Power Tools’ cloud-based CRM system is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome as well most Android based devices.

Build Sales Fast with a Great Email Marketing Campaign

No need to be a marketing professional— with our easy start wizard and professionally written templates your next email or direct mail campaign will make you look like a seasoned marketing pro!

Deliver Amazing Service To Your Customers

small business startup crm free

Track, prioritize and resolve customer issues faster with the included customer support tools! Quickly turn complaints into solutions and keep your customers happy and loyal.

Secure Access to Your Customer Information

Stay securely connected to your business from work, home, or the road.

It’s all online, all the time.

As an airplane pilot myself, I appreciate well-built, secure, and redundant systems — failure is not an option! The world may go to Hell in a hand-basket, but your business information will still be there.

All of Business Power Tools’ web-based tools are hosted at Applied Innovations. SPAM, Malware, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Viruses are filtered and disabled at one or more points in the system to guarantee the cleanest, safest hosting environment.

  • Totally secure — no one can find, see or mess with your plans or docs!
  • Tier IV facility with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure
  • Equipment floors 32 feet above sea level
  • Roof slope designed to drain off floodwater in excess of 100-year storm intensity
  • Designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with approximately 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast
  • 7-inch thick steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels
  • The building is outside FEMA 500-year designated flood zone
  • SAS 70 Compliance
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Subscribe to online contact, relationship, project management

Works for BOTH PCs & Macs!
Includes Ongoing Updates!

Add unlimited additional team & advisors to your
initial subscription for just $1 / mo each!
Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security — You control access, user by user!
Give your team & consultants access to collaborate, contribute, and communicate!

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