The Start-up Funding and Strategic Planning Subscription Includes:

Access everything on the Home, Business Plan, Contacts, Finance, Legal, Management, R&D, and Downloads panels

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Start-up “Survival” Tools™

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Includes access to ALL of our Business Planning, Funding, Investor Presentation, plus Business Formation, R&D, Stock Options apps and templates

Everything you need to plan, develop and produce a comprehensive, current and custom business plan for funding and building your company is right here.

Ordinarily, out in the world, this would take about 6 months and cost $5,000 – $10,000. Not here!

Subscription includes access to all these dashboard panels:

  • Everything on the Home panel
  • Your company bulletin board that summarizes your operation for all stakeholders
  • Everything on the Business Plan panel
    • BizPlan Builder – The original business plan software template, updated
    • Wizard-driven financial model
    • Excel-based Financial projection models – Fund a startup / Expand an established company
    • “Elevator” Pitch worksheet – Craft your perfect 30-second introduction (with coaching how to do it)
    • Brief intro videos describe “What investors and lenders are looking for” in each section of your business plan
    • Letter templates inviting advisors and board members
    • Handbook of Business Planning” tutorial
  • Everything on the Finance panel
    • Excel-based calculators
    • Funding Resources – Growing list of sources fro capital
    • Stock Options – Save cash. Compensate with shares
    • Finance Agreement templates – Incl. Revenue Share,
    • Shareholder / Options Tracking Worksheet
  • Everything on the Management panel
    • “1-Page Manager” job profiles w/ expectations, priorities, KPIs
    • Calculators – “Exit Plan,” “Trailing 12-mo Growth,”…
    • Company Governance – lays the foundation for growth
    • Board Meeting Minutes – assures you keep your [corporate] entity compliance
  • Everything on the R & D panel
    • Product Plan template
    • Beta Test Agreement
    • Engineering Change Order template
    • For every area of your company
    • Priorities – Simplified “To-Do” list keeps priorities front and center for each area of your company
    • News & Blogs – Customizable news feeds
    • Resources – Links to selected outside providers
    • Enlightened Marketing – Blog posts add depth and background knowledge to each area of your business
  • 24 / 7 secure access
  • Ongoing Updates & Additions
  • All for the price of about 15-minutes with a consultant!

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Isn’t it time to start focusing on growth, rather than on fixing tomorrow’s daily crisis? Access our dashboard and tools and see for yourself with no risk. You’ll see right away how much you can do and how easily you can do it, but you’ve got 2 months to decide! If you’re not completely stoked with our Business Power Tools™ software and templates, we’ll credit your credit card immediately. Now, which one do you want to use?

Interested investors are going to ask a lot of questions. (Ask anyone!) To be prepared and inspire them to fund you, BizPlanBuilder is the trusted business plan software system that makes it easy and gets it right

Biz Plan Builder Business Plan Software & Templates
Biz Plan Builder Online
This scalable business funding plan system picks up where the business model canvas and lean startup phase leaves off — Investors want proof that demonstrates that you’ve thoroughly thought-through this business, and have the chops and the wherewithal to make it a success.

29+ years of evolution, testing, and success… In a business plan software app / template that produces your roadmap for growth and success — with or without outside financing!

Whether you’re raising $5,000 – $50 million, BizPlanBuilder helps you write an investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently. Menu-driven from start to finish, its organized system gives you sample business plan templates, built-in financial projections and proven PowerPoint presentation.

Get the most out of your investors and team!

  • Secure, role-based 24/7 access enables full collaboration between your team and advisors.
  • Click to learn tips & tricks in the brief video tutorials for each section.
  • Proven with angel investors, banks, the SBA, and venture capitalists worldwide.
  • Cloud-based Windows / Macintosh Subscription or Windows Download App.

“Your software produces plans that are equivalent to some of the best plans I’ve seen. I have tried using another software, Palo Alto Software (Business Plan Pro / Live Plan), but was not anywhere near as satisfied with the results.” ~ Dr. J Goetzow, San Francisco, CA

“With BizPlanBuilder, a walk on the wild side of business planning becomes a stroll in the park.”
~ Peter Crowe, Isaacs & Crowe Advertising, Leesburg, VA

entrepreneur magazine recommends BizPlanBuilder business plan software template“We love your software. It’s the best. For years, we’ve been telling our readers to buy it!”
~ Rieva Lesonsky, former Editorial Director, Entrepreneur Magazine

Business plan review comparison smart computingThe questions and advice included with BizPlanBuilder are, in our opinion, the best part of the program. We recommend BizPlanBuilder because it gets you thinking about what it takes to start and run a successful business. And with a price tag of $150, it costs a lot less than a consultant.
~ Jeff Dodd, Smart Computing

More about BizPlanBuilder…

How to establish clear ownership terms between you and your team

employee incentive stock options software template
Save cash! Pay contractors and others with stock options.

Software app & templates documents ownership shares and manages stock options for advisors and contractors

Stock Options Builder is a collection of fully scripted sample documents written in Microsoft® Word that you can easily customize. It also includes a comprehensive Excel® excel-based stock and options issuance register — just fill in the variables and print. Stock Options Builder is perfect complement to BizPlanBuilder when raising capital.

Have your ownership, vesting and other terms of working together clearly documented ASAP!

“More often than not, sound legal documents can be purchased over the internet to cover better than 99% of most company’s needs. I have found Stock Option Builder to be a good example. As to implementation directions, the plan clearly states all relevant responsibilities, obligations and processes — it’s all here. 5 of 5 Stars!”
~ Dennis Thomas, Knowledge Foundations, Westminster, CA

You need to know what’s in these docs and how they work, so you may as will do this yourself — With a qualified attorney on-call!

Use these sample LLC templates to organize properly!

Sample legal business contract templates
Plain-English business contract templates make it easy for you to make better deals to build and protect your business!

LLC docs are all here…

Excerpted from our library of sample legal business contract templates.

If you are establishing your business as an LLC, here are the document templates you need — All completely customizable in Word.

“I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Jian’s. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. Was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and JIAN.
~ Brad Fishman

Click Learn More and you can even read all of the actual sample contract templates:

  • LLC Action by Consent
  • LLC Articles of Organization
  • LLC Certificate of Ownership Units
  • LLC Consent to Appointment as Registered Agent
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Partnership Assets & LLC Buyout Agreement

LLC Docs set available for $19.97
Entire package of 165 contract templates sold separately for $49