Tighten-up your Marketing, PR, & Sales processes

This is the New MarketingBuilder® strategic marketing planning system + Supporting dashboard

You’re in the right place if…

  • It seems like everyone is telling you to do different things to sell your products and services…
  • You want to consider all the possibilities first before diving in…
  • You could get free promotion in the media…
  • Your sales processes could use some significant standardization and support…
  • You had some cool spreadsheet calculators to help you analyze your decisions
  • Sales agreements were in plain-English so customers would sign sooner!

This subscription is ideally suited to address the needs of today’s startup and growth companies.
The marketing plan itself is modular and progressive, starting small and expanding as you need to address more…

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Welcome to our visual organizer of docs and templates
Like kitchen drawers full of all the utensils you need…

How to create an environment where sales occur

The missing piece in most companies, who otherwise burn lots of money,
is a coordinated marketing strategy.

Look at all of your options and (with our help) choose the ones to use and give your prospects and customers a consistent message throughout.

Also, and unlike other “marketing planning software,” here you also get the supporting docs you need for the entire job — all in one place.

Expert marketing strategy and planning system manages a collection of professionally written sample marketing plan templates and worksheets that you can easily customize just for your company.

Do-it-yourself and save hours every day and about $5,000 – $10,000 every year.

Subscription Includes Access to Selected Panels on the Dashboard

  • Marketing Builder strategic marketing plan template
  • Includes 36+ marketing analysis and planning calculators that do the math you just can’t do in your head!
  • Publicity Builder – Expert Public Relations Management System
    • Includes 22 sample press release templates
  • 175 Customizable Sales and Customer Service Templates
  • 36 Sample marketing contract templates
  • Handbook of Business Marketing
  • 24 / 7 secure access
  • Ongoing Updates & Additions

Scroll-down to see everything included…

1) Access to everything on the Marketing panel

Consider and coordinate ALL of your marketing options before you start spending money

Growth “Survival” Tools

A Strategic Plan of Action

  • Priorities – Simplified task list
  • Marketing Builder – Strategic Marketing Plan template
    • Writes a comprehensive marketing execution plan
  • News & Blogs – Customizable feed for news
  • Enlightened Marketing – Our blog feed curating “best practices”
  • Calculators – 33+ Excel-based Planning & Analysis Worksheets
    • Calculate your budget, set priorities…
    • Customizable to your company
  • Worksheets – Brand Development
    • Company Positioning
    • Creative Brief, Package Design Brief
  • Supporting Documents – Sponsorship promo
  • Events – [Coming Soon] calendar with schedule of marketing activities
  • Charts – [Coming Soon]
  • Agreements – Sample contract templates
    • Scroll-down to see entire list
  • Handbook of Marketing
  • Website – Site testing & performance
  • Resources – Additional access to supporting products and services
small business startup strategy plan software template

2) Access to everything on the PR & Social Media panel

Professionally promote your products, services and company in all media

small busiess startup pr public relations media blog planning software template

Free Promotions

Strategy, guidance and templates help you plan and execute an intelligent and strategic public relations campaign

  • Priorities
    • PR tasks to complete
  • PR Calendar
    • Manage Upcoming Media Opportunities
  • News & Blogs
    • Customizable feed for the latest news
  • Mindful Media Relations
    • Our blog feed curating “best practices”
  • Calculators
    • in Excel help with budgeting & prioritizing
    • Fill in the variables and print.
  • Worksheets
    • Example-filled worksheets help develop your message.
    • Company Fact Sheet
    • Case History Worksheet
    • Scripts to pitch journalists, develop special stories, manage tradeshows & conferences, get interviews…
  • Supporting Docs
    • Useful letter and document templates
  • Social Media
    • Direct Access to Your Accounts
  • Events
  • Press Releases
    • 22 Sample press releases for every event
    • Easily customize and send
  • PR Tutorial
    • Step x Step instructions explain what to do and why.
  • Sending It Out
    • Media Distribution Resources
  • Resources
    • Access to supporting products and services

3) Access to everything on the Sales panel

Excellent customer communication is the key to success and building sustained client relationships.

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” ~ Thomas Watson, Founder, IBM

  • Priorities
    • Simplified “To-Do” list
  • Sales Proposal Builder
    • Just what your customers need to see
  • News & Blogs
    • Customizable feed for newest news
  • Superior Selling
    • Our blog feed curating “best practices”
  • Calculators
    • Quick answers to complex math questions
  • Worksheets
    • Custom solutions to a variety of situations
  • Supporting Docs
    • For ongoing sales, relationship building
  • Appointments
    • Set and keep sales meetings
  • Prospecting
    • Introduces your company
  • Agreements
    • Sample contract templates save attorney time and help speed negotiations
  • Announcements
    • Introduce what’s new
  • Customer Service
    • Templates for taking care of customers after the sale
  • Resources
    • Additional access to supporting products and services
small business startup sales management selling customer service templates

4) Access to everything on the Management panel

For the captain of the ship — Tools to make better overall decisions

small business management dashboard software template

Lead Your Company

Expand Your Capacity to Run Things

  • Priorities
    • Simplified To-Do list
  • Management Tools
    • Execution plan, Team priorities…
    • “1-Page Manager” job profiles w/ expectations, priorities, KPIs
    • Calculators – “Exit Plan,” “Trailing 12-mo Growth,”…
  • News & Blogs
    • Customizable feed for newest news
  • Conscious Leadership
    • Our blog feed curating “best practices”
  • Calculators
    • Quick answers to complex math questions
  • Worksheets & Supporting Docs
    • Useful templates
  • Governance
    • Sophistication like a mature company now
  • Board Meeting Minutes
    • Document all meetings for corporate compliance
  • Management Team Bios
    • Who your leaders are, for everyone to see
  • Resources
    • Additional access to supporting products and services

6) Access to everything on the Home panel

The “center of truth” — where everyone is on the same page… The right-hand knows what the left-hand is doing!

bizplan business plan sample software template raise conscious capital amazon

Company Bulletin Board

The “1,000 foot view” of your business

  • Priorities
    • Activities and events forthcoming
  • Vision, Mission and Purpose
    • Why you’re here and how you help people
  • Values & Practices
    • How you consciously behave at work
  • Customers
    • All about the people who buy from you
  • Updates
    • New info from Business Power Tools
  • Competitive Advantages
    • How and why you’re better!
  • Sales Channels
    • Where you sell your stuff
  • Product / Service Descriptions
    • Everyone Sells! Special Offers
  • Key Performance Metrics
    • How you know how well you’re doing (coming soon)
  • Business Model
    • How the company makes money
  • Social Media Community
    • Instant access to all feeds

7) Access to all the Marketing Agreement templates

Document your deals right the first time – keep skeletons out of your closet!

sample legal business contract templates

“I used the Marketing Consulting Agreement, which I am very happy with. I think the contracts you provide are very high quality and are great tools for my work.”
~ Guram Shen, Imedia Marketing Group

“I was immediately able to use the exclusive distribution agreement to establish one of the largest contracts of the company.”
~ Andrea Sanchez, Owner, International Financial Services, Oxnard, CA

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