Here Are Some Extra, Useful Downloads

BizPlanBuilder – Business Planning



Click to take the Quick Tour of BizPlanBuilder
This is a brief PowerPoint show illustrating how BizPlanBuilder is laid out and how the various parts all work.

About 2.8MB

The Handbook of Business Planning

Handbook of Business Planning.pdf
Download the user manual — BizPlanBuilder “The Handbook of Business Planning”
(Includes Getting-Started Guides for both Windows & Macintosh)
About 10MB

“The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan”

Burke Franklin discusses how to write a business plan in this 90 minute videoThis is a professional taping of Burke Franklin speaking to the entrepreneurs attending an CEO Space class. (Burke is one of CEO Space’s most popular senior instructors and he teaches business planning there every 2 months.) He discusses every section of a business plan from the perspective of your audience — what and who you need to be thinking about as you approach every aspect of your business plan. ~100 minutes

To watch it right here and now, click here

Multi-cell “what-if?” plug-in for Excel® $37

scenario-logoHow many times do you need to change or update a spreadsheet to show all of the possibilities? ScenarioMaster provides a revolutionary one-cell-equals-many capability that makes multiple what-if scenario analysis simple and powerful. Take a look at the screen-shot to really see what ScenarioMaster can do for you. (Excel does not have this capability built-in.) It sells for $37, but you can try it free for a month.
Click here for details…

Financing your business

SBA Questionnaire -$50k.doc
SBA Loan Application Questionnaire for loans under $50,000

SBA Loan Application Questionnaire for SBA loans greater than $50,000

Personal Payment Planner.xls
Use this cashflow management tool to plan upcoming expenses.
This is the personal version — we also include a business version with Procedures Builder.

Legal Business Contracts

Download the “Handbook of Business Contracts”

Companion to the AgreementBuilder collection of 165 essential sample business contract templates.

Safety Plan Builder – Injury & Illness Prevention

Click to Download a Sample Safety Plan