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In case you haven’t visited us in a while, we accepted an offer from a Chinese company for the “www.jian.com” URL
(just the web address, not the company!) and used the opportunity to rebrand as Business Power Tools!
More of that story here…

Do these look familiar?

Over 30 years ago, we originated these software apps and templates to handle crucial business-building projects.

You’ll be delighted to see how much they’ve evolved with everything we’ve learned to grow your business further than ever!

BizPlanBuilder® – Business Plan Software Template
JIAN Agreement Builder sample legal business contract templates
Employee Manual Builder polices handbook software template
Marketing Builder strategic marketin
Safety Plan Builder OSHA injury and illness prevention handbook software template
Public relations pr management software with sample press release templates

Special Offers to Upgrade


As a thank you and to encourage you to stay current, we offer special upgrade pricing.
Upgrade to the latest release and keep your business planning process, policies, and strategy up to date and on track.

JIAN bizplan builder business plan software template upgrade update

Note:All upgrades require the original product serial number in order to activate.
(This is to assure the upgrade price is only for legitimate previous customers!)
You will not receive a new activation serial number with the purchase of any upgrade.
If you can’t find yours, contact us and we’ll find it for you.

If you’ve purchased software prior to 2007
(Because the serial # schema we used was different), please contact us directly at:
Success@BusinessPowerTools.com or call us at 1-800-346-5426
(We’re in Southern California: Pacific Time 8:30-5:30 Monday – Friday)

Below are just some of the offers we currently have available to you as a returning customer.
For additional upgrade offers and multi-unit discounts please contact us directly.

Our most requested upgrade… is finally here!

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Access Your Account   Compare Subscription Plans & Prices

Even if your past subscription has expired, you can still update your credit card and continue your subscription!

Explore the new dashboard and access your previous projects.
We always save your work!

Questions? Call us: 1-800-346-5426

It’s all of our content from 30+ years of successful experience remastered into a seamless cloud-based collaborative dashboard.

Putting all of our apps and templates together into one super-easy-to-access online dashboard has been a dream and goal of mine for more than 20 years! (The Internet needed to be fast enough as well…)

It’s here! The Business Power Tools toolbox / dashboard

We’ve also reorganized our apps and templates to combine them to give you everything you need for:

  • Strategic Planning & Funding
    → Business Growth & Raising Capital

  • Marketing, PR, Sales & Social
    → Everything to Grow Sales

  • Employee Policies & Procedures
    → Organize & Lead Your People

You can subscribe to just the sections you need now and/or add more later.

Add as many of your team and advisors as you want… you control all access.

You are already familiar with how everything works — It works even better now.

All indications from customers and consultants we’ve been sharing this with tell us that you’re going to love this new system.

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When he saw an early demo, the highly respected business author of
“The E-Myth”, Michael E. Gerber, said:
“It’s the customizable encyclopedia of everything you need to know and do for your business… but were afraid to ask!”

Two Amazing Deals for Access to EVERYTHING We Make!

Reactivate your previous business projects

Right now, you can have a LIFETIME, paid-in-full subscription to access ALL of the future Business Power Tools web-based system apps & content, PLUS a copy of ALL current Business Power Tools software for a ONE-TIME investment of $997.


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OR… get the best subscription deal ever — and be grandfathered-in to this low price as long as you keep your subscription current.







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Add as many of your Team and Advisors as you want
For a limited time, add unlimited users for $1 / month each

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Contact Confidentiality

No way we’ll sell, rent or give out your contact information, but we do need to contact you to share some unique knowledge we believe you’ll find useful.

bizplanbuilder business model planning software template free

BizPlanBuilder 2022

Normally $27 / mo  Upgrade $97 / yr

  • All documents updated.
  • Financial models dramatically improved.
    + Non-Profit version
  • Step x step instructions (+ Videos) explain each component and offer best practices.
  • If your copy of BizPlanBuilder is older than version 9 (< 2007), please call us at 1-800-346-5426.
  • Business plan app for Macintosh? New Online version included in upgrade subscription
  • Collaborate between PCs ⇔ Macs
  • Details Here…

free upgrade business plan builder jian bizplanbuilder bizplan liveplan planwrite enloop

best strategic business plan software template subscription

“The product worked great! A big improvement over the previous version that I used! 😊” – John

10-Year “Visionary Funding” Financial Model

10 year business plan financial projection excel template

Click to Expand

The BizPlanBuilder “Visionary Funding” Comprehensive Angel / VC Investor
Financial Model in Excel… Now Expanded from 5-Years ⇒ 10-Years

  • It’s a Downloadable, fully Integrated, and 100% customizable Excel Workbook
  • For details on the 5-year financial model, click here
    (Click your browser “Back” button to return to this page.)
    (This 10-year model includes all of the same panels,
    but stretched to 10 years, and works exactly the same way.)
  • Purchase & Download Just the 10-Year Excel Model Template


free 10 year financial budget projection business planning excel software template

Purchase & Download + Bundled with BizPlanBuilder Online Annual Subscription: $177

Employee policies handbook upgrade update software template shrm 2022

Now includes a comprehensive Covid-19 policy

  • Policies and procedures for cleaning, gatherings, meetings, travel…
  • Includes the “Families First Coronavirus
    Response Act:
    Employee Paid Leave Rights”
  • With links to the CDC & OSHA for immediate updates

Employee Manual Builder – (UPGRADE)


Thoroughly revised & updated!

Advancements over 30 years by HR experts, attorneys and entrepreneurial managers promote a positive and conscious company culture for maximum engagement and productivity. Includes everything you need to plan, develop and implement your employee policies to produce a comprehensive employee policy manual:

  • 200+ comprehensive sample employee policies and procedures
  • Includes 60+ supplemental forms, plus access to FREE State & Federal posters
  • Windows and/or Macintosh
  • BONUS: Includes 700+ JOB DESCRIPTION templates
  • Addresses the toughest standards of every state (including CA & HI)
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements — Exportable to Microsoft® Word
  • Step x step instructions explain each section and offer best practices
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide
  • Cloud-Based App & Templates — Works for BOTH PCs and Macs
  • Includes Ongoing Updates — Renews Annually

Add unlimited additional users for just $1 each / mo!

See What’s New in this Upgrade


UPGRADE from any previous version or another software product.

2022 employee workplace policies procedures handbook software template covid

Comprehensive Policies and Procedures Bundle Deal

Save money on our full suite of HR Management Apps

Subscribe to this Human Resource management software bundle and upgrade your HR department overnight!

  • Employee Manual Builder – Creates your workplace policies handbook
  • HR File Builder – Keeps track of Employee Records
  • Safety Plan Builder – Keeps you ahead of OSHA and plaintiff lawyers, also provides a safe workplace
  • Cloud-based CRM – Manages much more than just contact relationships…
  • Sample HR legal business contract templates – Saves time and expense on legal docs you can do yourself, then have your attorney review
  • 24/7 secure access to All of them
  • Ongoing updates included

Click Here to Learn More…

employee record keeping data database HR software system upgrade

Employee File Builder (UPGRADE)


Update & Upgrade your Employee File Builder (now “HR File Builder”)

  • Upgrade from v3.2
  • Numerous fixes and requested additions


Upgrade Employee File Builder record software

Just Need Additional User Access?

Enables simultaneous access to the HR database for more users
Add User Access: $97 each

strategic marketing plan strategy software template cloud word excel

Marketing Builder (UPGRADE)

Completely revised throughout

Before you develop and commit to your marketing plan and budget, see your company’s marketing BIG picture — assure coordination, consistency and continuity across all of your marketing messages.

Upgrade includes 1-year subscription access to the dashboard Marketing and Sales tabs.

System manages sample marketing plans and worksheet templates that you can easily edit using Microsoft® Word and Excel®.

  • Uses Business Power Tools’ proven Multi-user Interactive Document Assembly System (MIDAS)
  • Collaborate over a network, server or the Internet
  • Added: New marketing plans for consultants & individual performers
  • Updated: All marketing planning templates
  • Updated: 36+ Excel templates for planning, analysis & measurement
  • Updated: Handbook of Business Marketing user manual PDF
  • All orders include instant download after purchase
  • Add unlimited additional team and advisors for $10 / year each

marketing strategy planning template software app upgrade

best osha injury illness prevention plan iipp safety training plan handbook software template

Now includes a comprehensive Covid-19 policy

  • Policies and procedures for cleaning, gatherings, meetings, travel…
  • Includes the “Families First Coronavirus
    Response Act:
    Employee Paid Leave Rights”
  • With links to the CDC & OSHA for immediate updates

Safety Plan Builder (Upgrade)

Updated With More Safe Work Practices & Saves On Workers Comp Costs

  • New Cloud-based version
  • Works for PCs and Macs
  • Now covers 161 Safe Work Practice categories
  • Easily edit – customize with your own logo & images
  • Save as a PDF or html to post to your website
  • Uses Business Power Tools’ proven multi-user, collaborative document assembly system
  • Step x step instructions explain each component and offer best practices
  • Professionally formatted
  • Provide a copy to your Workers Comp insurance rep!


free upgrade update 2022 osha safety training plan manual handbook software template covid

JIAN Living Trust Builder estate planning living trust software template for business owners

Living Trust Builder (UPGRADE)

Revise Your Estate Plan

Download now and upgrade your living trust – Completely revised throughout

UPGRADE Requires original product serial number in order to activate

Living Trust Builder is now an application software program that manages sample living trust and estate planning worksheet templates that you can still easily edit using Microsoft® Word and Excel®.

  • Uses Business Power Tools’ proven Multi-user Interactive Document Assembly System (MIDAS)
    (Macintosh version is Word & Excel templates – no wizard/app)
  • Collaborate over a network, server or the Internet
  • Added: Accounts & Contacts worksheet enabling you to list all account #’s, PINs, etc.
  • Updated: All living trust templates
  • Updated: Net Estate Calculator to list everything you own, the value, and to whom they should go
  • Updated: Ready for PreTirement estate & financial planning guide PDF
  • All orders include instant download after purchase

living trust builder estate plan planning template software app update

Apple Macintosh version $67:

Click Here to Purchase & Download Living Trust Builder for Mac