The Fastest, Easiest, and Lowest-Cost Way to Skillfully Develop Your Strategy, Systems, and Structure Supporting Your Vision, Priorities, and Expectations


Easily Accessable Tools You’ll Use — In an Organized Business Management Dashboard

The Antidote to Working 60+ Hours/Week, Growing Pains, and Overwhelm…

Update and Upgrade Your Management Processes to Enhance Culture, Engagement, Profitability, and Valuation

Reinforce your business growth and management with the roadmap, processes, and systems that
make it efficient, organized, and easier to run… Ultimately, to sell faster at a higher valuation.

13 Ways You Can Use Business Power Tools to Build Your Business:

To get to where you want to be, you must consciously create your business so it does’t need you as much as it needs you now.

  • Your Business is Growing and You Need a Clear Roadmap to Minimize Unforced Errors, and “Bootstrap” Growth
  • Raise Capital? – If Yes, Build Credibility and Demonstrate Believability With Investors & Lenders
  • Growing Business – Repeatable, scalable processes require organization, building teams, and managing employees. Control the chaos before it starts and continue growing smoothly.
  • Struggling Business – This sucks, but I’ve been there myself back when and my business plan pulled me out of the ditch. This offer is easily within your reach and just may save your bacon.
  • You’ve Got Money – Plan before you burn all that cash, make the most of your investment(s) in your business
  • Onboard New People and Get Them Fully Engaged ASAP
  • Having Operational Policies & Procedures In Place Would Add Value
  • Strategic Planning – Things change, issues and opportunities arise. Your business plan provides the context for ongoing updates to your strategy and tactics. Revise often with your team and advisors for best results.
  • Deal with a Big Corp – Build credibility. Can your business deliver on a big deal? They’ll want proof you have your act together. (Business Power Tools started with a business plan for a friend to land a deal with Apple. That evolved into our BizPlanBuilder and everything else.)
  • Licensing – Possibly a good move to monetize an idea outside of your business focus. License your product / intellectual property to an established company with the resources, distribution, and sales force. Just collect money.
  • You’re Selling Your Business and Want the Highest Price and the Best Terms
  • Succession – Everything Your Kids / New Owners Need to Successfully Continue What You Started.
  • Save $5,000 – $10,000 Paying Someone Else to Do All This For You

You May Not Need All of These Tools, But if You Do, Our “Everything Offer” is at the Bottom

Staged Modules for Every Phase of Business

Starting With a Different Kind of Business Plan:
a “Catalog” of Your Business

We’ve Reinvented Business Planning into an Organized Catalog of Ideas, Observations, Research, Market Analysis, Strategic and Tactical Options, Competitive Comparisons, SWOT, Your Team, and How Everything Works Together to Build and Run a Successful Business.

Everything you need to stay on top of as well as everything investors and a buyer wants to know.
And it’s easy enough to create while staying focused on the day-to-day.

business plan software template liveplan enloop growthink bizplan builder software template online cloud word excel powerpoint raise capital crowdfund

pc world magazine review business plan software template
Success magazine review editor award business plan software

“They laughed at my ideas…
Until I showed them my business plan!”

An Evolving Multi-Purpose Catalog of Your Business From Startup to Exit

The Best Time to Create a Business Plan Was When You Started Your Business.
The Next Best Time is Now.

A business plan is your hardest working document for organizing, coordinating, and prioritizing everything going on in your business.

We’ve re-imagined BizPlanBuilder as a cross between a strategic plan and a selling “brochure.”

A catalog of everything a buyer would want to know, with a believable financial proforma building on your history and projecting into the future.

Document Everything

Without comprehensive documentation, there are so many things that we basically end up re-thinking that you had figured out 3 years ago because teammates come and go and you easily forget what you decided, why you decided it, and you end up asking the same questions all over again.

If you don’t yet have a full business plan, here’s the easiest way to step through your business from top to bottom.

How your journey went from discussions around customer problems, your “story,” and solutions, to evolving needs of core customers.

It’s all securely accessed and easily maintained in an easy-to-navigate dashboard so it never gets out of your hands.

To keep the knowledge amassed, manageable, and accessible, it’s crucial to have an organizational strategy.

Having a let-it-flow approach might work for an unplanned getaway, but if you have to achieve certain goals with limited resources, don’t leave things to chance.

Otherwise, you’ll just have tons of orphan documents that no one can reference because they’re impossible to find.

  • A Detailed Blueprint for Projecting Future Growth
  • Make it Easy on Yourself to Attract the Right Money at the Right Time
  • Demonstrate Believability and Credibility With Investors and Lenders

The More You Prepare, the Better You Can Improvise and Negotiate

Here is a massive head-start for producing a professional business “plan” that serves multiple purposes— its secret sauce is the written-for-you text with embedded expert comments leading you through exactly what to say and how to say it.

Your plan also serves as a comprehensive onboarding document enabling a new team member to get-up-to-speed and fully engaged quickly.

BizPlanBuilder enables ongoing changes, so it’s easy to improve your plan as needed.

Its organized system of pre-scripted…

  • 100% Customizable Sample Business Plan Narrative
  • 100% Flexible Excel-based Financial Models and
  • 100% Flexible PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template…

You Can Access Anytime from Anywhere, Facilitating Secure Collaboration with Your Team and Advisors
Even Share it Online with Prospective Investors and Lenders (like a “Secure Data Room”).

“This program is so complete it’s scary. It makes you think about what you’re doing in ways you never thought of before.”
~ Dean Goldman, Goldstone Music, Spring Valley, NY

Liz Jamieson, SBDC Advisor

“I have used BizPlanBuilder and it has an incredible amount of information, templates, spreadsheets, sample content, and tools in it. It is a very robust system (way more robust and flexible than LivePlan, if you ask me)! Burke has decades of experience with business financing and business planning software. I have also used Burke as a guest speaker to talk about pitch development and pitching angel investors, etc., as part of the ScaleUp program. Burke is a great resource for us to have available to us! ”
~ Liz Jamieson | Certified Business Advisor, Washington SBDC at Washington State University

Designed for Overhelmed Business Owners to Reassess and Reconsider Your Operation While You Keep Running It

Not Having a Strategic Operational Plan Could Be What’s Holding You Back

free sample business model plan software template

Is it All In Your Head?
Do Your People Know How to Help?

  • What if you gathered input from all of your people.
  • Perhaps review and refine exactly who your customers are.
  • With certain changes and “pivots,” how much more profitable could you be?
  • Wouldn’t it be worth it to produce a better plan?

Does it Make Your Business Better…

The British Olympic Rowing team had a mantra: “Does it make the boat go faster?

All ideas are welcome, and accepted or rejected based upon the question, “Does it make the boat go faster?”

No shame in offering, your not crazy, all ideas are good as long as, “It makes the boat go faster!”

Need Funding?

Investors are real people, some are disciplined, many are skeptical, and they’ll have a lot of questions.

They’ll contact their advisors and friends, and they’ll come back to you with more questions.

They’re looking at other deals too.
You’ve got to be more interesting and their best bet for succeeding.

We know this. We’ve lived through it.
We’ve developed BizPlanBuilder to address the questions to keep you well ahead of your investors.

And we’ve used it ourselves with angels and VCs, an SBA loan, several big corporations, a line of credit, vendor credits, and with Mom!

best strategic business plan software template subscription

Includes 5-Year Financial Model Below

100% Customizable Financial Models Do All the Math.
Play What-if? Reflect Changes. Project Reality.

Includes CPA-Tested Financial Models − Built in Excel® → Easily Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Cashflow, Valuation…

They’re completely configured, fully integrated and tastefully formatted.

No need to be a spreadsheet or financial expert
If you are, everything is 100% customizable


Full details on the Excel Models…

Need Just the Financial Model?
(It’s Also Sold Separately Here)

free business planning excel financial model
free business plan excel financial projection model

“Burke and I have been acquainted for a number of years, and I’ve used and recommended his software solutions for business owners even longer. Let’s face it, writing a business plan is not at the top of the list of what most of us like to do. It’s a daunting task, and a tedious undertaking. Business Power Tools changes all that. You’ll find yourself creating a new plan or updating existing plans in record time, and you’ll feel confident in the quality like never before. I’d urge you to check it out. I think you’ll be truly surprised.”
~ John Kiser from Money Mentor (an MMOT, LLC enterprise)

John Kiser financial advisor, business consultant

Marketing: Organize, Analyze, and Prioritize Your Marketing Options

What You’ve Tested, What Works

free strategic marketing plan strategy software template word excel

Professionally Structured and Scripted Text and Spreadsheet Templates

This expands on the strategic plan started in BizPlanBuilder.

It’s an expert marketing strategy and planning system complete with a collection of professionally written sample marketing plan templates and worksheets that will inform and accelerate your decision processes.

Makes it Easy to Create Your Own Marketing “Playbook”
Consider all aspects of your marketing before investing in marketing.

With almost a hundred templates based on successful marketing plans, Marketing Builder enables you to easily plan and build an entire marketing campaign that fits your business and market.

“If I really did my marketing right I could avoid a lengthy sales cycle, I wouldn’t waste money on unnecessary advertising gimmicks, and my salespeople would invest their time more efficiently—now that’s actually possible.”
Pat Napoles, President, PBN Publications

  • 80+ Proven Marketing Planning Templates Easily Edited Online
  • 36+ Excel Templates for Planning, Analysis & Measurement
  • Handbook of Business Marketing User Manual (PDF)
Click Here for More Details…
free business planning excel financial model

Public Relations: Build Buzz and Grow Sales with this Comprehensive Public Relations Management Plan and Press Release Templates

Start Reaching Out Now – Build a Bigger Presence

Professionally Promote Your Products, Services and Company in All Media
Develop & manage your own public relations using this proven PR management system:

  • Sample press releases for every event – easily edit with Word.
  • Example-filled worksheets help develop your message.
  • Calculators in Excel help with budgeting & prioritizing – fill in the variables and print.
  • Scripts to pitch journalists, develop special stories, manage tradeshows & conferences, get interviews, and more.
  • Step x Step instructions explain what to do and why.
  • Handbook of Business PR user manual PDF
Click Here for More Details…
free business planning excel financial model
small business Public relations pr management software with sample press release templates

Management: Comprehensive, Mindful, and 100% Customizable Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook Template

Forms the Foundation for a Conscious Company Culture as Well as a Powerful Deterrent Against Legal Actions…

free Employee policies handbook software template shrm 2023

Your People Will Continue to Work For Your Buyer

Advancements over 30 years by HR experts, attorneys and entrepreneurial managers guarantee a positive and conscious company culture for maximum productivity.

Employee Manual Builder includes everything you need to plan, develop and implement your employee policies and produce a comprehensive employee policy manual:

  • 200+ comprehensive sample employee policies and procedures
  • Includes 60+ supplemental forms, plus access to FREE State & Federal posters
  • Windows and/or Macintosh
  • BONUS: Includes 700+ JOB DESCRIPTION templates
  • Addresses the toughest standards of every state (including CA & HI)
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements — Exportable to Microsoft® Word
  • Step x step instructions explain each section and offer best practices
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide
  • Includes Ongoing Updates — Renews Annually

Add Unlimited Additional Users for Just $1 Each / Mo
Makes it Easier to Keep Your People Up-to-Date

Details on Employee Manual Builder
2022 employee workplace policies procedures handbook software template covid
best free employee policies procedures handbook template

“We are a very small company looking for a way to create and host an employee manual online as we add additional team members. I enjoyed the software and found it very useful. I also loved the templates and spreadsheets.”
~ Shellie Zook, Aspire Business Solutions, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tracks Your Employee Data and Manages All of Your Employee Info

Secure, Professional Record-keeping System Safeguards Your Company

At a time when it’s imperative to keep organized, consistent, and accurate records on all employees, HR File Builder (formerly Employee File Builder) can provide you with the best possible documentation.

With personnel records kept in one centralized system, multiple authorized users can gain instant access to the information they need, when they need it.

Evaluating employee performance, making recommendations, preparing reports, and backing up personnel decisions and policies have never been easier.

In the event personnel or legal problems ever develop, you can be confident of having the necessary records and documentation to back you up.

$297 One-Time Investment

Details on HR File Builder
employee record keeping dat database HR software system

Safety: Instantly Produces your “Injury & Illness” Prevention Plan to
Keep Everyone Safe and Healthy… and OSHA Out of Your Pocket!

best osha iipp safety training plan handbook software template

Because You Cannot Afford to Be Sued By a Disgruntled Employee and/or Fined By OSHA

Safety Plan Builder software helps you publish a custom illness and injury prevention and training manual to quickly and easily comply with OSHA, avoid lawsuits, train your employees, and provide a safe workplace.

Covers 161 Safe Work Practice Categories

Select the appropriate sections for your business or industry, then customize the paragraphs.

Menus help you select the paragraphs appropriate to your state.

Contains over 250 pre-written pages of industry-specific Safe Work Practices.

Publish your complete plan in a few minutes and be safety compliant in all 50 states.

Easily Protect Your People and Avoid Costly OSHA Fines

  • Every Industry / Every State
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Online — Works for both Windows & Macintosh
  • Subscription Includes ongoing updates
  • Ask your Insurance Broker about a better deal on Worker’s Comp

“Using Safety Plan Builder can save a company thousands or even millions of dollars in reduced or avoided legal judgments,” says Labor Law Attorney Mark Thierman. “Believe me when I say that plaintiff attorneys just don’t want to come up against this type of written plan!”

  • Step x step instructions explain each component and offer best practices
  • Professionally formatted
  • $297 / yr
Details on Safety Plan Builder
2022 osha safety training plan manual handbook software template covid

Bonus: Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System

Built-in To the Dashboard

Business Power Tools CRM is an easy to use online contact management and small business marketing solution designed specifically to help growth and impact entrepreneurs get off the ground and build lasting value in your company.

We don’t claim to be an Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or SalesForce type of marketing automation system.

Instead, think of the Business Power Tools CRM for all of your internal communications and project management.

(You’re probably not going track your packaging vendor, close advisors, or VIP customers using a marketing automation system.)

Manages a Lot More Than Just Contacts

Now you can keep track of potential investors, key customers, team members and others — even projects, deals and calendars.

Because it’s all online you can access your information securely from work, home or the road, and stay in touch with your customers anywhere / anytime.

  • Calendar shows due dates for everything: Meetings, Events, Campaign Deadlines,
  • Tasks: Your To-Do lists for everyone
  • Contacts: Build comprehensive records — find and contact by multiple criteria
  • Leads: The Sales process starts here
  • Notes: Builds your business “brain trust”
  • Events: Schedule & coordinate all activities
  • Marketing Programs: Collaborate on all marketing campaigns
  • Proposals: Track the progress of deals

See how you can get this CRM system FREE!
Scroll Down

Full details on the CRM…

How It Works Today

Now we’ve updated and integrated all of the above business-building tools into an intuitive dashboard, arranged by function, easily shared securely online with your team, and kept organized for the life of your business.

Watch this Brief Demo Video to See Everything You Can Accomplish and How Easy it is to Use

All of Our Tools Work Like Office and Are Easily Accessible In Our Visual Document Management Dashboard

OK, Here’s Our Best Deal:

All of the Above & the Dashboard

Easily Level-Up Your Business With a Compelling Plan, Processes, and Procedures

Builds a Sturdy Foundation & Structure Adding Immediate Value for a Faster Sale at a Higher Price

Everything You Get Now
Access ALL Panels - Use ALL of these Tools
  • - HOME -
    Comprehensive Company Bulletin Board
    Drawn from your business plan, now all of your people can be up-to-date and informed about your company with what to say to customers and vendors.
    Everyone Sells!
  • Organizes All of Your Documents
    Makes Due-Diligence for
    Investors/Acquirors Fast & Easy
    Having an organized set of documents, models and presentations readily available for review by investors, acquirors, or partners enables them to act quickly...
    Get the Money Sooner!

    BizPlanBuilder® Software System
    Evolved & Updated 30+ Years
    All of the tools and templates included in BizPlanBuilder have been updated and integrated into the dashboard.

    Includes everything you see under the Business Plan tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • Investor Pitch Deck
    PowerPoint-Based Template
    What & Why of Each Slide Explained
    You can download lots pitch decks from established companies, but here we describe the essence of each slide as you progress through an investor presentation.
  • 5 & 10-Yr Financial Models
    Wizard-Driven Projections &
    Customizable Excel Workbooks
    We include the original BizPlanBuilder financial models evolved since 1990! Thoroughly updated in 2020. These are Excel spreadsheets uploaded to our online system. They behave a lot like Excel and can be easily customized to fit your unique business model.

    Collaborate with your team online.

    These can be exported to Excel; however, if you want to maintain organization and collaboration, best to keep them in the dashboard.
  • Video Tutorials
    Introduce & Explain Each Section
    What Investors, Lenders & Buyers Look For
  • Ideal for Exit (Sale) / Succession Planning
    Asset Sale Agreements
  • - CONTACTS -
    CRM + Tasks + Events + Proposals
    Add Key Vendors
    Not trying to compete with SalesForce, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and other marketing automation systems, but you do need to keep track of vendors, consultants, and others as well as VIP contacts.
  • Perfect for VIP Contacts
    User-Defined Fields enable cross-referencing your people every which way
  • Use It for Youreself
    Manage Tasks
    Schedule Events
    Create & Track Programs
  • - FINANCE -
    Tools for the [virtual] CFO
    Financial Models, Calculators, Complete Stock Options docs and Shareholder Tracking, Agreement Templates, Collections Letters...
  • Funding Resources
    Angels Venture Capital, Lenders
  • Make Them Pay
    Collect Your A/R
    Escalating Series of Demand Letters
  • Stock Options Plans
    Shareholder Tracking
  • Financial Contracts
    Plain-English Agreement Templates
  • - HR -
    Employee Manual Builder
    200+ Customizable Employee Policies
    Covers Just About Everything - Every State This is our proven Employee Manual Builder software updated and transformed into a web-app! Our policies and preocedures have evolved since 1993. In addition to being legal, ethical and compliant, they are also very entrepreneurial to help you build the strongest company possible!
  • 700+ Customizable Job Profiles
    Including Goals & Priorities
    Employees / Contractors
    These sample job descriptions enable you to quickly and clearly define your expectations, both for employees as well as independent contractors. In addition to most job descriptions, we include space for Vision, Mission, and Priorities -- Important to people who believe in your company purpose!
  • HR Correspondence & Documentation
    Hiring / Discipline / Termination
    Includes Ongoing Updates
    Includes Offer letters, Progressive Discipline worksheets, and notices, etc.
  • HR Contracts
    Plain-English Agreement Templates
  • - LEGAL -
    Contract Templates, IP Tracking
    "Handbook of Business Law"

    Sample contract templates
    Corporate docs, Intellectual Property Management
    Basic Business Law Tutorial for Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
  • Corporate / LLC Formation Docs
    Tools & Templates to Lead Your Company
    Includes everything you see under the Management tab on the dashboard. Including ongoing updates!
  • Corporate Governance
    Board Meeting Minutes
    Buy-Sell Agreement
    Marketing Builder Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan Template
    Our proven Marketing Builder software updated and transformed into a web-app...

    Includes everything you see under the Marketing tab on the dashboard.
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • 36 Excel-based Analysis Calculators
    Turn complex mathematical marketing conundrums into easy decisions
    They’re great for understanding deals, prioritizing strategies, and making good decisions!

    Among them you’ll find the methods and formulas, the words and advice to help you target your customers, analyze your competition, determine the future value of customers, prioritize and budget product launches, even evaluate new hires!

  • Branding / Creative Brief Worksheets
    Selling Plan
    Website Testing Apps
  • - PR & MEDIA -
    PR Budget, Planning Worksheets
    Includes Everything On the PR & Media Panel
    Plus, Ongoing Updates!
  • FREE Promotionin All Media
    22 Sample Press Releases Media Calendar / Complete PR Tutorial
  • Marketing / Reseller Contracts
    Plain-English Agreement Templates
    Ideal for Systematizing Your Company
    If you are ever going to be able to take a vacation with a clear conscience, your people need to be properly trained on what to do, backed with complete documentation easily available to them -- making it unnecessary to always need you!
  • Safety Plan Builder OSHA Compliant
    Injury & Illness Prevention Handbook
    Covers 161+ Safe Work Practices - all documented and editable online. Print out your manual in Word or [best practice] provide online access to your employees to assure awareness of up-to-date practices and procedures.
  • Security & Loss Prevention
    Procedures to Protect Your Business
  • - R & D -
    Product Plans, Development Contracts

    Sample contract templates
    Work for Hire Agreement, Beta Test Forms
  • Excel-Based Calculators
    Do the Complex Math for You
    Makes Better Decision-Making Easier
  • - SALES -
    Announcements, Prospecting &
    Appointment-Setting Letters
  • Sales Proposal Builder
  • Customer Contact & Customer Service
    Scripts & Email Templates
  • Sales Contracts
    Plain-English Agreement Templates

  • Collaboration
    Add as Many People as You Want
    Work Together with Your Team & Advisors
    Add Prospective Buyers with Read-Only Access
    Work together on your company using these tools and collaborative "workbench"

Everything Offer



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Annually $970



One-Time Investment
Add Your Team for $149 Each

Lifetime Access $1497

burke franklin business plan capital coaching

Burke wants to make sure you get your plan launched and
that you are familiar with the narrative, financial models, pitch deck,
and supporting documents (Invite letters to advisors, etc.).
A session can be from 60-90 minutes.

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