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Business Power Tools was formerly known as JIAN

The Business Power Tools Referral Partner program is your easy opportunity to generate an ongoing commission stream to reward you for your referrals that help friends, clients, and colleagues.


The Referral Partner Program That Pays Recurring Commissions

When someone referred from your link(s) subscription to one or more of our products, you’ll earn a commission of up to 30%. In addition to your commission on their initial purchase, you’ll continue to earn that commission for every subsequent month your subscriber continues their subscription! That means that one sale continues to earn you money month over month over month!


Wide Range of Business Development Tools

Business Power Tools offers big business solutions to small business problems with technology tools that address many of their core business management needs. This means more opportunities for you to make money.



We’ve compiled a comprehensive library of promotional banners and text links that can be downloaded instantly from our referral partner page. The full html code includes the text, graphic, and SEO keywords, with your unique referral tracking link embedded — Just copy and paste into your web pages and emails.


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Lead Magnets

Direct Links to our FREE Ebooks and Financial Model Templates
They’re Interesting, useful, and easy to download and use.

We track the source via your Referral Partner link indefinitely and pay you after they subscribe.

In the meantime, we send a series of emails with useful business tips and ideas, including buttons to subscribe.


Email Notification of Each Sale

As soon as one of your referrals subscribes, you’ll get an email.
This is a great way to know who took your advice so you can follow-up with an offer of more support.


Detailed Reporting

As an referral partner, you can access comprehensive commission and site activity information by logging in to the Business Power Tools referral partner member page. The reports provide you with all the information you need to track site traffic data and commissions, including listings of the products that were sold through your site(s), the date that each product was purchased, the amount of each sale, the commission you earned on each sale, the number of visitors generated by each of your sites and the number of visitors generated by each of the banners/links you place on your site.


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Invest in the commission rate you want.
The sooner you start, the sooner you make money.

Choose the Level of Commissions that Makes You the Most…

Use Your Referral Rev-Share as a Rebate on Your Own Subscription

For Example:
Invest $97 in the 30% Referral Rev-Share and Save $449 on the
$1497 Lifetime EVERYTHING Subscription
With Rebate, Just $1048
AND You Now Get 30% On All of Your Referrals!