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bizplan bizplanbuilder best free start up funding presentation software template app word excel powerpoint

Strategic Planning, Start-Up
and Growth Funding

Start / Finance / Grow Efficiently

  • Featuring BizPlanBuilder Everything to Produce an Agile Strategic Business Plan to Organize, Raise Capital, Pivot, Scale, Sell…
  • Multiple Financial Models Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Valuation, What-If?
    • Customizable Excel Models
  • “Elevator” Pitch Worksheet
    • Investor Presentation Deck
  • Funding Resources
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Includes Stock Options Templates
    • Shareholder & Options Tracking
  • Corporate, LLC Docs
    • Board Minutes
  • Finance & Collections Docs
  • Videos Explain All Concepts
  • “Handbook of Business Planning”
  • Secure, Collaborative Data Room

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best business marketing pr strategy strategic plan sample press release software template word excel

Marketing, Public Relations,
Sales & Social Media

Everything to Grow Sales

  • Featuring Marketing Builder Strategic Go-To-Market Plan Template Prioritizes Tactics
  • 30+ Excel-based Calculators
    Do the Math to Support Good Decisions
  • Branding / Creative Development Worksheets
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Public Relations / Media Management with PR Calendar & Calculators
    • Get Free Promotion In the Media
    • 20+ Press Release Templates
    • Comprehensive PR Tutorial
  • Website Testing Tools
  • Sales Proposal Builder
  • Sample Sales & Reseller Contracts
  • Prospecting & Appointment-Setting
    • Scripts, Emails, Letters
  • Sample Customer Service Responses
  • Secure, Collaborative Platform

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best free hr management employee policy policies procedures handbook software template app cloud

Employee Policies & Procedures
Reduce Friction

Organize, Manage, Create Culture

  • Featuring Employee Manual Builder with 200+
    Professionally Scripted Sample Policies & Procedures Make Managing Easy
  • Compliant State x State
  • OSHA Safety Training Manual
    • Injury & Illness Prevention Plan w/ 161 Safe Work practices
  • 700+ Sample Job Descriptions
    • Interview Questions & Templates
    • Candidate Evaluation Worksheets
  • Hiring & Onboarding Correspondence
    • Employment Agreements
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Discipline & Termination Documentation
  • “Manager’s Procedures Guide” +
  • “How to Avoid Ruinous Litigation”
  • Secure, Collaborative Platform

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Averages $22.50 / Mo ( = 2 Months Free)
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Annually $270



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Lifetime Access $397


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Annually $370



One-Time Investment
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Lifetime Access $497

All 3 Toolsets!



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business power tools startup software template bizplan liveplan cloud JIAN HR Management employee policy safety training plan handbook online



$81 / MO (2 months Free)
Add Your Team for $10/Mo Each

Annually $970



One-Time Investment
Add Your Team for $149 Each

Lifetime Access $1497


Add Your Team for $1/Mo Each

cloud JIAN HR Management employee policy safety training plan handbook software template online



Averages $39.17 / Mo (= 2 Months Free)
Add Your Team $10/Yr Each

Annually $470



One-Time Investment
Add Your Team $69 Each

Lifetime Access $697

sample busines legal software template guarantee

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Cloud-Based Apps & Templates

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burke franklin business plan capital coaching

Burke wants to make sure you get your plan launched
and that you are familiar with the narrative, financial models, pitch deck,
and supporting documents (Invite letters to advisors, etc.).
A session can be from 60-90 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These More Than Just Digitized Documents?

With Business Power Tools, you get access to the most flexible, best-selling business planning and management templates available. Remember, we’re all about providing you with actual content you can use — the blank pages and empty boxes are actually filled in with consciously, professionally scripted text giving you the head-start you need for customizing them to fit your needs. Now. You also get access to valuable extras that help you grow your business faster.

  • Hundreds of sample legal business contract templates
  • Workplace policies, procedures and sample docs
  • Project / task management by business function
  • Expert commentary throughout with direction and ideas to help you succeed
  • Secure, collaborative access enables your team and advisors to work effectively together


Add My Whole Team for Just $1 / mo Each?

Just go to your Account tab and you’ll see all your options. It’s easy to add users or readers — input their email address and select which tabs they have read/write or read-only access to. Bullet-proof security is designed around the entire subscription so you and your team can use everything we offer. Additional team members are still only $1 each / mo, no matter if you subscribe to one, two, or all three sections.

Fyi… While you can create multiple business plans, for example, giving a person access to the business plan section, gives them access to all business plans in your subscription. So, for consultants, it’s best for each client to have their own subscription. Contact us for more information »

No Contract, Cancel / Suspend Anytime?

You just pay monthly, with no commitment or contract to sign. You can cancel / suspend any time. For Annual subscriptions, you have 60 days to cancel for a full refund per our Guarantee. You’ll receive an email 30 days before the end of your year notifying you of your forthcoming renewal. Once you cancel / suspend your plan, you will not be charged on the next billing cycle. (We’ll save your work for when you may want to come back and resume.) For details, click here.

Keep Your Subscription, Grandfathered, Keep Your Low Rate!

Prices go up… But not for you if you maintain your subscription! Keep your subscription up-to-date and, no matter how high prices may go in the future, your subscription investment will always remain “Grandfathered” in at this low rate.

Works in Most Browsers

Business Power Tools supports the following browsers:

  • MS Edge / Internet Explorer (Windows only)
  • Firefox (Windows & Mac)
  • Safari  (Mac only).
  • Google Chrome (Windows & Mac)
  • For Best Experience, Use Business Power Tools on Your Desktop or Laptop.

Plenty of Time to Be Blown Away By Business Power Tools

sample business plan software template guaranteeTest-drive Business Power Tools for 60 days, and if you aren’t blown away with the depth and breadth of content and direction, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll credit your account so fast it’ll make your head spin!

We’re here to support your success in every way possible. What’s most important is to help you build your company. And do it right!

Get Rich Quick Disclaimer

“You too can make a zillion dollars overnight, with no risk, no effort…? Really?!? As much as we’d like to believe in “get-rich-quick” programs, they rarely, if ever work out. (We’ve all tried a few…) Only mindful and diligent action — adding value and serving others pays off. Our programs are intended to help you successfully build your business and to make a difference in the world. We cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Hate saying that, but it’s just the way it is.

We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Yes? We just want to help by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any accounting, legal, medical, psychological, tax or other professional advice.

Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates, examples or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All numbers are illustrative only. Anyway, all of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the link above. It’s all the regular legal mumbo jumbo, but we feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity.

Thank you for stopping by and subscribing to the tools you need.

Until next time, live mindfully, love consciously, and make a difference every day.

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Call us! 800-346-5426 8-5 Mon – Fri (We’re in Southern California) Or email us… [email protected]

Just a Few of Our Customer Success Stories:

Dick Thorsen marine captain recommends BizPlanBuilder alternative liveplan bplans“You guys are so much more on the ball than ANY OTHER software company that I have EVER dealt with.” ~ Capt. Dick Thorsen, SA

Lion Goodman recommends BizPlanBuilder alternative liveplan plans“I HIGHLY recommend Burke’s software. It’s helped me start two entrepreneurial ventures, and I’ve recommended it to dozens of my clients. His business planning software helps you think through all the issues that could – and do – come up when you’re growing a business. It’s like getting 20 years of good business advice for about $100.” ~ Lion Goodman, Clear Beliefs, San Rafael, CA

“Having gone through all of the competitive products for business planning and marketing planning, I chose yours. For several years running now, our students have won the governor’s award for the best business plans in Virginia. I recommend regularly to all of the marketing professors in Virginia to use the combination of Business Power Tools products.” ~ Malcolm Novins PhD, Professor, George Mason University, Alexandria, VA


Who is Business Power Tools?

Business Power Tools is a boutique, contemporary California software creator at the forefront of rebuilding business in America and the world. You can’t build the business of tomorrow on yesterday’s thinking. Most businesses are built on documents written with the mentality of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s… Think: Twinkies, Tang, CheezWiz

It’s the content that counts!

We’ve taken on the task of revising all of the important business-building documents with consciousness and mindfulness – seeking the healthy approaches to business success. Our mission is to infuse higher consciousness into business and practices, transforming how entrepreneurs think and act as they build and run their companies – with software templates that maximize success and minimize mistakes, enabling you to offer your products and services to make a profit and a difference. Read more about Business Power Tools »

What If I Need Help?

Help from a real live person is just a phone call or email away. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Our customer support team works out of the same office as our developers, managers, and even the CEO, and we take customer service very seriously. We want to hear your feedback and suggestions, as well as answer any question you may have. So feel free to contact us at 1-800-346-5426 or email us at [email protected]

What’s Your Privacy Policy?

We get how important your personal information is to you. We are committed to keeping it strictly confidential. Your information is not for sale — we will never sell, rent, or otherwise reveal the private information you have entrusted us with. Read our full privacy policy »

What’s the Difference Between Cloud and Server Options?

With Business Power Tools, we host and setup your Business Power Tools site in the cloud for you. This is generally the best option for teams who want to get started quickly and easily.

How Safe is My Data?

Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security protocols. Our products run on a dedicated network that is locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored. We run third-party security scans every day to make sure our infrastructure is highly secure and completely up-to-date. Read more about our system security »

What Happens To My Projects If I Cancel My Account?

No worries. You can easily take your plan with you if you go. Remember to export your plans, handbooks and contracts to Microsoft Word before you log-out for the last time. We’ll miss you, but if you gotta go, you gotta go. We get it.

Thank You for Subscribing With Us!

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