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How SBDC counselors can serve more clients. Easily.

We so much appreciate your years of experience and expertise — we want to make your job easier as well as expand the gratification you feel when you help each and every entrepreneur who walks through your door.

“Please accept my thanks and appreciation for such an excellent product. It was very good when I started using it years ago, and it has improved from there. I am an adjunct instructor at Chemeketa Community College (Small Business Development Center) in Salem, Oregon. I have used several business plan applications and like BizPlanBuilder the best. I recommend it to clients when appropriate.”

~ Gary Richards, Business Brokerage, M&A, Salem, OR

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In just a few minutes exploring how this unique system works,
you’ll see how much more you can do for your clients

Save Hours / Days / Weeks helping Clients with their Startups, Funding, Hiring, and Growth

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When You Work with Entrepreneurs & Business Owners…

You can further leverage your business practices and help even more entrepreneurs when you offer Business Power Tools professional-grade software tools.

Send entrepreneurs home with pages full of notes from your sessions together, plus access to an online business planning system to make sure they complete the task.

The Business Power Tools dashboard enables easy collaboration and oversight of the entire project.

“While I was with the Wharton Small Business Development Center, I wrote 70 or 80 business plans over a 4-5 year period using your Biz Plan Builder (all of our clients bought copies). Most business owners knew how to make products, but didn’t know how to really run a business. Mainly, we introduced them to budgeting, got them to profitability sooner and enabled them to be more effective and efficient in their business practices. Also, we did lots of ‘what if’ to help them to expand their marketing areas… and that was all with the older version of BizPlanBuilder! This new version is quite a bit more powerful. The new financials give you a lot more flexibility—a lot of nice stuff in there!”
~ William Parsons, Philadelphia, PA

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Immediate help with business planning

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  • Enables easy collaboration with clients to work together on business plans
  • Clients can do more of the work so you don’t have to
  • Assist more entrepreneurs
  • Engage clients to participate in the business planning process
  • More efficient — counselors can go to the source of what clients are doing
  • SBDC counselors’ work can be more meaningful because clients can continue to build on their own


“I have used both Business Plan Pro and Biz Plan Builder in my past management positions. With all the so-called sample plans in Business Plan Pro, it’s easy to think you have the final product. You really don’t—it’s not really that user-friendly especially if you are not comfortable writing the narrative. Instead, with Business Power Tools’ BizPlanBuilder, it’s much easier for me to help a client develop a professional business plan that I don’t have to entirely rewrite.”

~ Sajata Strong, Area Director, Clark Atlanta University SBDC, School of Business Administration, Atlanta, GA


Easier to help clients succeed

Keeping your clients in business as well as helping them build their companies is good for business — all businesses in America. These proven and popular business tools teach best business practices as well as provide the templates for doing it right. Best of all, they cost you nothing and only make your job easier!

Learn more about the new collaborative BizPlanBuilder 2020

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“I teach a class for Score on how to prepare a business plan. You will be pleased to know that most of our counselors recommend Biz Plan Builder to our clients. Thank you!”
~ Terry Little

Free videos teach business planning for you…

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“The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan”

Use this free video to teach your clients about business planning…

Watch “The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan”
~ a 90-minute video.

  • The developer of BizPlanBuilder business plan software and author of Business Black Belt speaks to an audience of entrepreneurs…
  • Give your members a head-start on investors, hiring employees, managing and marketing…
  • Why bankers want your first born!
  • Making sense of financial models
  • Amusing anecdotes make important points stick
  • Save yourself hours of explanation


Video tutorials with each section of the business plan

Not much time to spare?
These are the series of 1-5-minute videos coaching on what investors are looking for in each section of a business plan.
There are buttons within BizPlanBuilder, but you can access them individually here.

Access Links to 50+ Free 1-5 Minute Videos

Who are we?

Business Power Tools focuses on developing business templates that takes the guess-work out of writing important business documents.

We work with business advisors, consultants and experts in every field and bring their experience to each of our business planning software solutions. We’ve done the research, written the templates and bring more than 30-years of business success to each of our business products.

  • 30+ years of proven business success through up & down economic cycles provide vetted business templates
  • Easy start business plan, HR, PR, marketing and sample contract templates produce professional documents quickly
  • Edit professionally written & formatted Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® templates—eliminate compatibility issues
  • Completely customizable using Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® — build budgets & presentations with ease
  • Expert Advice throughout guides you every step of the way, explains what to do, and helps side-step mistakes
  • Multi-user system enables team collaboration over a network or the Internet to write a winning business plan
  • Learn one, use them all All work exactly the same way—We build all of our business planning products using the same intuitive system
  • Purchase, download, edit & print — the business plan you need is yours in just a few clicks!
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