Access to Your Own Virtual Business Accelerator!

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Coming soon… Imagine having your own comprehensive, customizable and collaborative online workbench loaded with apps, docs, templates, videos and worksheets to organize, fund, run, and scale your company.

Lifetime access to the Business Power Tools dashboard!

We think our cloud-based Business Power Tools dashboard will help you build your business — from organizing, to funding, to strategy, to managing, to scaling… all the way to selling it!

And, because your business will be so well organized and documented, it may even double the value of your company!
(Read, “Why the DEA sells airplanes for so cheap“)

So, if you’re going for it no-matter-what and growing your business, making it more successful, more systematized, and more secure, we think you’ll love this offer…

What are we up to with this deal?

We’re making this once-in-a-lifetime — crowdfunding-like — offer to give you a full set of our upgraded apps and templates, in a new dashboard, and learn from your feedback.

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This is the new look!

The content has been updated and upgraded, but the dashboard system is all new, and as cool as we think it is, we would like to hear from you.   So, in return for your ongoing feedback, we’ll give you UNLIMITED, non-transferable, LIFETIME access (and I mean lifetime – good for you until you’re done here) to…

  • All Business Power Tools software titles (listed above)
  • CRM System with email management and To-do lists by department (online and working now)
  • Plus many more Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates
  • A hard-copy of Business Black Belt (including shipping & handling)
  • Subscription includes ongoing updates & upgrades
  • Automatically shares common data between apps
  • Collaborate between Windows & Macintosh users
  • 24/7 access / 256-bit encryption
  • Perfect for business consultants looking for an efficient means of attracting and working with more clients!
  • ALL in One Comprehensive Cloud-based Business-Building Dashboard System that will help you manage everything that otherwise distracts you from developing products and working with customers… and making more money!

We’ve been hard at work developing this powerful new online Business Power Tools™ dashboard. Since you’ve experienced what our software & templates can do for you, we figured that you of all people would “get it” and see where this is going!

Here’s everything you get now… And into the future!

Your collection of business-building tools

For immediate gratification we’re giving you ALL of the apps and templates we have now! Here’s what you get when you go for this bundle offer:

  • Agreement Builder: 165+ comprehensive, high-quality sample business contract templates to help start / structure your business and make good, clean deals to build it.
  • BizPlan Builder: Revise your business strategy & update your budget.
  • CRM System: Manage your contacts, to-do lists, events, proposals & prospects by department
  • Marketing Builder: Sales are a top priority… develop your marketing strategy and maximize your promotional ROI
  • Publicity Builder: Build on your marketing strategy with public relations — Use these pro PR tools to get free content placement in the media.
  • Employee Manual Builder: Covers 200+ policies & procedures (by state), includes 50+ memos, forms and all federal posters.
  • HR File Builder: Effectively track your employee data and manage all of your personnel files.
  • Safety Plan Builder: Avoid fines & lawsuits! Publish a Complete OSHA-compliant Safety Handbook. Covers 161 Safe Work Practice categories and choose from 250+ pre-written pages of industry-specific Safe Work Practices.
  • Stock Options Builder: Save cash, inspire your people with stock options. Here’s the paperwork you need.
  • Business Black Belt: This popular and entertaining book picks up where the consultants, gurus and business schools leave off. A must read by Burke Franklin — Shipped free.

Two economical choices to build a solid foundation for your company!

2017/08/31 23:59:59

Right now, you can have a LIFETIME, paid-in-full access all of the current Business Power Tools software as well as our forthcoming cloud-based dashboard system with apps & content for just $29 /mo OR just a 1x investment of $597.

Sold separately: $1,141 You SAVE $544 right now + SAVE ~$4,500(!?!) over the next few years!

Cloud-Based Apps & Templates — Works for BOTH PCs and/or Macs!
Includes Ongoing Updates!

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Just a one-time investment gives you lifetime access to all of our
Business Power Tools software apps and templates!
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Keep making the low payments and keep your credit card up to date, you can enjoy
this low-price subscription to all of our Business Power Tools indefinitely!

Add unlimited additional team & advisors
to your subscription for just $1 / mo each!

Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security — You control access, user by user, app by app!
Give your team & consultants access to collaborate, contribute and communicate!


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