With a Booming Business Deal in the Works,
Can You Trust Just a Handshake or a Verbal Agreement to Assure a Properly Done, Done Deal?


Optimize Legal Costs With These Comprehensive Legal Business Contract Templates
in Plain-English, that Make Transactions Easier to Understand, Negotiate, and Close…

How These Contract Templates Make Your Life Easier, More Productive, and Profitable

  • You’ve  Been Screwed in Deals in the Past and Lost a Lot of Money
  • A Solid Written Contract in plain English Makes it Easier to Negotiate and Sign
  • A Contract to Review Ahead of a Deal Reveals Important Issues to Consider
  • You Don’t Trust Your Business to the FREE Agreement Templates
  • Contracts Drafted By Seasoned Deal-Makers Catch More Critical Points
  • You Can Easily Edit All of These Agreements Using Word
  • You’ve Gotten into Nasty Disagreements Over What You Thought a Deal Was
  • You Want to Avoid Lawsuits with Binding Arbitration and Mediation
  • Better to Start With Actual Contracts Used Successfully in the Real World
  • Easily Transfer Your Agreements to an Acquirer of Your Company
  • Your Own Collection of Contract Templates Would Save Legal Fees
  • Get Legal Guidance from Our Supporting Law Firm

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Click to See the Actual Customizable Contract Templates Below.

The Greater the Investment of Time, Money, and Resources, the More Important It Is To Have Good Agreements in Place.

We’ve Used These Business Contract Templates Ourselves and Proven They Work in the Real World

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What We Learned From a Dumb Lawsuit May Help You…

Way back, being sued by a former employee who felt he should be paid for sales out into the future inspired our Sales Representative Agreement. Together, with our attorneys, we wrote it with a renewed sense of purpose (a vengeance?!?). The example “Sales Representative” contract alone could save you as much or more than the $80,000+ we paid our attorneys to win that lawsuit…

You’ll be very happy to have this agreement in place with every salesperson you hire, either as a contractor on straight commission or as an employee with a base salary. But that’s just the start of the story…

Business Contracts Made Easy — Deals Done. Legal Problems Prevented

Fortunately, that’s not how we typically develop software, but it’s a lesson worth sharing. Your business shouldn’t be the torture-testing ground for dumb things that can cost a fortune. Instead, you can benefit from our experience and investment in these sample legal contract templates.

All of Our Tools Work Like Office and Are Easily Accessible Via Our Visual Document Management Dashboard

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Business Power Tools Creator & CEO, Burke Franklin Introduces this
Collection of Business Contracts and Shares the Painful Story Behind It. (4:40)

Make Better Deals, Protect Your Business, Safeguard Your Future…

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We Teamed-Up with Real-World Business Attorneys and Deal-Makers to Create Thorough, Legally Binding Contracts that Support Business Deals with Clear and Fair Terms.

Here’s a headstart on having great agreements for all of your deals
In fact, these sample contract templates will help you to see important deal points you may otherwise overlook. If you were an attorney, you’d have a library of sample contract templates you could access. But if you’re not a lawyer, here’s your best option. Now you’ll have an excellent starting point for documenting future deals. Then discuss and fine-tune them with your attorney.

Review sample business contract software template“Agreement Builder stands out from the rest of the pack…
It has document templates for a wide range of business needs, including all the forms you’d want to operate a company on a day-to-day basis… use it as a short-form device to hammer out terms of an agreement before you turn them over to your attorney.”
~ Jeffrey J. Fahs, Home Office Computing, Wired by Law

pc computing review sample legal business contract template word legal zoom rocket lawyer…while Agreement Builder won’t replace your attorney, it may just keep your costs down. With a draft contract in hand, your lawyer might not feel obliged to charge so much for services.
~ Jack Lyon, PC Computing

sample business legal contract template word“The next time you see that document, it will have “Exhibit A” stamped at the top of it.”
~ Michael Redinger, Investment Banker, San Francisco, CA

Better than LegalZoom & RocketLawyer?!?

“I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Business Power Tools. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. He was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and Business Power Tools.”
~ Brad Fishman

Agreements in Plain-English
Easier for Everyone to Understand, Negotiate, and Sign

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Avoid Haggling Over Ambiguities and Lawsuits Where a Judge Will Decide What You meant, What to Do Next, and Who’s Going to Pay!

Plain-English contracts are just as binding as those written using obfuscating legalese! This collection of sample business contracts will support your deals, help you build your business, and save you a small fortune in legal bills.

Easily Edit and Customize in Word

Because each sample contract is written using Microsoft® Word, you enjoy complete control over your text, formatting and style. Simply fill in the variables, change as necessary, and print.

I lost more than a few sales due to a complicated purchase agreement no one would sign:

“In a former life, I sold high-ticket word-processors… and lost more than a few sales because the customers needed to check with their legal department for approval. The complex purchase agreement in horrific legalese printed in tiny grey type on the back of the order form was just too scary to sign! Now, we’ve fixed that!” ~ Burke Franklin, Creator & CEO, Business Power Tools

Draft Thorough, Properly Structured Business Contracts…

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Meet the seasoned business attorneys
behind these proven contract templates.

Start Here With a Draft of Your Agreement

You may be amazed at what you must consider along the way, and how much you can do yourself…
It’s a huge head-start with your attorney (for the price of just a few minutes).

  • For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Consultants, and Attorneys
  • Compiled, edited and annotated by practicing attorneys and deal-makers
  • Easily customizable using Microsoft® Word
  • Get all of them or just the subsets you want now
  • LLC collection includes LLC Operating Agreement + all LLC formation docs
  • Attorney’s comments throughout each agreement explain issues and give direction
  • Bonus: Handbook of Business Contracts (PDF)
  • Supported by law firm Burk & Reedy
  • Windows or Macintosh compatible (requires Microsoft® Office)
  • Instant download after purchase

Don’t need all of them?
Scroll-Down to see how you can purchase just the sub-sets of sample contracts that you want.

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7 Reasons Why These Contract Templates Are Better…


For Your Business Now. And Into the Future. Especially the Future

1 Torture-Tested By Us First

We just don’t believe that stationery store business contracts or the freebies you may find on the web will really protect your business and build good relationships. We’re all for saving money and getting a good deal, but we’re more interested in helping you to lay a solid foundation for your business. We gathered these sample contracts into a real collection that you can use. We’ve paid our attorneys and used these contracts ourselves, learned from the deals made, and refined them further to make sure that we do even better the next time.


2 Like Having a Smart Lawyer Sitting Beside You

Attorneys’ comments and notations throughout each sample business contract assure that you understand each section and explain what to do and why. The comments can even be left in to help clarify specific points during negotiations.


3 Plain-English is Just as Binding

Sometimes the legalese gets in the way of a good deal. Most contracts disregard the potential emotional impact of the wording. These are the things we’ve fixed in AgreementBuilder—everything is understandable, and appealing to emotions of both people involved with your deal.

We’ve surgically removed the legal gibberish so that you and your customers, suppliers, reps, employees and others can easily understand the agreement. No more hereof, whereas, hereinafter, set forth, pursuant to, thereof, and our favorite, notwithstanding the foregoing (it means ‘no matter what’).


4 Establish Clear Terms Up-Front, Smoke-Out Intentions, Stay in Business!

Recently a friend called for some suggestions for handling a deal he felt he was being jerked around on. I told him to put a draft agreement in front of them to see what they said. Yep, they were scammers! A good agreement will serve you well to smoke out the true intentions of the other party. It will be easy to see who is indeed responsible for what and who bears which expenses… Use these sample business contracts as soon as possible so you can structure your agreement as you go. No use thinking that you are on the same page only to present the contract and risk starting over with negotiations. Let the sample contract introduce important deal points that require discussion early on to keep you deal moving to closure.


5 Prepare Now for Investors and Acquirers

In the event you’ll want to sell your business in the future, the business relationships you are establishing now can add considerable value. Investors and acquirers will want to review your agreements to be certain that your deals (the deals they will acquire) are well documented—and assignable to them. Considering their interests now in all of your business agreements can save you a small fortune in future legal fees, “due-diligence” and/or renegotiations with partners. Where logical, we’ve built proper “assignability” into these sample business contracts — so you can easily assign your agreement to a 3rd party without prior approval.


6 “Alternative Dispute Resolution” Clauses Repel Lawsuits

To prevent unnecessary lawsuits and legal actions, we’ve included language for “alternative dispute resolutions” by inserting sections defining arbitration and mediation to help you avoid lawsuits and costs of legal wrangling…


7 Learn a Critical Things About Business Law With The Handbook…

Within the included Handbook of Business Contracts we’ve even provided a mini-course in business law to give you a strong grasp of the basic legal principles involved. (This manual comes in PDF format with electronic bookmarks making it easy to find and click on the sections you want to read.) There are a bunch of things you really need to be aware of.

Larger Companies Have Their Own Lawyers…

“I would recommend this tremendous work of essential legal documents in doing business to anyone! You can use my name and quote anyway or anywhere you feel fit. You have an excellent product that would be of value to anyone self-employed, small-business or medium-sized business. (Larger companies probably have their own lawyers, either on retainer or as part of the legal staff.) This is great stuff. And, you are very customer-service oriented. I would recommend you to anyone who had need for your expertise.”
~ Michael McGee, McGee & Associates, Santa Clara, CA

“I had a non-disclosure agreement drafted by my lawyer, but it was too scary to sign. With AgreementBuilder, the text is down to earth and everyone can agree on it.”
~ S. Haugen, Chicago, IL

Preview Any Template, Be Sure It’s Right For You

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Get Just the Set You Need Or the Entire Library

Below are all of the sample business contracts included with Agreement Builder.
To preview each sample contract on-screen to make sure you are getting exactly what you want,
just click on any title and it will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
(As these are demos for verification only, copying and printing is locked-out.

(The “NDA~General” you may download for free and use right now.)

Click the Document Title to Read It

(After you review the agreement, click your browser’s Back button to return to this page.)
After you purchase and download the Agreement Builder sample business contract collection,
you will be able to edit, format and print as you like using Microsoft Word.

Remember to scan the entire list since we may have named an agreement differently than you may expect.

Administration / Corporate




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Consultants / Business Advisors



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Finance & Accounting



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Human Resources / Management



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Intellectual Property



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Internet / Web



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Legal / Administration



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Limited Liability Company (LLC)



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Product Development / R&D



FYI… You must be the sole owner of all works made for hire. The contractor / consultant retains no copyright or business interest in your project. You need to do this to ensure uniqueness – that the designer / developer cannot just duplicate the work done for you and sell it to others. You also want control… If / when you sell your company you don’t want to have to get special releases from each freelancer explicitly releasing “their” interests in your intellectual property.

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Real Estate



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Sales & Marketing



“I used the Marketing Consulting Agreement, which I am very happy with. I think the contracts you provide are very high quality and are great tools for my work.”
~ Guram Shen, Imedia Marketing Group

“I was immediately able to use the exclusive distribution agreement to establish one of the largest contracts of the company.”
~ Andrea Sanchez, Owner, International Financial Services, Oxnard, CA

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Software Development



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Download the Entire Collection for Just $97

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All of the Above: $97 – One-Time Investment

If you don’t need all of these business contract templates, you can purchase and download just what you want,
but if it makes sense to own the bundle, we offer our entire library at this special price.

Yes, you get ALL 165 sample business contract templates for just $97

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