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form llc, file incorporation, ein, incorporate, c-corp

Incorporate, File an LLC, Learn About Business Structure…

Incfile is the online incorporation provider of choice for more than 500,000 small businesses. Incfile’s expert staff, step-by-step processes, and no hidden fees policy allow you to incorporate, file your LLC, obtain business licenses, Federal Tax IDs, and more.

Form LLC / Incorporate

angel investor network startup capital

Meet Angel Investors Who Want to Fund Your Company

Like us, the team at Angel Investors Network believe that entrepreneurs are the building blocks of our economy. Our company is dedicated to helping build your company and stand ready to help you scale your business, raise capital, and create an exit strategy.

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small business startup funding cash capital

Say NO to Merchant Cash Advances… Do this Instead

Do the math and you’ll quickly see how bad those deals really are. Here’s a better offer from a long-time collaborator, Bruce Mack, who can get you the cash you need much faster and easier than you might imagine. And it can be interest-free for a year or more. He has a variety of options, so visit their website to see what they can do for you ASAP.

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Leadership Support for NonProfits

SynerVision Leadership Foundation helps congregations, nonprofits, and communities seeking ways to serve well and respond to the tide of global change who feel lost and uncertain, battered, and dispirited. They provide a pathway of enlightened engagement for organizations seeking transformation to greater success achieving their purpose.

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free pr startups publicity

Get Your Startup Listed in 70+ Directories!

StartupLister manually submits your information to 70+ startup directories, review sites, and communities to help you create profiles for your startup, build backlinks, and rank better.

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business plan softwre template training raise capital angels venture

How to Pitch to Wealthy Investors

Raising capital isn’t easy. Investors give you the run-around. Why? What do they really want? Why does the money go to long-shots rather than folks like me? It shouldn’t be so hard. Through Intelliversity you’ll learn exactly what investors think, how to anticipate and influence their thinking. You’ll know how investors think even if they don’t tell you. You’ll feel confident pitching investors. You’ll know how to avoid losing control to investors.

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image james burk securities attorney

If You’re Raising Capital By Any Means…

you must get your financing documents right. Jim Burk is your guy. (We’ve worked with Jim and his team for 20+ years!) His firm, Burk & Reedy, LLP specializes in entrepreneurial law. Located in Washington, DC, they focus on your first several rounds of financing; providing advice and counsel in most aspects of corporate law, including private securities laws, licensing (even supporting Licensing4Profits below), non-profit law, business transactions, corporate governance, and international law.

It’s the legal expertise you need for starting, growing, and then protecting your business and the assets of the founders.

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how to quickbooks what-if cashflow projection

Using QuickBooks? Make it Jump Thru Some Hoops!

Fred Parrish and his team from The Profit Beacon™ have done something that a lot of us entrepreneurs really need – figured out how to make QuickBooks® more “entrepreneurially-friendly.” Actually, he and his team wrote an entire software program that enables you to download your QuickBooks data and use it to generate real cashflow projections for years in the future.

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best disaster prepare plan

Managing Risk Goes Beyond Your Internal Policies and Procedures

ReadyGlobal provides a complete suite of resiliency solutions to get your staff and facility ready for any incident and for health care organizations ensures compliance with CMS regulations. We offer a full suite of services including Risk Assessment, Emergency Plans, Policies & Procedures, Communications Plans, and Training & Testing Programs. Before the lightening strikes...

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patent IP product licensing expert consultant broker software template

Got an Invention? Could You Make More By Licensing It?!? is an online educational platform that offers real-world advice, education and resources for making money with all types of intellectual property. L4P was founded by a licensing industry executive with over 30 years of experience working with start-ups, small companies, Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies and well-known film studios in Hollywood.

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Choose the Best SEO Keywords for Your Web Page

We’ve tried a number of keyword search tools including the one from Google, but Search Triggers does something differently.

The idea is to help you choose keywords / key phrases / keyword pairs that enable you to make the most of your adwords investment.

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Repair your credit while you write your business plan.

Fix Your FICO Score

Removing derogatory information on your credit report is your first step toward successful financing! These guys will remove item by item and you pay as you go! You pay $100 to get set up, then $25 per item removed. They work and it makes a difference.

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media public relations management software press release templates

Send Press Releases to News Outlets, Boost SEO!

This a very simple SEO hack you can start using right now… For example, for $297 you can have 3 press releases written and distributed to 200+ top-tier news outlets guaranteed to pick up your story! ($247 / mo. recurring.) Think of it as content placement on sites Google regards as credible ⇒ with back-links to your site. Increase SEO rankings!

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best wordpress hosting

Who We Use for Hosting Our WordPress-based Web Site

If your web site is built using WordPress, who better than a WordPress specialist to host it? I love these guys!  We’ve screwed-up our web pages more than once and they’ve been there to help, our site is backed-up every day, and we can restore it easily in just a few minutes. They do a lot more than that, plus the price is right. I highly recommend them!

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Scribes consultants offer help writing your business plan

Get Help Writing Your Business Plan, Proposal, Or Grant App

Scribes Unlimited offers an attractive variety of writing, editing, proofreading and planning services for just about anything business-related, technical, or creative. With many years working in the freelance writing industry, Scribes Unlimited is confident to provide assistance and support for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking written, edited documentation, research, consultations, promotional materials and public relations.

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Now that you've written your business plan, submit it to investors

Financing for Your Business

US Capital Partners is a private investment bank that makes direct debt investments, participates in debt facilities, and arranges equity placements for small to lower middle market companies. We specialize in financing private and public companies with $5 million to $100 million in sales. Since 1998, they have provided lending services and participated in funding asset-backed loans of $500 thousand to $30 million for growth capital, working capital, assets, acquisitions, and liquidity events.

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Develop your speaking voice for effectively presenting your business plan to investors

Improve How People Perceive You — Through Your Voice!

Arthur Samuel Joseph, the renowned voice master, is the one who first postulated that your words contribute only 7%, the quality of your voice adds about 38%, and your body language makes up 55% of the total power of your verbal communication. Think about it… How you say something — actually, and more importantly, who you are as you say something is everything. For 40 years, Arthur Samuel Joseph has investigated the connection between language, breath, and psychological response. If you want to change how people respond to you, you must “own” what you say. Arthur Samuel Joseph explains it all to you in “Vocal Awareness” for $34.95. Speak with the full depth and power of your authentic voice.

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Get a Great Name for Your Product Or Company

Wherewords is the story of where words and names come from (etymology), but it’s also the story of where words and names are going (neology). Steve Cecil is a short-form copywriter and verbal branding professional specializing in 9-letter novels (names) and 6-syllable sagas (taglines). 650-595-2856

Learn about exporting and add to your business plan strategy

Get started in international trade

Available in a 30-minute DVD + Handbook or Instant PDF download, Crash Course on Exporting™ takes you through the 15 easy steps to buying and selling internationally – from simply an idea to the end of your first in-market visit – when you will KNOW WITH CERTAINTY how to achieve international business success! 15 years of successful international business experience has been packed into 15 easy steps to international trade. All the basics on doing business internationally through exporting and importing are in one place: It’s an easy-to-follow package so you can start right now – the right way.

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money and you recommends bizplan builder business plan software template

Take the Same Business Class the Financial Gurus Took

Learn the same exact strategies that have helped industry leaders, influential experts and extraordinary people from all over the world to create the life they deserve. People such as Robert & Kim Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series; T. Harv Eker, best-selling author; Morry Fraid of Spotlight Stores, one of Australia’s leading billionaires; Dominique Lyone, Mega-Entrepreneur… plus many others are graduates of the Excellerated Business School® For Entrepreneurs (BSE)…

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Need a New Logo?

Effectively branding your corporate identity is one of the most important decisions a new company can make. Our trusted partner creates custom designed logos for just $99. 99 Designs can assist you with Full Color Business Cards, Brochures, Presentation Folders and Postcards along with Customized Letterhead and Envelopes.

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Enjoy these inspirational quotes -- add a few to your business plan

Fun Way to Stay in Touch With Customers & Prospects

Our marketing team uses this innovative, automatic CRM email system. Let’s face it – out of sight, out of mind.  If you’re not communicating with your database, someone else is. I’ve known the creator of QuoteActions for 30+ years. When Rick Itzkowich brought QuoteActions contact management system to my attention, I knew adding this tool to our bag of tricks was a no-brainer. For less than a $1 a day, you send pre-written, short, uplifting, inspirational quotes, accompanied with an action item to your contacts. The response we’ve received from our clients has been great. Creating goodwill with positive, no-sell messages is the secret sauce of QuoteActions. These messages contain no sales or other promotional materials. There is no charge. You can try them out and see how you like them. If you don’t like them, you can unsubscribe at any time. Here’s an actual QuoteAction:

“You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” ~ John Wooden, Legendary Basketball Coach

Your action for today is to make an anonymous donation or do something nice for someone without them finding out you did it.

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Add Quality Images to Your Documents & Web Pages

Getty Images is a great source for quality images of all kinds that you can easily download and insert into your website and other materials. We find that their prices and licensing are very reasonable and can add a lot of color and credibility to any project.

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