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Lead, manage, and protect your company with this comprehensive
employee policies and procedures handbook software template.

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Compliant… Current… Socially Conscious… Fully Customizable…
And easier than ever to implement

Advancements over 30 years by HR experts, attorneys and entrepreneurial managers guarantee a positive and conscious company culture for maximum productivity. Includes everything you need to plan, develop and implement your employee policies and produce a comprehensive employee policy manual:

  • 200+ comprehensive sample employee policies and procedures
  • Includes 60+ supplemental forms, plus access to FREE State & Federal posters
  • Windows and/or Macintosh
  • BONUS: Includes 700+ JOB DESCRIPTION templates
  • Addresses the toughest standards of every state (including CA & HI)
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements — Exportable to Microsoft® Word
  • Step x step instructions explain each section and offer best practices
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide
  • Cloud-Based App & Templates — Works for BOTH PCs and Macs
  • Includes Ongoing Updates — Renews Annually
  • $147 / yr

Add unlimited additional users for just $1 each / mo!

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Effectively track your employee data and manage all of your employee files.

Secure, professional record-keeping system safeguards your company

At a time when it’s imperative to keep organized, consistent, and accurate records on all employees, HR File Builder (formerly Employee File Builder) can provide you with the best possible documentation.

With personnel records kept in one centralized system, multiple authorized users can gain instant access to the information they need, when they need it. Evaluating employee performance, making recommendations, preparing reports, and backing up personnel decisions and policies have never been easier. In the event personnel or legal problems ever develop, you can be confident of having the necessary records and documentation to back you up.


Details on HR File Builder

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Instantly produce your “Injury & Illness” prevention plan to
keep everyone safe and healthy…

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Because you cannot afford to be sued by an employee and/or fined by OSHA

Safety Plan Builder software helps you publish a custom illness and injury prevention and training manual to quickly and easily comply with OSHA, avoid lawsuits, train your employees, and provide a safe workplace.

Covers 161 Safe Work Practice categories

All elements of your safety plan are pre-written. Select the appropriate sections for your business or industry, then customize the paragraphs. Menus help you select the paragraphs appropriate to your state. Contains over 250 pre-written pages of industry-specific Safe Work Practices. Publish your complete plan in a few minutes and be safety compliant in all 50 states.

Easily protect your staff & volunteers, and avoid costly OSHA fines

  • Every Industry / Every State
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Online — Works for both Windows & Macintosh
  • Subscription Includes ongoing updates

“Using Safety Plan Builder can save a company thousands or even millions of dollars in reduced or avoided legal judgments,” says Labor Law Attorney Mark Thierman. “Believe me when I say that plaintiff attorneys just don’t want to come up against this type of written plan!”

  • Step x step instructions explain each component and offer best practices
  • Professionally formatted
  • $147 / yr
Details on Safety Plan Builder

Cloud-based Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM system manages a lot more than just contacts

Business Power Tools CRM is an easy to use online contact management and small business marketing solution designed specifically to help growth and impact entrepreneurs get off the ground and build lasting value your their company.

We don’t claim to be an Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or SalesForce type of marketing automation system. Instead, think of the Business Power Tools CRM for all of your internal communications and project management. (You’re probably not going track your packaging vendor, close advisors, or VIP customers using a marketing automation system.)

Built-in to the dashboard

Now you can keep track of potential investors, key customers, team members and others — even projects, deals and calendars.

This proven system grows as you grow.

Because it’s all online you can access your information securely from work, home or the road and stay in touch with your customers anywhere – anytime!

  • Calendar shows due dates for everything: Meetings, Events, Campaign Deadlines,
  • Tasks: Your To-Do lists for everyone
  • Contacts: Build comprehensive records — find and contact by multiple criteria
  • Leads: The Sales process starts here
  • Notes: Builds your business brain trust
  • Events: Schedule & coordinate all activities
  • Marketing Programs: Collaborate on all marketing campaigns
  • Proposals: Track the progress of deals
  • $14.95 / mo

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Human Resources Agreement Templates

hr human resources business legal contract sample software templates word free

The better job you do on your contracts, the better deals you’ll make.

Fully customizable Management and HR contract agreement templates — in plain English.

Agreement Builder allows you to cover any unexpected scenario that might occur when doing business, ensuring your company is completely secure.

“I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Business Power Tools. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. I was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and Business Power Tools.” ~ Brad Fishman

Entire Contract Template Collection Sold Separately for $49
You can even read all of the actual sample contract templates to make sure they are right for you.

Full Details on the Business Contracts Templates Collection

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Comprehensive Company Management Development Dashboard Subscription

All of the above tools have been integrated into our easy-to-use online dashboard.

Streamline Your Business

Save money on our full suite of HR Management Apps

Subscribe to this Human Resource management software bundle and upgrade your HR department overnight!

  • Employee Manual Builder – Creates your workplace policies handbook ($147/yr)
  • HR File Builder – Keeps track of Employee Records ($297)
  • Safety Plan Builder – Keeps you ahead of OSHA and plaintiff lawyers, also provides a safe workplace ($147/yr)
    • Security and Loss Prevention Plan
    • 20+ Operating Procedures
    • Accident and Loss Reporting Forms
  • Cloud-based CRM – Manages much more than just contact relationships… ($149.50/yr)
  • Sample HR legal business contract templates – Saves time and expense on legal docs ($49)
  • 24/7 secure access to All of them
  • Ongoing updates included
  • RSS Feeds
  • Add more Team and Advisors for $1/mo each
  • Cancel/Suspend Anytime
  • 60-Day Guarantee
hr management employee policies procedures handbook manual software template

best employee policies handbook manual software template

Cloud-Based App & Templates — Works for BOTH Windows & Macs
Includes Ongoing Updates — Renews Annually

Add unlimited additional team & advisors to your
initial subscription for just $1 / mo each!
Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security — You control access, user by user!
Give your team & consultants access to collaborate or just read-only.

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