HR – Employee Policies and Procedures

The New EmployeeManualBuilder™ & SafetyPlanBuilder® + Supporting Dashboard, Calculators, Contracts, CRM, & Worksheets

Software-Powered Templates Enable You to Manage Better, Avoid Penalties, Prevent Lawsuits, and Promote Healthy and Productive Relationships with Your Employees

Priorities in place…

  • Enable easy continuous process improvement
  • Your company is out of compliance with labor policies or has none…
  • Eliminate fear of being blind-sided by an employee legal action
  • Onboard new employees easily with documented policies and procedures
  • Define responsibilities with properly developed job descriptions
  • Keep people safe from accidents and illness — Avoid an O$HA visit?!?
  • How you should handle “dicey” employee situations
  • Fear of firing someone is keeping you from making a necessary change
  • Keep your people focused on priorities with operating procedures
  • Expand your range of client advisory services

Between our attorneys, entrepreneurial thought-leaders, HR experts, and these templates,
the procedures and processes for efficiently managing your employees are already done-for-you!

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Dashboard Includes All Panels for Managing, Policies, Procedures, and Documentation

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Congratulations, your business is growing!

And you’ve got more and more people working with you…

The hardest part of managing people is… managing people.
But not any more because here are the tools you need that make it easy to do it right.

It’s also time to pay conscious attention to establishing your company’s culture.
It’s easy actually, but the HR stuff must be properly addressed, and here it is all done-for-you.

$47 / mo

Do-it-yourself now and save hours every day plus about $5,000 – $10,000 every year
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Subscription Includes Access to Selected Panels on the Dashboard

  • Comprehensive Employee Policies Handbook
  • 700+ Sample Job Descriptions
  • OSHA Safety (IIPP) Training Manual
  • Operational & Security Procedures
  • Employee Record-Keeping Database
  • All the Supporting Documents…
  • 24 / 7 secure access
  • Ongoing Updates & Additions

Scroll-down to see everything you get…

1) Access Everything on the HR Panel

Employee policies, procedures, and documentation protect your business from unwanted legal actions

Employee Policies Updated

Organize & Manage Your People


  • Keep track of your HR tasks

Policies Handbook

  • Employee Manual Builder
  • 200+ customizable sample policies
  • Compliant State x State
  • Post or print your handbook

News & Blogs

  • Customizable feed for HR news

Mindful Management

  • Our blog feed curating “best practices”

Hiring & Onboarding templates:

  • Phone Interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Job offer / Rejection letters
  • Inter-office correspondence

Supporting Docs

  • 66 useful forms, memo templates
  • Access to all free Federal and State posters


  • 700+ Sample Job Descriptions
  • Interview Questions
  • Candidate Evaluations


  • HR contract templates
  • Saves time and expense on legal docs you can do yourself, then have your attorney review

“Manager’s Procedures Guide”

  • Includes “How to Avoid Ruinous Litigation.”
  • Perfect for training your supervisors


  • Employee Reviews
  • Discipline procedures
  • Termination documentation


  • Access to supporting HR products and services
hr management employee policies procedures handbook manual software template

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2) Access Everything on the Management Panel

For the “Captain of the Ship” — Tools to make better, informed decisions

free small business startup management software template dashboard

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Lead Your Company

Leverages Your Position


  • Simplified To-Do list

Management Tools

  • Execution plan, Team priorities…

News & Blogs

  • Customizable feed for newest news

Conscious Leadership

  • Our blog feed curating “best practices”


  • Quick answers to complex math questions

Worksheets & Supporting Docs

  • Useful templates for getting things done


  • Mature company sophistication now

Board Meeting Minutes

  • Document all meetings for corporate compliance

Management Team Bios

  • Who your leaders are, for everyone to know


  • Additional access to supporting products and services

3) Access Everything on the Procedures Panel

Practices and systems for running a “well-oiled machine”

Operational Systemization

Implement Working Efficiencies


  • Simple To-Do list


  • Includes Safety Plan Builder®
  • OSHA Safety Training Manual
  • 161 sample safe work practices
  • Prove you provide a safe workplace
  • Keeps you ahead of OSHA and disgruntled employee lawyers!

News & Blogs

  • Customizable feed for newest news

Best Practices

  • Our blog feed curating “best practices”


  • Business Security Builder
  • Pre-scripted security and loss-prevention policies & procedures

Incident Reports

  • Track all accidents / thefts

Admin Docs

  • Useful templates for every day

Operating Procedures

  • Document everything step x step
  • Now you can take vacations!

Coming Soon

  • We’re working on more tools to add here


  • Additional access to supporting products and services
small business startup safety security procedures software template dashboard

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4) Access Everything on the Contacts Panel

Your solution to “Herding Cats” – CRM + Tasks, Notes, Events, Marketing Programs, and Proposals

online small business crm dashboard

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Track Your People & Projects

Advisors, Contractors, Vendors, VIPS


  • Activities & Events Forthcoming


  • Useful for Keeping Momentum with Investors
  • Contact Info for Advisors, Contractors, Vendors, VIPS


  • When Everything Happens


  • Priorities
  • Assignments
  • Schedule


  • Easily capture the essence of all contacts
  • “S/he who has the most paperwork wins”


  • What, When, Where, and Why
  • Preparation, Checklists
  • ROI

Marketing Programs

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Coordinate Timing of All Media


  • Deals in Progress
  • Deals Done

5) Access Everything on the Home Panel

The “center of truth” — Where everyone is on the same page… The right-hand knows what the left-hand is doing

Company Bulletin Board

“1,000 Foot View” for Your People


  • Activities and events forthcoming

Vision, Mission and Purpose

  • Why you’re here and how you help people

Values & Practices

  • How you consciously behave at work


  • New info from Business Power Tools


  • All about the people who buy from you

Competitive Advantages

  • How and why you’re better!

Sales Channels

  • Where you sell your stuff

Product / Service Descriptions

  • Everyone Sells! Special Offers

Key Performance Metrics

  • How you know how well you’re doing (coming soon)

Business Model

  • How the company makes money

Social Media Community

  • Instant access to all feeds
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“The experience people have with your brand is in the hands of the person you pay the least.”
~ Charles Chandler Krulak, General, USMC

Read this excellent article that explains…

6) Access Everything on the Downloads Panel

Instant access to all of your employee information — Securely maintained

employee record keeping data database HR software system

Business Black Belt the popular primer on conscious business management

Download and Install

HR File Builder

  • Employee Record-Keeping System
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Business Black Belt – PDF ebook

  • Because it’s worth reading

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