Tell us about your success with Business Power Tools and we will promote your business in our PR campaigns.

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As a successful Business Power Tools user, we can help you get some free PR for your business. Here’s how:

Be featured in print

We often have editors ask to speak to our customers about their experience using Business Power Tools products. Editors typically want to give their readers stories about real people with real business issues, and how they successfully addressed those issues. This can lead to free publicity for your business through articles published in business, software/computing, and in-flight magazines; trade publications; and business sections of local and national newspapers.

Links on our website

We also post customer success stories and photos to our website—this is more free publicity for you. If you will also provide us with your web address, we will include an active link to your website from our website! This is also an easy way to improve search engine rankings for your website.

We’d love to share YOUR Success Story in both environments. To do that, we need a little help from you:

We’ve Made it Very Easy

You can fill in and send us the Success Story template below; you can schedule a phone interview via email to:; or you’ll find a Success Story submission form on our website.

Please click here to open the success story template.

We’re excited to hear your entire story, and we know that other customers gain a great deal learning about how a smart business person like you has used Business Power Tools software to build a successful business. So, we want your story ASAP! (You can start filling in the template right now. Just scroll down…)

If you have any questions about these programs, please call us, at 1-800-346-5426

Use as much or as little as you like, but please send it to me as soon as possible.
Thank you very much!

All the best,

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