Your Ready-Made Toolset for Framing the Foundation and Direction of Your Business


If this isn’t your first business, you’ll appreciate the time and work these tools save.

If it is, you just got your first big break…
Especially if you need a great business plan and want it to be easy and fast.

Right Now, You Can Get Started for Just $27 / mo.

Why You… Why Business Power Tools… Why Now…

  • You’re Starting a New Business and Want Proven Guidance and Examples
  • You Want a Detailed Blueprint for Self-Funding / “Bootstrapping” Your Growth
  • You’re Growing and Must Update Your Organization, Strategy, and Model
  • The So-Called Free Business Plans Lack the Breadth and Depth You Need
  • You Desire Collaboration With Your Team for Buy-In On Priorities
  • You’re New to Business Planning and You’d Benefit From Pre-Written Text
  • You’ve Been in Business a Long Time and Want to Document Your Knowledge
  • Someone Wants to Buy You Out and You Need a High-Value Presentation
  • You Want to Save $5,000 – $10,000 Paying Someone Else to Do it For You
  • Before Risking Any Money, You Must Fully Evaluate This Opportunity
  • You Need a Compelling Investor Presentation to Raise Capital
  • You’re Sick and Tired of Pitching Investors Who Just “Don’t Get It”
    Or, They Do Get it, But a Summary Plan and Pitch Deck Just Aren’t Enough?
  • You’ve Raised Money, Be Careful. Asking Investors For More Can Get Ugly
  • Business Advisor? Have a Consistent Planning Structure to Use With Clients (Have Them Do It Themselves, Do It For Them: $5,000-$10,000, Or Do It WITH Them?)

We’ve Reinvented Business Planning to Become an Iterative Catalog of
Ideas and Activities that Can Easily Be Shared With Your Team, Advisors, and Investors.

A Planning Process that Works for You From Concept to Funding to Market

Why Your Product? Why Now? And Why From You…

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How Do We Get There From Here?

Let’s say you have a promising business idea, a startup, or an early stage company…
Whether or not you need outside funding, YOU are on the hook for getting it right — the first time.

Winging it may feel easy, but a little forethought, prioritization, and planning can make all the difference in the world.

Most Mentions of Funding Will Prompt a Request for a Business Plan

Skepticism is higher than ever these days — Credibility is Critical… with your team, investors, friends, and family.

Here is a massive head-start for producing a professional business “plan” — its secret sauce is the written-for-you text leading you through exactly what to say and how to say it.

It’s a detailed done-for-you roadmap to prioritize your objectives, define your customers, plan your go-market strategy, and generally make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

It’s your “brochure” to distinguish your deal amongst investors.

It works for financing, establishing a supply chain, completing corporate transactions, working with banks, and other routine parts of doing business — quickly and efficiently.

Its organized system of pre-scripted…

  • 100% Customizable Sample Business Plan Narrative
  • 100% Flexible Excel-based Financial Models and
  • 100% Flexible PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template…

Can be accessed anytime from anywhere, facilitating secure collaboration with your team and advisors.
Even share it online with investors (like a “secure data room”).

“This program is so complete it’s scary. It makes you think about what you’re doing in ways you never thought of before.”
~ Dean Goldman, Goldstone Music, Spring Valley, NY

Details on BizPlanBuilder
Business Leader Reviews

Investor Reviews

Not Having a Comprehensive Business Plan Could Be What’s Holding You Back…

Why Must It Be Developed By You and Your Team? You’re the Only Ones Who Can!

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“It’s Your Compass Through the Chaos”

Start with the big picture and move into the step-by-step actions that build and strengthen your organization. You have lot going on… the sooner you get everything and everyone organized, the more efficient your growth will be.

Add a Million+ $$$ to Your Valuation?

  • What if you could make a better case to improve your pre-money valuation by a $1,000,000+?
  • How much more of your company would you keep?
  • Wouldn’t it be worth it to produce a better plan?

“Business Model Canvas”? “Lean Start-Up”?
You’re just getting started!

Now for the big picture and the necessary details enabling you to raise capital.

You don’t want to be that founder floundering on the SharkTank in front of 8,000,000 TV viewers.
(With a good plan, you can handle their tough questions.)

Much of Your Real Pitch to Investors is Won or Lost
in Your Conversations After Your Presentation

Investors are real people, most are very disciplined, many are skeptical, and they’ll have a lot of questions.

They’ll contact their advisors and friends, and they’ll come back to you with more questions.

They’re looking at other deals too.
You’ve got to be more interesting and their best bet for succeeding.

We know this. We’ve lived through it.
We’ve developed BizPlanBuilder to address the questions to keep you well ahead of your investors.

And we’ve used it ourselves with angels and VCs, an SBA loan, a line of credit, vendor credits, and with Mom!

“Burke and I have been acquainted for a number of years, and I’ve used and recommended his software solutions for business owners even longer. Let’s face it, writing a business plan is not at the top of the list of what most of us like to do. It’s a daunting task, and a tedious undertaking. Business Power Tools changes all that. You’ll find yourself creating a new plan or updating existing plans in record time, and you’ll feel confident in the quality like never before. I’d urge you to check it out. I think you’ll be truly surprised.”
~ John Kiser from Money Mentor (an MMOT, LLC enterprise)

Fully Customizable Financial Models Do All the Math, Build Credibility.

Profit From the Process as Well as the Finished Plan

BizPlanBuilder includes CPA-Tested Financial Models − Built in Excel® → Easily Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Cashflow, Valuation… And Potential Ownership Give-Up of Any Investor Deal

They’re completely configured, fully integrated and tastefully formatted.

There’s no need to be a spreadsheet or financial expert.

But, if you are, everything is 100% customizable.

Full details on the Excel Models…
free business plan excel financial projection model

Bonus: Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System

Built-in To the Dashboard

Business Power Tools CRM is an easy to use online contact management and small business marketing solution designed specifically to help growth and impact entrepreneurs get off the ground and build lasting value in your company.

We don’t claim to be an Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or SalesForce type of marketing automation system.

Instead, think of the Business Power Tools CRM for all of your internal communications and project management.

(You’re probably not going track your packaging vendor, close advisors, or VIP customers using a marketing automation system.)

Manages a Lot More Than Just Contacts

Now you can keep track of potential investors, key customers, team members and others — even projects, deals and calendars.

Because it’s all online you can access your information securely from work, home or the road, and stay in touch with your customers anywhere / anytime.

  • Calendar shows due dates for everything: Meetings, Events, Campaign Deadlines,
  • Tasks: Your To-Do lists for everyone
  • Contacts: Build comprehensive records — find and contact by multiple criteria
  • Leads: The Sales process starts here
  • Notes: Builds your business “brain trust”
  • Events: Schedule & coordinate all activities
  • Marketing Programs: Collaborate on all marketing campaigns
  • Proposals: Track the progress of deals

Scroll Down — See how you can get this CRM system FREE!

Full details on the CRM…

Bonus: The Ultimate Employee and Team Motivation…


Save Cash and Inspire Your People With Stock

Here is the legal paperwork you need to set up an incentive stock option plan so you can compensate key employees and contributors with stock options — saving your cash for growth.

Stock Options Builder is a collection of pre-written sample documents that you can easily edit.

It also includes a comprehensive Excel®-based “Stock and Options Issuance Register” — just fill in the variables and print.

It’s a perfect complement to BizPlanBuilder when raising capital.

Details on Stock Options Builder…

OK, Our Best Deal:

All of the Above & the Dashboard

All of Our Tools Work Like Office and Are Easily Accessible In Our Visual Document Management Dashboard

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The updated BizPlanBuilder® business planning software system + Supporting Dashboard, Financial Models, Pitch Deck, Contracts, CRM, Stock Options, and Worksheets


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business power tools strategic plan bizplan liveplan funding template app


business power tools strategic plan bizplan liveplan funding template app

burke franklin business plan capital coaching

Burke wants to make sure you get your plan launched and that you are familiar with the narrative, financial models, pitch deck, and supporting documents (Invite letters to advisors, etc.). A session can be from 60-90 minutes.

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Your Tools to Start / Finance / Grow Efficiently

    • Featuring BizPlanBuilder
    • Multiple Financial Models
    • Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Valuation
    • Customizable Excel workbooks
    • “Elevator” pitch worksheet
    • Proven Investor Presentation deck
    • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
    • Stock Options plan
    • Shareholder & Options Tracking
  • PLUS
    • Funding Resources
    • Corporate, LLC Docs
    • Board Minutes
    • Advisor / Director invitation letters
    • Excel®-based Financial Calculators
    • Collections letter sequence
    • RSS Feeds
  • $27 / mo
  • Add unlimited Team and Advisors for $1/mo each
  • Instant & Secure Access 24/7
  • Cancel / Suspend Anytime
  • 60-Day Guarantee