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If you wanted the media and bloggers to take notice of your company, product or service, how would you do it?

How to get free exposure in the media by developing your promotion campaign using this PR management software and templates

Public relations pr management software with sample press release templates

Just ONE well placed press release can generate tremendous interest in your products or services.

Every day editors set aside space for press releases about products, services, events and news — why not yours?

Menu-driven from start to finish, Publicity Builder’s organized system manages a collection of pre-written and formatted templates that you can easily customize using MS Word. If you can’t yet afford a professional PR firm to do it for you, why wait when you can do so much on your own with PublicityBuilder! It’s been proven by business owners and PR professionals worldwide to get media exposure and build sales.

Saf-T-Man -- Public relations management software with sample press releases
“Publicity Builder helped us obtain over $6 million in free publicity in the nation’s leading TV shows, magazines and almost every major newspaper in the country… Publicity Builder was incredibly easy to use. We simply faxed our press release and the media and distributors started calling us like crazy.”
~ Christian LesStrang, President, FunFlatable Products Company, Inc. (makers of Safe-T-Man)

(Safe-T-Man is a rubber man to place where you need the appearance of a strong man to deter thieves, etc.)

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“If you have a product, service or announcement you think belongs in the media and a budget you know won’t stand much expense, consider Publicity Builder”
~ Larry Blasko, Associated Press

Everything to build awareness of your business

Public relations management and plan with sample press release templates

Makes life easier for you, journalists, bloggers and reporters…

Journalists can do so much… you cannot tell them what to say (you’ll need to purchase advertising to do that); however, if you have a newsworthy story — or one that could be — there is much you can do to inspire them to write your story featuring you, your product and your company.
Listen to former Oprah Winfrey Show producer reveal how to get booked on a show!

The good ones also understand and practice everything we teach you in the included Handbook of Business PR. In fact, many consultants have purchased Publicity Builder so they can manage PR for their clients.

This software system and templates included with Publicity Builder give you the tools to successfully appeal to reporters and make headlines! Here is what you get when you download Publicity Builder.

Easily customizable using Word or Excel:

Contact the Media

  • Public Relations Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Media Contacts / Calendar
  • Agreement – High-Ticket Review Product
  • Agreement – Non-Disclosure
  • Phone Pitch Script
  • Pitch Letter
  • Letter – Appointment Confirmation
  • Letter – Case History Article Release
  • Letter – Reprint Request
  • Letter – Thank You: Review Product
  • Letter – Thank You: Schedule a Demonstration
  • Letter – Thank You: w/Technical Answer

Press Release Templates

  • Award Announcement
  • Business Event
  • Community Event
  • Fundraising Event
  • Group Officers
  • Meeting
  • New Company
  • New Contract Award
  • New Personnel
  • New Product
  • New Retail Business
  • New Service Business
  • Personnel Change
  • Product Upgrade
  • Religious Group Appointment
  • Restaurant Opening
  • Service Program
  • Sports League

Worksheets Support Your Stories

  • Case History
  • Company Positioning
  • Company Backgrounder
  • Company Spokespeople
  • Features & Benefits
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Product Positioning
  • Telephone Inquiry
  • Event / Trade Show Strategy
  • Event / Trade show Budget
  • Event / Trade Show Follow-Up
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New York Times recommends Publicity Builder PR management software and press release template
Associated Press reviews and recommends Publicity Builder PR management software template
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PR pros use the same templates to get their jobs done

Public relations management software with sample press releases

You can actually put out a press release today!

When you download PublicityBuilder you can use the press release templates to put a press release in the mail or online to hundreds of important reviewers, editors, writers, bloggers and producers… today.

“I really am “blown away” with the practical and sensible approach you take with the Publicity Builder program. It has been a tremendous help to me already.”
~ Dave Sunde

“Publicity Builder was a tremendous help as we launched our press release campaign. This was the first press release that we had ever issued, and Publicity Builder made it so easy for us by walking us through the steps of the process. The connection with PR Newswire that you gave us enabled us to get our press release on the newswires.”
~ Paul Wendee, President, American Equestrian Centers.

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Public relations management software and sample press release template recommended by New York Times

“Publicity Builder amounts to a course in how to win editors and influence reporters. Every public relations person could benefit from the wisdom…”
~ Larry Shannon, New York Times

Everything you need to run your own in-house PR operation!

Professional guidance and easy-to-use templates

Publicity Builder puts all of the resources used by professional PR agency people at your fingertips. No new programs to learn because it works with your familiar Microsoft Office software.

  • For entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing managers
  • Includes pre-written sample PR plan, press releases and letter templates
  • Menu-driven Windows App manages all docs and templates from start to finish…
  • Easily edit or reformat any document any way you like using Microsoft Word
  • Add your own external documents, new sections and sort them your way
  • Includes PR Budget and Tradeshow budget worksheets using Microsoft Excel®
  • Collaborate over a network or the Internet
  • Experts’ comments throughout guide you every step of the way, explaining issues and offering best practices
  • Includes the comprehensive PR Tutorial online
  • 15-years refinement | Professionally formatted 
  • Instant download after purchase

Public relations management software and sample press release templates

sample busines legal software template guarantee

“Well-written and organized, this software offers excellent ideas on getting your company name or product noticed.”
– Andrea Hille, Buyers Laboratory, Hackensack, NJ

Special Offer from Business Power Tools and PR Newswire

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Optional: 24,000 media listings to build your PR contact list

Media contacts and public relations management software and sample press release templates

Gebbie Press offers three ways for you to distribute your releases and contact the media. Gebbie Press has published media contact directories since 1955 and we are known for quality services at the lowest possible prices. Click here to visit The Gebbie Press Inc..1. PRPro, our turnkey online press release distribution service.Constantly updated, creating a media contact list and press release distribution has never been quicker, easier or more affordable.2. The All-In-One Media Directory – print version.
A compact yet comprehensive 8 1/2 x 11 reference work detailing media contact information for more than 24,000 media outlets in one place.3. Excel and .csv data only file formats.
Constantly updated, our media contact database easily imports into your database, mailing list, contact manager, fax, email, spreadsheet or other program.

“As a public relations practitioner of nearly 20 years,
I have found Gebbie’s All-In-One Directory to be an invaluable media relations tool.”
~ Fred Whiting Director, Public Relations Department American Occupational Therapy Association

Thank you to Dan Janal and Susan Gibson for their contributions to Publicity Builder public relations management software.

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