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Organize, analyze, and prioritize your marketing options.

strategic makreting plan strategy software template word excel

Professionally Structured and Scripted Text and Spreadsheet Templates
Make it Easy to Create Your Own Marketing “Playbook”

Consider all aspects of your marketing before investing in marketing.
Expert marketing strategy and planning system manages a collection of professionally written sample marketing plan templates and worksheets that you can easily edit using Microsoft® Word and Excel®

  • Easily create and measure your marketing programs and projects.
  • 80+ proven marketing planning templates easily edited using Word
  • 30+ Excel templates for planning, analysis and measurement
  • Handbook of Business Marketing user manual PDF
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Build Buzz and Grow Sales with this Comprehensive Public Relations Management Template and Press Release Templates

Professionally promote your products, services and company in all media

Develop & manage your own public relations using this proven PR management system:

  • Sample press releases for every event – easily edit with Word.
  • Example-filled worksheets help develop your message.
  • Calculators in Excel help with budgeting & prioritizing – fill in the variables and print.
  • Scripts to pitch journalists, develop special stories, manage tradeshows & conferences, get interviews, and more.
  • Step x Step instructions explain what to do and why.
  • Handbook of Business PR user manual PDF
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small business Public relations pr management software with sample press release templates

Cloud-based Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Cloud-based Contact Relationship management CRM system

CRM system manages contacts and a lot more

Business Power Tools CRM is an easy to use online contact management and small business marketing solution designed specifically to help growth and impact entrepreneurs get off the ground and build lasting value in their companies.

We don’t claim to be an Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or SalesForce type of marketing automation system. Instead, think of the Business Power Tools CRM for all of your internal communications and project management. (You’re probably not going track your packaging vendor, close advisors, or VIP customers using a marketing automation system.)

It’s built-in to the dashboard and included with all subscriptions.

Now you can keep track of potential investors, client engagements, key customers, team members and others — even projects, deals and calendars.

Because it’s all online you can access your information securely from work, home or the road and stay in touch with your customers anywhere – anytime!

Calendar shows due dates for everything: Meetings, Events, Campaign Deadlines,
Tasks: Your To-Do lists for everyone
Contacts: Build comprehensive records — find and contact by multiple criteria
Leads: The Sales process starts here
Notes: Builds your business brain trust
Events: Schedule & coordinate all activities
Marketing Programs: Collaborate on all marketing campaigns
Proposals: Track the progress of deals

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Marketing Agreement Templates

The better job you do on your contracts, the better deals you’ll make.

Fully customizable Marketing and Sales agreement templates — in plain English

Agreement Builder allows you to cover any unexpected scenario that might occur when doing business, ensuring your company is completely secure.

“I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Business Power Tools. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. I was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and Business Power Tools.” ~ Brad Fishman

Entire Contract Template Collection Sold Separately for $49
You can even read all of the actual sample contract templates.

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business legal contract sample software templates word free alternatve legalzoom rocket lawyer

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Includes Marketing Builder and access to the Marketing panel, PLUS…

  • Access to the PR & Media toolbox panel
    • 21 sample Press release templates
    • Comprehensive PR tutorial
  • CRM system
  • Access to the Sales toolbox panel
    • Featuring Sales Proposal Builder
    • 27 Appointment setting email/letter templates
    • 40 Prospecting email/letter templates
    • 26 Customer Service email/letter templates
    • 31 Announcement email/letter templates
    • 10 Marketing Contract templates
    • 14 Sales Contract templates
  • $37 / mo
  • RSS Feeds
  • Add unlimited Team and Advisors for $1/mo each
  • Instant & Secure Access 24/7
  • Cancel/Suspend Anytime
  • 60-Day Guarantee