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bizplan bizplanbuilder best start up funding presentation software template app word excel powerpoint

Strategic Planning, Startup, and Growth Funding

Start / Finance / Grow Efficiently

  • Featuring BizPlanBuilder 2022 – Everything to Produce a Winning Business Plan to Raise Capital, Pivot, or Exit
  • Multiple Financial Models Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Valuation
    • 100% Customizable Excel models
  • “Elevator” Pitch Worksheet
  • Proven Investor Pitch Deck
  • Funding Resources
  • Includes Stock Options Templates
    • Shareholder & Options Tracking
  • Corp, LLC Docs, Board Minutes
    • Advisor / Director Solicitations
  • CRM System Manages Contacts, Events, Tasks, Marketing Campaigns, Proposals
  • Finance & Collections docs
  • Videos Explain All Concepts
  • “Handbook of Business Planning”


bizplan business plan builder software template raise capital

best business marketing pr strategy strategic plan sample press release software template word excel

Marketing, PR, Sales and Social Media

Everything to Grow Sales!

  • Featuring Marketing Builder strategic plan template prioritizes tactics
  • 30+ Calculators do the math for you
  • Branding / Creative Development Worksheets
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Public Relations / Media Management with PR Calendar & Calculators
    • Get free promotion in the media
    • 20+ Press Release Templates
    • Comprehensive PR Tutorial
  • Website Testing Tools
  • Sales Proposal Builder
  • Sample Sales & Reseller Contracts
  • Prospecting & Appointment-Setting
    • Scripts, Emails, Letters
  • Sample Customer Service Responses


startup grow marketing plan strategy software template

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small business startup raise capital consultant dashboard template platform

sample busines legal software template guarantee

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best free hr management employee policy policies procedures handbook software template app cloud

Employee Policies and Procedures Handbooks

Organize & Manage Your People

  • Featuring Employee Manual Builder 2022 with 200+ professionally scripted sample Policies & Procedures templates
    • Compliant State x State
  • OSHA Safety Training Manual
    • Injury & Illness Prevention Plan w/ 161 Safe Work Practices
  • 700+ Sample Job Descriptions
    • Interview Questions & Templates
    • Candidate Evaluation Worksheets
  • Hiring & Onboarding Correspondence
    • Employment Agreements
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Discipline & Termination Documentation
  • “Manager’s Procedures Guide” +
  • “How to Avoid Ruinous Litigation”


employee policies handbook manual software template