Video demonstrates what this system does and how it works:

Take a tour through the productivity panels for every area of your business.
“It’s like virtual gourmet kitchen drawers full of every utensil you can imagine!”
Be blown away with the breadth and depth of the tools available to build your company.
See how easy it is to use the templates and how quickly you can master crucial business projects.
(This is a draft created using Keynote → QuickTime to storyboard our video — We are grateful for your feedback and ideas.)

EVERYTHING for just $37 / month!

Good thru midnight August 31 PDT!
Includes All Updates!
As we add more content, you get that too!
Add Your Team and Advisors for just $1 / mo each!

bizplan builder business plan software template

We’ll even “Grandfather” you in at this price…
You keep this discount as long as you maintain your active subscription!

sample busines legal software template guarantee

OK! Next, where to start…

“Wow, there’s a lot here!”

That’s what most people say when they first see it. And it’s true. There is a lot here. Building a business is complicated and difficult, but with enough of the right tools, you can work wonders!

This is a new and revolutionary(?!?) “Visual Document Management System”

  • It’s full of professionally scripted document and spreadsheet templates for every part of your business.
  • It’s uniquely designed to support “agile” / “lean” / flexible business development.
  • It also keeps all of your plans, calculations, and correspondence organized and secure for ongoing access and updates.
  • Imagine showing this to your investors or an acquirer — “You have your act together!”
  • This system serves an extension of your company “memory” and compounds value as you grow.

To a first-time entrepreneur or CEO, this may seem overwhelming. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll likely appreciate how much work has already been done for you. Almost all of these tools will apply to building your business sooner or later, but you can get just what you need now.

Click on the colorful boxes (Tiles) to get what you want asap.
Click around… you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with these tools!
(At first, it may seem like more than you need, but you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll grow into it.)

And we’re adding and refining all the time.

bizplan builder business plan software template cloud top rated best

Try it… FREE

  1. Click the screen image above.
    • It will open a new webpage / tab leaving access to these instructions.
  2. Click Login (top / right, black menu-bar)
  3. Either Login with your previous username and password
    • Or fill-in the “14-Day Guest Access” and use that to Login.
  4. Under “My Account,” click “Manage Account,” then “My Company”
    • Watch the videos below! Seriously.

2 videos get you started:


Click to Watch: “How to Customize for My Company”

  • After you login, Click “My Account” — Top Right of Your Dashboard
  • Enter your company contact info — Your info now automagically populates all of your docs.
  • Insert your logo — Your dashboard will now be “private labeled” and look like it’s yours!
  • Add your own slogan (255 characters) — Keep your main message front and center always!


Click to Watch: “Accessing the Document Templates”

What these icons tell me:

business best practices icons

In this example, there are…

(26) master templates (you can’t delete them or screw-them-up in any way!)

(0) Customized templates — After you open a master and edit, it will be saved for re-use.

(0) When you fill-in the template, completed documents are saved for easy review.


Click any tile and look for these icons:

These icons help manage your docs.

bizplan business plan software template

What to work on first?

You may be wondering, “What should do I do first?”

(Be sure you are logged-in first for best effect!)

It depends upon your initial priority…


Strategic Planning / Raising Capital?

  1. Click the Business Plan tab
  2. Click on BizPlanBuilder tile at the top… 
  3. Click the [+] to get started with your business plan
  4. …Click around to see what other supporting tools you have

Marketing / PR / Sales?

  1. Click the Marketing tab…
  2. Click on Marketing Plan at the top… 
  3. Click the [+] to start your marketing plan
  4. Click the PR / Media tab… 
  5. Click around to see what tools you have 
  6. Click the Sales tab…

HR Policies / Procedures?

  1. Click the HR tab
  2. Click the Employee Policies Handbook tile at the top
  3. Click the [+] to start your handbook
  4. Click on the Procedures tab
  5. Open the Safety Plan and give that a read
  6. Click around to see what tools you have


Think of this page as your company “bulletin board.”

How many companies do you know where the right hand knows what the left hand is doing?

The idea is that we want to provide a place to enable everyone in your company to be on the “same page.”

Except for the Priorities and Updates, every one of these sections is excerpted from our wildly successful BizPlanBuilder business planning software.

OK, go for it…

“LOGIN” will be at the Top / Right of your screen — after you click the button below:

Click Here to Access Your Dashboard


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