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This is not just about business planning, it’s about seeing your business through investors’, lenders’, partners’, and your customers’ eyes.

If you use BizPlanBuilder and take it seriously, it will transform the way you see your business, business planning, strategy, and financing.

You’ll see what to do, how to develop your business effectively, the same way sophisticated entrepreneurs, investors, and partners would do it.

Learn Business Creation Now, Use Your Plan as a Mindfully Created Roadmap in the Future

BizPlanBuilder business plan software has evolved over 33 years
and has worked astonishingly well for countless entrepreneurs.

In school, it serves as an excellent tool for teaching and learning successful business development.

BizPlanBuilder transforms the art of business planning, writing, sharing, and pitching.

It simplifies the process of writing your business plan while offering
expert advice, tips, and hints based on proven best practices.

NEW and improved tools get your business plan done right the first time…

Now you can create a compelling business plan faster, more easily, while learning more than ever before.

Speak to investors in their language so they’ll choose you over the handful to 100 other deals they’re looking at.

Won First Place

babson college uses BizPlanBuilder business plan software to teach MBA business planning“Two nights before our business plan was due for MOB (FME equivalent for Transfer Students at Babson) I had started researching items that could help us get an advantage over our competing classmates. I came across Biz Plan Builder and found it to be the best rated from everything I could scour on the net. When I asked what his thoughts were, I discovered that my father had used it a couple years back to help create a business proposal for one of his entrepreneurial projects. With the help of this software we were able to create a clear plan of action that enabled us to clarify our thoughts and ultimately take first place. The included Excel spreadsheet financials were invaluable in answering questions for our mock investors and were far more detailed than what the other team had assembled. Recognized and approved by our professors, BizPlanBuilder isn’t cheating; it simply assists in the organization of your thoughts. I highly recommend this software if you need to write a business plan and if you have to do it with a team then you’ll love the new collaboration feature, too.”
~ Prescott Paulin, Babson College, Boston, MA Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Make This Business Education Count

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Not Just a Drill, It’s a School Project You Can Brag About Forever

Whether you’ll be looking for a great job or building a startup straight out of school.
Here’s a practical benefit you can take with you.

Menu-driven from start to finish, its organized framework provides you with sample plans,
built-in financials, even supporting resources to raise capital.

And if/when you’re looking for capital, this “assignment” will pay back 100X!

It’s the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into a winning plan and a successful business.

  • Incorporates concepts from the “Lean Startup” methodology
  • Produce an investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently.
  • Elevator pitch, summary plan, presentation slide show, complete business plan…
  • Play “what-if?” with your financial assumptions to test the feasibility of your project
  • Create a complete investment package from cover letter to investor ROI deal analysis
  • Collaborate with your team and instructor, share with investors.
  • Learn the steps to build value, save cash, and even generate revenue from the start

Crazy Idea? If there’s a company you really want to work with, offer to develop their business plan!

free student business plan competition winner software template“I really enjoyed your talk and I did find the software super helpful. I’m not sure what career path I’m going to choose, but if nothing else I learned some very valuable business information. Also, just to note, as I was doing the market research part of the program for class, I was able to apply it to my job and find new clients for my boss. I got a promotion out of it so thank you!”
~ Matthew Wingard, ULM, Monroe, LA

How It Works

Synergistic Collection of Pre-Scripted Templates Guide Your Learning Process

free sample business model plan software template

Cherry-Pick the Content You Want and Tell Your Story

Intuitive business planning wizards make it easy to navigate
and choose what to include in your plan and where to put it.

Many useful ideas revealing crucial business concepts most entrepreneurs overlook

Easy to Follow and Overwrite With Your Unique Ideas and Creativity

Eliminates “writer’s block” — text triggers ideas, complete the sentences, edit your way

Unlike other business plan software, the narrative text is actually intended for you to use

Add docs of your own, change the order, make sections into sub-sections, delete or rename

It’s a massive head-start on a compelling plan for launching your empire!

“I’m actually really excited about this new venture. I have already invested $2,000 in purchasing a property for back taxes. From there I will remodel and sell. Once I have built enough capital from the expected high ROI, I will be secured enough to purchase a sustainable number of rentals. This class and software have really set me on a path that I may have never actually taken a step towards. Great software!”
~ Randall T. Hopkins, ULM, Entrepreneurship

Sample Business Plans for Hundreds of Industries and Business Models

Give a quick read thru the list — Your business concept may be close to one of our predefined templates.

We also include our tested and proven Universal template that’s enabled so many with very unique business concepts to successfully build their companies.

Advertising Agency
Architecture / Interior Design
Art / Hobby Supplies
Art Gallery
Artificial Intelligence
Assisted Living Facility
Audio & Video
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Automotive – Customizing
Automotive – Manufacturing
Automotive – Repair
Automotive – Sales
Automotive – Used
Bed & Breakfast
Beverage – Wine
Book Store
Bowling Center
Breakfast / Lunch
Building Cleaning & Maintenance
Café – Bakery
Car Wash & Detailing
Catering Service
Cell Phones
Child Daycare
Children & Infant Clothing
Chiropractic Clinic
Cigar Shop

Computers – Repair
Concierge Service
Consignment Store
Consumer Internet
Contract Manufacturer
Contractor – General
Contractor – Sub
Copy & Print Shop
Custom Tailored Clothing
Dental Office
Dental Service Organization
Dollar Store
Driving School
Dry-Cleaning & Laundry
Equipment Rental
Equipment Rental
Event Planner & Management Agency
Extermination & Pest Control Service
Fast Food
Financial Services
Formal Wear Rental

Gift Shop
Golf Course
Hair Salon
Hotel / Casino
Hunting & Fishing
Ice Cream & Soft-Serve Shop
Insurance Agency
Internet of Things
Landscaping lawn care
Law Firm
Life Science
Limousine Service
Martial Arts
Master Template (for something not on the list!)
Medical / Ambulance
Medical Clinic
Motorcycle – Repair / Sales
Music Instrument & Instruction
Night Club or Bar
Non-Profit Organization
Nursery (Garden & Plants)
Party & Concession Rental
Pawn Shop
Personal Chef
Pet Care
Pet Supplies

Pet Training
Photography Studio
Physical Therapy
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Project
Resort / Swimwear & Accessories
Restaurant – Microbrewery
Restaurant – Upscale
Rock Band
Sandwich Shop
School K-12
Shoe Repair / Shine
Software Development
Sports Equipment
Sportswear & Outerwear
Steak House
Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance
Swimming Pool, Spa & Supplies
Tanning Salon
Tattoo Parlor
Travel Agency
Tutoring Service
Warehousing & Storage
Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repair Shop
Yoga Center

Financial Models Do All the Math For Predictable Success

Business plan financial model excel

Easy Enough to Use For Right and Left Brainers

Wizard makes it easy to free yourself from spreadsheets and focus on creating
financial projections with the look, feel, and detail that investors and lenders want to see.

Input Sales Assumptions, Costs, Marketing Expenses, etc.
Automatically Calculates Profit, Cashflow, Ratios, Best/Worst Case Scenarios, Valuation


Includes 100% Customizable Excel-based Financial Model Workbooks

No need to be a spreadsheet expert, but with minimal Excel skills,
you can easily modify your model to approximate your business performance.

Details On the Customizable Excel Models

“As an experienced financial consultant, I was amazed at the depth of the package and its ease of use.”
~ Tom Devine, The Clayton Group, Inc., New York, NY

Write Your Business Plan in Collaboration…

Business plan experts comments throughout the software

With Your Team and Instructor

Develop your business plan and financial model with friends,
business consultants, partners and even investors!

You instructor can easily review and contribute.

Besides your ability to edit every section and customize it completely, a comment page
with every section of your plan enables keeping non-printing notes to each other.

“I picked up this software to help me with my MBA classes. We used the tool in a group project and it really helped us focus on content without arguing about sequence / direction / document stuff — we cut to the heart of the business issues of our assignment. I would bet it would be a hit with others in an MBA course venue as well. This of course led me to keep an eye on your other products, and I ended up purchasing the Employee Manual package as well.”
~ Rob Squirrell

Expert Instructional Comments Throughout…

business plan expert support

Provide Step-By-Step Direction

The next best thing to having us do the work for you is to have
an expert sitting next to you as you write your business plan.

Throughout every section, expert advice, comments and suggestions
explain what to do and why, and help side-step mistakes.


Include Lists, Links, Samples, Ideas, Anecdotes,
and Lessons Others Have Paid for Dearly…

Sometimes it’s a bit irreverent, but you need to understand it like it is.
(Only you will see them—they don’t print.)

The financial models in also include roll-over help on all key number-entry cells so you’ll know what to do.

“Very easy to learn and use… I’ve seen no other business plan package that comes close to what this one can do. Overall Rating: A+”
~ Joe Miller, Editor’s Choice Magazine

Video Tutorials in Each Section Provide Coaching

how business plan software template video

What Investors & Lenders Are Looking For

At the beginning of each section, Burke Franklin will introduce you to what is wanted and needed by investors and lenders.

  • What do you need to think about as you edit and complete this section of your business plan?
  • What are they looking to learn here?
  • What are they looking for that may affect your deal?

A bit like a movie director giving actors instructions for playing a scene.
It keeps the project interesting and assures that you’re prepared for any audience.

If you want to watch a few, click here…

Sarah McCue on presenting your business plan to investors“The Georgetown University grad students absolutely loved your lecture, Burke. As from last semester, your guest lecture last night was so well received and appreciated by the students:

“Best advice on starting a business!”

“Wow! He makes me believe I can start a business!”

“So real, so funny!” and

“That was incredible!” were just some of the comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare and deliver another inspiring guest lecture. Thanks again and very best,”

~ Dr. Sarah McCue, Instructor, Georgetown University, Graduate School of Business, Capstone Course, Washington, DC

Only In the BizPlanBuilder Business Planning System…

Write a business plan for financing your start-up with these bonus software templates

Bonus — Templates to Support Financing

Let’s say you want to take your business idea and plan
out into the world after graduation and you want to raise capital…

Supporting documents assure you’ll have all the tools you need to produce a complete funding proposal fast.

  • Includes the all-important and proven PowerPoint investor presentation template
  • Two 5-year Excel-based financial model templates
    Completely customizable for a perfect fit for your business
    One suited for loans, the other for VCs
  • (Optional 10-yr model available)
  • Pre-planning preparation worksheets
  • Plan presentation templates
  • Cover letters to lenders & investors

Bonus Ideas — Business Plan for Bootstrapping Or Crowdfunding

develop a business bootstrapping strategy with business plan software app template online apple mac

How Much of Your Business Can You Build Before (Or Without) Financing?

Over the years, we’ve learned that what impresses investors most
is how much you can accomplish with what little you have.
Prove that you’re resourceful and investors are often inclined to bet on you.

  • Raise Capital If / When You Need It
  • Tell a Great Story With Organized Facts and Good numbers
  • Implement Ideas that Help You Generate Revenue From the Beginning
  • Do Everything You Can to Build Value in Your Business…
    Make Deals, Barter, Trade — Build Value Before Seeking Investors
  • Even Crowd-Funders Want to See Your plan — No Matter How Big Or Small Their Investment, Your Business Plan
    Gives You an Advantage and Sells Your Concept When Uploaded to Crowd-Funding Sites
  • This Subscriber Used His Business Plan to Bargain for 2 LearJets!

Add, Change Members

add users to collaborate business plan

Add as Many Team Members as You Want for Just $1 / Mo Each

Your BizPlanBuilder online subscription includes 2 users so that you can share your ideas,
get feedback and work together to write a great business plan.

You can also control who has read/write or read-only access

  • You can even keep a subscription, but swap out the person.
  • If you subscribe to an app bundle, you can add a user to the entire bundle for just $1/mo.

Access From Mobile Or Desktop

business plan builder

Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android Supported

Stay on top of your business plan from work, home or the road.
It’s all online — All the time.

Secure online collaboration, free tech support, online back-up, and automatic updates.

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Secure Access + Redundant Back-Up


No One Can Find, See, Steal Or Mess With Your Plans Or Docs!

The world may go to Hell in a hand-basket,
but your business information will still be there.

All of Business Power Tools’ web-based tools are hosted at Applied Innovations.
SPAM, Malware, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Viruses are filtered and disabled
guarantee the cleanest, safest hosting environment.

Subscribe Online. No Contract… No Commitment… No Kidding.

Bonus — Free With Subscription

Business Black Belt 6 sigma book

Updates Included

Keep Your Subscription, Keep Your Low Rate!
Prices go up… But not for you if you maintain your subscription.

Keep your subscription up-to-date and, no matter how high prices may go in the future,
your subscription investment will always remain “Grandfathered” in at this low rate.

“I had a great experience. I was able to accelerate my learning on business plans and processes while using this product during my Entrepreneurship class. I am very close to my receiving my MBA.”
~ David J

Why You. Why Business Power Tools. Why Now.

In the Exhilarating Sprint to Grow Your Business, Some Critical Elements Can Get Overlooked…
This Is the System to Successfully Implement the Infrastructure to
Scale Your Company to Millions and Beyond.

“…like Office + Netflix® + Legos® + Cliff’s Notes® → Online, for Business.”

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The Most Templates and Tools

All Apps Work Alike and Together

  • Almost ZERO Learning Curve!
  • Does the Job of Hundreds of Apps
    Without You Wasting Your Time
    Learning to Use Every. Single. One.
  • Easy-to-Use System
    Complete Critical Projects Quickly
  • All Tools Are Built On the Same Platform
  • Ongoing Updates Included
  • Collaborate Without Conflicting Copies
  • Click From Project To Project
    Each Works Just as You’d Expect
  • Mindfully Curated
    Developed and Evolved Over 30+ Years
  • Edited By a Former Sharper Image®
    Catalog Copywriter

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Everything is Fully Customizable

Your Business Your Way

  • Private Label — Insert Your Own Branding
  • Include Your Logo / Slogan / Tagline
  • Customize Any / All of the Templates
  • Company Data Fills in Automatically
    Saves Typing, Speeds Completion
  • Upload Your Own Content
    Create New, Re-Usable Custom Templates
  • “Priorities” Lists for Every Area
  • Excel-Based Calculators
    Do / Show All the Math for Better Decisions
    100% Customizable for Your Business
  • Insert Your Preferred RSS Feeds
  • Consultants Save Time Educating Clients
  • Expedites Due-Diligence for
    Faster Funding or Sale

Business organization software system dashboard

Include Unlimited Team & Advisors

Secure Collaborative Workspace

  • Teams Engage and Buy-In to Priorities,
    Changes and What They Help Create
  • Remote Work Empowered
    All Team Members, Advisors, and Investors
    Collaborate, Contribute, or Review
  • For Now, Just +$1 / Month Each
  • CRM System Tracks VIPs, Projects,
    , Proposals, Events
  • Complete and Secure Control Over
    Everything Anyone Can Access
  • App by App — Each with Admin, Edit,
    or Read-Only Privileges
  • System Keeps All Documents Secure
    Organized for Easy Access
  • Serves as a “Secure Data Room

Special Discount Deal for Students

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Ideal for Business / MBA Students


  • Full Year Subscription to BizPlanBuilder
    The choice is easy - You get BOTH versions
    If you decide to go with the Windows version, there's no need to renew next year.
    Or use the cloud-based subscription to enable secure collaboration with your team.
    Subscription includes ongoing updates and renews annually.
  • Pre-Composed Sample Business Plans
    150+ Industry-Specific Sample Plans Reveal Ideas
    Inspire Customization to Your Vision and Purpose
    Unlike every other business plan templates, we actually intend for you to be able to use our copy vs. having to delete it or rewrite it.
  • Videos Introduce Each Section
    What Investors / Lenders Are Looking For
    Comments Throughout Offer Suggestions & Tips
  • Wizard-driven Financial Model
    Makes it Easy to Project Sales, Costs, Profit
    If you are an Excel user, you'll love the total flexibility to customize your financial model.
    Need an Excel expert? Look in our Expert Referral Network!
  • + 3 Fully Customizable Excel-Based Financial Workbooks
    "Visionary Funding" / "Expansion Plan" / "Non Profit"
    100% Customizable To Embody Your Business
    Project / Evaluate / Support Future Potential
    If you are an Excel user, you'll love the total flexibility to customize your financial model.
    Need an Excel expert? Look in our Expert Referral Network!
  • Includes PowerPoint / Keynote
    Investor Presentation ("Pitch" Deck) Template
    Tutorial Guides You Step-By-Step Through a Successful Pitch
  • CRM
    Organizes VIPs, Vendors, Investors...
    + Tasks + Events + Programs + Proposals
    Not trying to compete with SalesForce, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and other marketing automation systems, but you do need to keep track of vendors, consultants, and others as well as VIP contacts.
  • Intro Letters, Advisor Invites, Worksheets
    Support Strategy / Raising Capital
  • Global 24/7 Secure Access
    Automatic Back-Up & Restore
  • Annual Subscription
    No Contract, No Commitment, Cancel/Suspend Anytime
    Use the online system as long as you need it, Subscription Renews in ONE Year Unless Cancelled Or Suspended -- You may want to keep it open for future updates, also allow investors and certain others read-only access.
  • Add Unlimited Number of Team / Advisors
    $10 / Yr each
    You Control All Access to Panels/Apps
    Gets Your Team Involved And Pulling Together
    Add an unlimited number of additional users... You also control access as well as read / write or read-only permission.
  • 60-Day "Be Smart With Your Business" Guarantee