How to Get the Money You Need to Build Your Business

When you need funding to get your business off the ground…

Banks are often the most difficult sources of money to build your business.
You have a much better opportunity when you work with private investors (angels) or venture capitalists (VCs) to get the money you need to start and build your business.

However, before any investor will fund and get involved in your business, they’re going need to love you, love what you’re doing, see the potential, and even see their place in it with you..

We’ve got the tools to help you do that, but first, you must learn how to play this game…

  • How to choose the right investors.
  • What investors are looking for in you, your business, and your plan.
  • What investors worry about and what they’re likely to ask you.
  • How much of a return on their investment are investors looking for?
  • How to structure your “elevator” pitch, presentation, and business plan.
  • What if you offer “Revenue Royalties” instead of selling ownership in your company?
  • The differences between Angels, Venture Capitalists, and other Investors.
  • 9 questions you should ask investors.
  • And a number of other ideas to help you gain the advantage with investors to fund your business
  • Download a FREE copy of this ebooklet and gain the advantage with investors.

Download this FREE eBooklet for a Behind-the-Scenes Look

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Next we’ll share some ideas on writing a business plan that speeds your deal to the front.